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An example of a blip with a marker on a car using opcode 0186 in Vice City.

A blip is a marker or an icon on the game's radar. It is generally represented by a colored square, which can be replaced with a sprite instead using certain opcodes. Since Vice City, square blips can change into a triangle pointing up or down depending on the elevation of the blip in relation to the player. Some blips placed in the world can mark its location in the world with a colored cylinder (called "sphere"). Some blips placed on an entity (character, vehicle, object, pickup, etc.) can mark its assignment to it with a colored arrow floating above it.

Mission script

0161 GTA III Vice City San Andreas adds a blip with properties to a car
0162 GTA III Vice City adds a blip with properties to a character
0163 GTA III adds a blip with properties to an object
0164 GTA III Vice City San Andreas removes the blip
0165 GTA III Vice City San Andreas change the color of the blip
0166 GTA III Vice City dims the blip
0167 GTA III Vice City San Andreas adds a blip with properties to a coordinates point
0168 GTA III Vice City San Andreas change the scale of the blip
0186 GTA III Vice City San Andreas adds a blip to a car
0187 GTA III Vice City San Andreas adds a blip to a character
0188 GTA III Vice City San Andreas adds a blip to an object
0189 GTA III Vice City adds a blip with a sphere to a contact point
018A GTA III Vice City San Andreas adds a blip to a coordinates point
018B GTA III Vice City San Andreas change the display of the blip
02A4 GTA III adds a sprite blip to a car
02A5 GTA III adds a sprite blip to a character
02A6 GTA III adds a sprite blip to an object
02A7 GTA III Vice City San Andreas adds a sprite blip with a sphere to a contact point
02A8 GTA III Vice City San Andreas adds a sprite blip to a coordinates point
03DB GTA III adds a blip with properties to a pickup
03DC GTA III Vice City San Andreas adds a blip to a pickup
03DD GTA III adds a sprite blip to a pickup
04CE Vice City San Andreas adds a short range sprite blip to a coordinates point
0570 Vice City San Andreas adds a short range sprite blip to a contact point

During missions, blips for contact points created using 0189, 02A7, and 0570 will disappear from the map until the mission ends.

List of sprites

All textures are located in the hud.txd file.


Id Enum Sprite Texture Notes
0 - - Small blue square, unused
1 RADAR_SPRITE_ASUKA III radar asuka.png radar_asuka Asuka Kasen
2 RADAR_SPRITE_BOMB III radar bomb.png radar_bomb 8-Ball's bomb shop
3 RADAR_SPRITE_CAT III radar cat.png radar_cat Catalina
4 III radar centre.png radar_centre Larger version of the player position icon, unused
5 III radar copcar.png radar_copcar Cop car, unused
6 RADAR_SPRITE_DON III radar don.png radar_don Donald Love
7 RADAR_SPRITE_EIGHT III radar eight.png radar_eight 8-Ball
8 RADAR_SPRITE_EL III radar el.png radar_el El Burro (Diablo)
9 RADAR_SPRITE_ICE III radar ice.png radar_ice D-Ice (Hood)
10 RADAR_SPRITE_JOEY III radar joey.png radar_joey Joey Leone
11 RADAR_SPRITE_KENJI III radar kenji.png radar_kenji Kenji Kasen
12 RADAR_SPRITE_LIZ III radar liz.png radar_liz King Courtney (Yardie)
13 RADAR_SPRITE_LUIGI III radar luigi.png radar_luigi Luigi
14 III radar north.png radar_north North, unused
15 RADAR_SPRITE_RAY III radar ray.png radar_ray Ray Machowski
16 RADAR_SPRITE_SAL III radar sal.png radar_sal Salvatore Leone
17 III radar save.png radar_save Safehouse
18 RADAR_SPRITE_SPRAY III radar spray.png radar_spray Pay 'n' Spray
19 RADAR_SPRITE_TONY III radar tony.png radar_tony Toni Cipriani
20 RADAR_SPRITE_WEAPON III radar weapon.png radar_weapon Ammu-Nation

