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InGame WPL Editor
Current version:0.4.1
Developed by:User.pngiriedreadlock23
Supported games:GTA 4
Type:map modding
Website:GTA Net GTAGarage download

Ingame WPL Editor (IWE) is a dynamic 3D map editor for GTA 4 created by iriedreadlock23, that lets you create and test WPL/IPL files in game. Mod features point&click object placement. Users can place single or multiple objects at a time, apply rotations in 4D space, or use ground alignment tool and let IWE automatically align objects with ground surface. Both dynamic and static objects can be placed, and manipulated manually or by laws of physics. Its easy to save placement of 3D objects in both binary (WPL) and textual (IPL) files.

Editing of IPL files used by game is also possible without even leaving the game. IWE has a built-in search engine for IDE and WPL files. Users can search for specific models, and find their locations on the map. Editing LODs, buildings, roads and other objects is enabled as well. Model library is dynamically updated and features all models defined in IDE files. Users can export their placement data to binary and textual IPL formats.

Mod was completely written in programming language, including custom IPL binary class for importing and exporting IPL files in both GTA 4 formats. Support for XBOX360 and PS3 files is featured from version 0.30, and it uses external IPL file processor made by fastman92. Mod also uses MemBiter to read interior/room information from game memory. First release was made public on February 6th 2016 on website.


- User friendly interface
- Seamless camera movement through 3D world
- Placement of objects with mouse click
- Easy object selection and positioning
- Library with thousands of models
- Editing WPL files loaded by game
- Quick search through all WPL files
- Exporting to custom IPL/WPL files
- Conversion to PS3/XBOX360 formats
- Automatic update of GTA.dat

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