Importing Textures with OpenIV

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Importing Textures with OpenIV tutorial by Fabio206. This tutorial explains how to change textures in GTA 4 using OpenIV tool.

Software & Downloads

  • OpenIV latest version, viewer/editor for the GTA IV files.
  • Photoshop or another graphics software.

Step 1: Open .wtd files with OpenIV

First of all, extract OpenIV archive files and open "OpenIV.exe"

Gta4 openiv textures english1.jpg

Clicking on "File" > "Open Content", OpenIV will automatic load GTA IV Main Folder, loading all relative files. You will see a folder tree and some previews.

Gta4 openiv textures english2.jpg

In this tutorial I'll modify Niko shoes with my Nike Air Max Plus.

We'll modify "feet_diff_001_a_uni.wtd" located in playerped.rpf (\Grand Theft Auto IV\pc\models\cdimages).

Find it like in the image:

Gta4 openiv textures english3.jpg

Click on playerped.rpf to open the archive and show files. There is a list of .wtd files. We know that in our tutorials we'll edit "feet_diff_001_a_uni.wtd".

Gta4 openiv textures english5.jpg


You could backup "feet_diff_001_a_uni.wtd" clicking on "Edit" > "Extract".

Gta4 openiv textures english6.jpg

Step 2: Edit a textures

Select "feet_diff_001_a_uni.wtd" and right click on "Edit".

Gta4 openiv textures english7.jpg

You'll have the textures files list on the left, in this case only feet_diff_001_a_uni.dss regular 7.

Gta4 openiv textures english8.jpg

So, now you shoud have a .png file with your new texture. Be sure that .png new file has same resolution (in our case: 256x256).

Click on "Replace" and load nike_squalo.png file.

Gta4 openiv textures english9.jpg

IMPORTANT: Click on Change Levels and edit value to 1.

Gta4 openiv textures english10.jpg

Step 3: Applying changes

Now click on "Save" and press enter when DOS Window will open.

Gta4 openiv textures english12.jpg

IMPORTANT: To apply the changes, click on "File" > "Rebuild".

Gta4 openiv textures english13.jpg

Close the program and launch GTA IV.

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