Vice City

Id Enum Sprite Texture GXT Legend Notes
0 RADAR_SPRITE_NONE - - LG_35 Destination Small pink square, unused
1 RADAR_SPRITE_CENTRE VC radar centre.png radar_centre - - Larger version of the player position icon, crashes game if viewed in pause menu map, unused
2 RADAR_SPRITE_MAP_HERE VC arrow.png arrow LG_01 Player position Tiny version of the player position's pink arrow, unused
3 RADAR_SPRITE_NORTH VC radar north.png radar_north - - North, crashes game if viewed in pause menu map, unused
4 RADAR_SPRITE_AVERY VC radar avery.png radar_avery LG_02 Avery Carrington
5 RADAR_SPRITE_BIKER VC radar biker.png radar_biker LG_03 Biker Contact Big Mitch Baker, unused
6 RADAR_SPRITE_CORTEZ VC radar cortez.png radar_cortez LG_04 Colonel Cortez
7 RADAR_SPRITE_DIAZ VC radar diaz.png radar_diaz LG_05 Ricardo Diaz
8 RADAR_SPRITE_KENT VC radar kent.png radar_kent LG_06 Kent Paul
9 RADAR_SPRITE_LAWYER VC radar lawyer.png radar_lawyer LG_07 Lawyer Ken Rosenberg
10 RADAR_SPRITE_PHIL VC radar phil.png radar_phil LG_08 Phil Cassidy
11 RADAR_SPRITE_BIKERS VC bikers.png bikers LG_03 Biker Contact Big Mitch Baker
12 RADAR_SPRITE_BOATYARD VC boatyard.png boatyard LG_09 Boatyard
13 RADAR_SPRITE_MALIBUCLUB VC club.png club LG_10 Malibu Club
14 RADAR_SPRITE_CUBANS VC cubans.png cubans LG_11 Cubans Umberto Robina
15 RADAR_SPRITE_FILM VC filmstudio.png filmstudio LG_12 Film Studio Steve Scott
16 RADAR_SPRITE_GUN VC gun.png gun LG_13 Ammu-Nation
17 RADAR_SPRITE_HAITIANS VC haitians.png haitians LG_14 Haitians Auntie Poulet
18 RADAR_SPRITE_HARDWARE VC hardware.png hardware LG_15 Hardware Store
19 RADAR_SPRITE_SAVEHOUSE VC radar save.png radar_save LG_16 Safe House
20 RADAR_SPRITE_STRIPCLUB VC radar strip.png radar_strip LG_37 Strip Club Pole Position
21 RADAR_SPRITE_ICE VC icecream.png icecream LG_17 Ice Cream Cherry Poppers
22 RADAR_SPRITE_KCABS VC kcabs.png kcabs LG_18 Kaufman Cabs Taxi firm
23 RADAR_SPRITE_LOVEFIST VC lovefist.png lovefist LG_19 Love Fist
24 RADAR_SPRITE_PRINTWORKS VC printworks.png printworks LG_20 Print Works
25 RADAR_SPRITE_PROPERTY - - - - no sprite
26 RADAR_SPRITE_SUNYARD VC SunYard.png SunYard LG_36 Sun Yard Sunshine Autos
27 RADAR_SPRITE_SPRAY VC spray.png spray LG_22 Pay 'n' Spray
28 RADAR_SPRITE_TSHIRT VC tshirt.png tshirt LG_23 Clothes Shop
29 RADAR_SPRITE_TOMMY VC tommy.png tommy LG_24 Tommy's Mansion
30 RADAR_SPRITE_PHONE VC phone.png phone LG_25 Telephone Assassination
31 RADAR_SPRITE_RADIO_WILDSTYLE VC RWildstyle.png RWildstyle LG_26 Wildstyle Radio Station unused
32 RADAR_SPRITE_RADIO_FLASH VC RFlash.png RFlash LG_27 Flash FM Radio Station unused
33 RADAR_SPRITE_RADIO_KCHAT VC RKchat.png RKchat LG_28 KChat Radio Station unused
34 RADAR_SPRITE_RADIO_FEVER VC RFever.png RFever LG_29 Fever 105 Radio Station unused
35 RADAR_SPRITE_RADIO_VROCK VC RVRock.png RVRock LG_30 VROck Radio Station Radio Station sic, unused
37 RADAR_SPRITE_RADIO_ESPANTOSO VC REspantoso.png REspantoso LG_32 Espantoso Radio Station unused
38 RADAR_SPRITE_RADIO_EMOTION VC REmotion.png REmotion LG_33 Emotion 98.3 Radio Station unused
39 RADAR_SPRITE_RADIO_WAVE VC RWave.png RWave LG_34 Wave 103 Radio Station unused

