TXD Workshop

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TXD Workshop
TXD Workshop
Current version:5.3
Developed by:JernejL
Supported games:GTA 3, GTA VC, GTA SA
Type:texture editing

TXD Workshop is an advanced texture dictionary editor, with support for all three PC RenderWare based GTA games. It also works with DXT compressed textures, uncompressed 8, 16 and 32 bit formats. JernejL, the author of TXD Workshop, has added working with TXD files inside IMG archives support to TXD Workshop 4.0.

File support

TXD Workshop supports GTA 3 (also Android version), GTA VC (also XBOX version) and GTA SA, it displays all textures inside txd file in a list, with a small thumbnail next to texture name and description. Textures can be exported and imported into BMP, TGA and PNG graphical file format.

Compatibility Concerns

Actually TXD Workshop has been last updated in 2018, it it supports DXT1, DXT3, DXT4 and DXT5 compression, it correctly display XBOX GTA series textures as modern DXT5 compressed community textures, TXD Workshop has also mipmaps supports and it can add automatically to all TXD images

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