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Images.txt is a IMGLIST file in GTA IV. This file is located in the common\data folder, by default. Its location can be changed by editing the gta.dat file.


The images.txt file follows the major gta.dat notation. The only difference is that there are no direct identifiers. They are appended to the major directory identifier which are also present in the map listing file and tell the game that it has to search for images or map information:


Using this a path can be built simply by appending the relative path from the pc\ or common\ subdirectory of the GTA IV's installation directory, together with the major file name:


The path controls four files: IDE, IMG, WPL, XPL. It is followed by an (optional) numeric-boolean flag which can either be 1 or 0. It defines which files the game expects at the specified location. Usually path and flag are separated by one or more linefeeds. If the flag is 1 the game expects just object definitions (*.ide) and images (*.img), if it is 0 it also expects WPL/XPL information.


platformimg:/data/maps/jersey/nj_xref	1

... will search for...

.../pc/data/maps/jersey/nj_xref.ide (if it exists)


platformimg:/data/maps/jersey/nj_04e	0

... will search for...


The files do not need to be present but to improve the game's performance it is recommended to set the flag correctly.

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