San Andreas

Id Sprite Texture GXT Legend Notes
4 SA radar north.png radar_north
5 SA radar airYard.png radar_airYard LG_02 Air yard
6 SA radar ammugun.png radar_ammugun LG_03 Ammu-Nation
7 SA radar barbers.png radar_barbers LG_04 Barbers
8 SA radar BIGSMOKE.png radar_BIGSMOKE LG_05 Big Smoke
9 SA radar boatyard.png radar_boatyard LG_06 Boat Yard
10 SA radar burgerShot.png radar_burgerShot LG_07 Burger Shot
11 SA radar bulldozer.png radar_bulldozer LG_66 Quarry
12 SA radar CATALINAPINK.png radar_CATALINAPINK LG_09 Catalina
14 SA radar chicken.png radar_chicken LG_11 Cluckin Bell
15 SA radar CJ.png radar_CJ LG_12 CJ
16 SA radar CRASH1.png radar_CRASH1 LG_13 Crash
17 SA radar diner.png radar_diner LG_67 Diner
18 SA radar emmetGun.png radar_emmetGun LG_15 Emmet
19 SA radar enemyAttack.png radar_enemyAttack LG_16 Enemy Attack
20 SA radar fire.png radar_fire LG_17 Fire
21 SA radar girlfriend.png radar_girlfriend LG_18 Girlfriend
22 SA radar hostpital.png radar_hostpital LG_19 Hospital
23 SA radar LocoSyndicate.png radar_LocoSyndicate LG_20 Loco
24 SA radar MADDOG.png radar_MADDOG LG_21 Maddog
25 SA radar mafiaCasino.png radar_mafiaCasino LG_22 Mafia
26 SA radar MCSTRAP.png radar_MCSTRAP LG_23 MC Strap
27 SA radar modGarage.png radar_modGarage LG_24 Mod Garage
28 SA radar OGLOC.png radar_OGLOC LG_25 OG Loc
29 SA radar pizza.png radar_pizza LG_26 Well Stacked Pizza Co
30 SA radar police.png radar_police LG_27 Police
31 SA radar propertyG.png radar_propertyG LG_28 Property for sale
32 SA radar propertyR.png radar_propertyR LG_29 Property not for sale
33 SA radar race.png radar_race LG_30 Race
34 SA radar RYDER.png radar_RYDER LG_31 Ryder
35 SA radar saveGame.png radar_saveGame LG_32 Safe House
36 SA radar school.png radar_school LG_33 School
37 SA radar qmark.png radar_qmark LG_63 Mystery
38 SA radar SWEET.png radar_SWEET LG_35 Sweet
39 SA radar tattoo.png radar_tattoo LG_36 Tattoo
40 SA radar THETRUTH.png radar_THETRUTH LG_37 The Truth
41 SA radar waypoint.png radar_waypoint LG_64 Player target
42 SA radar TorenoRanch.png radar_TorenoRanch LG_39 Torenos Ranch
43 SA radar triads.png radar_triads LG_40 Triads
44 SA radar triadsCasino.png radar_triadsCasino LG_41 Triads Casino
45 SA radar tshirt.png radar_tshirt LG_42 Clothes Shop
46 SA radar WOOZIE.png radar_WOOZIE LG_43 Woozie
47 SA radar ZERO.png radar_ZERO LG_44 Zero
48 SA radar dateDisco.png radar_dateDisco LG_45 Disco Date
49 SA radar dateDrink.png radar_dateDrink LG_46 Drinking Date
50 SA radar dateFood.png radar_dateFood LG_47 Restaurant
51 SA radar truck.png radar_truck LG_48 Trucking
52 SA radar cash.png radar_cash LG_51 Robbery
53 SA radar Flag.png radar_Flag LG_52 Race Tournament
54 SA radar gym.png radar_gym LG_53 Gym
55 SA radar impound.png radar_impound LG_57 Car impound
56 SA radar light.png radar_light
57 SA radar runway.png radar_runway LG_65 Nearest air strip
58 SA radar gangB.png radar_gangB LG_58 Varrios Los Aztecas
59 SA radar gangP.png radar_gangP LG_59 Ballas
60 SA radar gangY.png radar_gangY LG_60 Los Santos Vagos
61 SA radar gangN.png radar_gangN LG_61 San Fierro Rifa
62 SA radar gangG.png radar_gangG LG_62 Families
63 SA radar spray.png radar_spray LG_34 Pay n Spray


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