Water Editor

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Water Editor
Water Editor
Current version:1.0
Developed by:User.pngsteve-m
Supported games:GTA 3, Vice City

Water Editor is a tool by steve-m that edits the waterpro.dat for GTA 3 and Vice City. The tool can edit the level, height, and position of the water. Up to fifteen different levels of water can be defined in the tool.


To export the map, click the "Import/Export Maps" button. The map will be exported as a bitmap file 128x128 for a big map (generally physical water) and 64x64 for a small map (generally visible water). Use any image editing software to edit the squares in the map. White indicates no water and other colors, mainly black, indicates water. The map can be imported back using the same button. Editing the big map is sufficient as the tool can generate the small map by clicking the "Generate Small Map" button.

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