Collision File Editor II

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Collision File Editor II
Collision File Editor II 0.4 Beta
Current version:0.4 Beta
Developed by:Steve M.
Supported games:GTA 3, GTA VC, GTA SA
Type:collision editor

Collision File Editor II, the successor of the popular CollEditor, is a tool developed by Steve M. for creating and editing collision files (*.col) for GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas.

Built completely from scratch, CollEditor II is much more reliable and flexible, and offers a lot more features than the old one. It fully supports all characteristics of all three known .col file formats, and offers several built-in optimization routines to achieve best possible results.


  • supports version 1, 2 and 3 collision files
  • easy mouse navigation
  • sub-object editing by mouse and type-in
  • several optimization routines
  • support for embedded vehicle collision models
  • drag'n'drop functionality
  • surface lighting generator
  • batch conversion feature


  • Models listing, located at the top left part of the window.
    • Collision version
    • Collision model name
    • Geometric shapes used (face, sphere, box, shadow)
  • Status bar, located at the bottom part of the window.
    • Total number of selected collision models over the total number of collision models in the file.
    • The grid separation shown in the display window.
    • The total number of selected element over the total number of visible element over the total number of element.
  • Display window, located at the right part of the window:
    • View mode or edit mode with selection lock on:
      • Drag left mouse button - rotate
      • Drag right mouse button - zoom
    • Edit mode with selection lock off:
      • Click LMB - select single element depending on selected tab (vertex, face, sphere, or box)
      • Drag LMB - mass selection of element
      • Hold CTRL and click LMB on elements - multiple selection of element
      • Drag RMB with vertex, box, or sphere selected - drag selected element along x/y plane
      • Hold CTRL and drag RMB with vertex, box, or sphere selected - drag selected element along z plane

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