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At its simplest, a VTable is an array of pointers to functions. VTables are sometimes referred to as VFTables (or Virtual Function Tables) or VMTs (Virtual Method Tables). Any class/struct object with virtual methods contains an internal pointer to a VTable. The VTable layout is implementation dependent, and may frequently contain type metadata (to support DynamicCast) and correction factors needed to support MultipleInheritance.

GTA 4's resource data files often contain structures that are a direct memory dump of a complete class/structure in memory. These classes are sometimes virtual classes and often contain a VTable pointer in them. When the data is loaded into memory, the data is relocated and VTable pointer is corrected to the proper one by the game. It is important to note that the VTable pointer value will change depending on the exact build/version of the resource compiler used. They are a helpful indicator to identify data structures in files. However, that's all they are -- indicators.


The following VTable pointer are valid for files generated by the GTA 4 resource compilers:

Class Name Value (Hex) Description
gtaDrawable 0x695254 Drawable objects (WDR file)
gtaFragType 0x695238 Frag objects (WFT file)
rage::pgDictionary<gtaDrawable> 0x6953A4 Collection of drawable objects (WDD file)
rage::pgDictionary<rage::grcTexturePC> 0x695384 Collection of texture objects (WTD file)
rage::pgDictionary<rage::grcTexture> 0x6A08A0 Collection of texture objects (used for WDR texture references)
rage::fragDrawable 0x6A32DC Drawables in Frag objects (WFT drawable)
rage::grmShaderGroup 0x6B1644 Collection of shader definitions
rage::grmShaderFx 0x6B223C Shader definition
rage::grmModel 0x6B0234 Drawable model
rage::grmGeometry 0x6B48F4 Drawable geometry
rage::grcVertexBufferD3D 0x6BBAD8 Vertex buffer
rage::grcIndexBufferD3D 0x6BB870 Index buffer
rage::grcTexture 0x6B675C Texture definition (for externally defined textures)
rage::grcTexturePC 0x6B1D94 Texture definition
rage::phArchetypeDamp 0x69A5BC
rage::phBoundComposite 0x69BBEC Collection of bounding definitions
rage::phBoundBox 0x69D56C Bounding box definition
rage::phBoundGeometry 0x69AAF4 Bounding geometry definition
rage::phBoundCurvedGeometry 0x69B41C Bounding curved geometry definition
rage::evtSet 0x6A4678

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