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GTA: State Of Liberty Online (SOL-O) was an upcoming multiplayer modification for GTA: Vice City. It was a collaborative merger between the Vice City Online (VCO) and State Of Liberty (SOL) projects that added the three Renderware GTA (III, VC and SA) maps in one in a multiplayer environment. The two projects merged in April 2010, with the public announcement/press release concerning the merger being released on October 31st, 2010.

As of February 5, 2012, directly after the public beta of Vice City Online DP1, the Vice City Online team decided to spin out from the merger with GTA: State of Liberty, leaving both projects as individual entities once again. This decision, mandated by ReGeX and DECEiFER of the Vice City Online team, was made due to differences in long-term goals and availability, as well as project-level communication issues.


Vice City Online

For more information, read the main article: Vice City Online

Vice City Online is an online mutliplayer modification that allows players from all over the world to play Rockstar's critically acclaimed GTA: Vice City. The project was born in 2008 with lead-developer Justin Snyder (ReGeX) and it instigated great anticipation. The first-ever and only public release so far of Vice City Online was version RC1 in March 2009. Vice City Online hosted a public beta of DP1 three years later, which proved to be filled with bugs due to a rushed release. The Vice City Online team is working quietly (without public announcements) on stabilizing the build, along with continuing to add features, until further notice.

State Of Liberty

For more information, read the main article: State Of Liberty

State Of Liberty is a modification that combines the three Renderware GTA (III, VC and SA) maps in one using the Vice City engine. Development began by Keith Mc-Kay (X-Seti) in 2005 after the PC release of GTA: San Andreas, with the aim of creating an all-new single-player game with a storyline and missions.

Changes from VCO/SOL to SOL-O

The re-branding of the project since the merger was called GTA: State Of Liberty Online (SOL-O). Starting from the ground-up after Vice City Online RC1, Vice City Online's next version was integrated with State Of Liberty, and the developers of both projects were hard at work in creating a stable and feature-filled modification.

The entire State Of Liberty project was planned to consist of three individual games.

  • State Of Liberty single player
  • State Of Liberty Online
  • Vice City Online

Script Language

The scripting language that was planned for State Of Liberty Online was Lua. Lua will be the primary scripting language for Vice City Online. Scripting languages used for State of Liberty, if any, are currently unknown.


Since the merger has spun out, there will be no releases of State of Liberty Online. For individual project releases, check out Vice City Online's and State of Liberty's websites to track their progress.


This was the list of core team members from April 2010 to February 2012, when the project was still merged.

  • User.pngReGeX (Justin Snyder) - Executive Consultant, Lead Programmer, Webmaster
  • User.pngX-Seti (Keith Mc-Kay) - Executive Consultant, Lead Mapper/Modeler, Webmaster
  • User.pngDECEiFER (David O'Neill) - Executive Consultant, Lead Multimedia Coordinator, Webmaster
  • User.pngMex (James Baxter) - Executive Consultant, Lead Script Coordinator, Webmaster

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