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Scenario.dat is found at the folder common/data/ of Grand Theft Auto IV's path. This file can be opened with any text editor. This file appears to contain all the actions that happens ramdonly in the city, such as Police's checking ramdon vehicles, people fixing their vehicles or security guards on club's doors.


The scenario file is divided in two sections: Seated scenarios and vehicle scenarios, vehicle scenarios need to be spawned with vehicles. They all have the same structure: ScenarioName Argument1 Argument2...

unique scenario name (for example: Seat_InternetCafe)
StartEnd(time1, time2)
scenario will only be spawned between these times
Probability between 0 and 1 that this scenario is spawned each time the point is evaluated
the task that will be run with this scenario, can be of:
Stationary stands still and plays anims
MoveBetween(time) moves between nearby points playing anims, stands statinory for a max of time seconds
Group Spawns on the point but also spawns other peds around in conversation
Seated Spawns the ped sitting down
Wandering The ped wanders as normal, playing anims
MaxInRange( maxNo, range ) 
will limit the number of peds in this scenario to maxno within range metres, so if range were 10, even if 100 points were within a 10m radius only Maxno would spawn
additional offset for specific seating anims that differ from the placement node (steps and walls)
scenario will attract new wandering peds to use it, as well as generating peds there
the ped will leave the scenario after the time specified
scenario will only spawn models contained in a group on popcycle.dat
scenario will force load the model if its not already loaded (to a maximum of 2 simultaneously loaded models)
Block a specific model from using the scenario, allowed up to 8


Seat_HospitalWaiting			StartEnd(8, 18)		Task(Seated) BlockModel(F_M_Business_02) BlockModel(F_M_Business_01)

Filename, starts at 8 AM, ends at 18 PM, Task is seated, blockmodels to F_M_Business_02 and F_M_Business_01

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