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Well, I couldn't find a template for GTA III to put that... box of links (:P) on the bottom of related pages, so I looked at the SA one and basically copied and edited it.

However, I was hoping to get some info out of the more experienced editors here. Right now I can only do "III-navi" to make it appear, like this -

However, on pages like IPL, the different boxes appear like this in code - "N|4|SA|VC". But when I add "III" in there, nothing happens. Can this be fixed?

{{}} removed.

Done. Please note, that you should remove the category at the bottom of the page when adding the navi box to an article. The navi will cause the article to get added to this category automatically ;-) --Aschratt - oO 16:36, 14 September 2011 (UTC)