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San Andreas Multiplayer (SA:MP) is a user-made modification for the PC version of GTA San Andreas, adding capabilities to the game's engine to allow multiple players, each on a seperate computer, to play together in the same environment.

Programming Languages

SA:MP is developed using a varity of programming languages, each suited to their particular purpose.

  • C/C++
The core of the SA:MP client, and the SA:MP server is written in C/C++.
  • Assembly (ASM)
Changes to San Andreas' engine are written in Assembly. When access to the original source code of an application is restricted, the only viable method of changing or adding code is by going to it's most base level.
  • Borland Delphi
SA:MP's external server browser software is written in Borland's Delphi. This language was chosen for this part of the project due to it's Rapid Application Development ("RAD") features.
  • PAWN scripting
SA:MP makes use of Compuphase's PAWN scripting language for user-customizable game modes and utilities.


  • kyeman – programming, reverse engineering, scripting
  • Spooky – programming, reverse engineering, scripting
  • Mike – scripting, website administration
  • Cam – scripting, SCM
  • jax – scripting
  • Luke – documentation

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