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The Audio directory contains all of the audio used in the game. The following lists all files in the directory, their associated mission and text if applicable, and their position in the game memory. Texts in cutscene and radio will not be listed. Italicized script names means the script name differs from the file name.

The Android version uses MP3 files for most of the game's audio, albeit with the .nfx extension instead of .mp3.

Position File name Script name Associated
GXT entries
144 A1_a.wav a1_a - Sayonara Salvatore: "There he is, waste him!"
45 a1_sso.wav - AM1_x Sayonara Salvatore cutscene
46 a2_pp.wav - AM3_x Paparazzi Purge cutscene
145 a3_a.wav a3_a - unused: "Federal agents request immediate backup, Torrington"
47 a3_ss.wav - AM2_x Under Surveillance cutscene (Note: In PS2 version of this file Asuka refers to your enemy as Mafia rather than police and FBI)
147 a4_a.wav a4_a AM4_1A Payday For Ray: "Get to the Phone in West Belleville Park."
148 a4_b.wav a4_b AM4_1B Payday For Ray: "Get to the Phone on Liberty Campus."
149 a4_c.wav a4_c AM4_1C Payday For Ray: "Get to the Phone in South Belleville Park."
150 a4_d.wav a4_d AM4_1D Payday For Ray: "Meet me in the toilet block in the park."
48 a4_pdr.wav - AM4_x Payday For Ray first cutscene
146 a5_a.wav a5_a - Two-Faced Tanner: "Undercover officer requesting immediate backup and clean underwear, cover blown"
49 a5_k2ft.wav - AM5_x Two-Faced Tanner cutscene
70 a6_bait.wav - AS1_x Bait cutscene
71 a7_etg.wav - AS2_x Espresso-2-Go! cutscene
72 a8_ps.wav - AS3_x S.A.M. cutscene
73 a9_asd.wav - CAT1_x Ransom cutscene
182 AMMU_A.wav ammu_a AMMU_A Pump-Action Pimp: "Luigi said you'd need a piece..."
183 AMMU_b.wav ammu_b AMMU_B Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong: "Joey told me to tool you up..."
184 AMMU_C.wav ammu_c AMMU_C Pump-Action Pimp: "So go around back of the shop. I left you a nine in the yard."
16 BET.mp3 - BETRA_x Introduction cutscene
75 c1_tex.mp3 - CAT2_x The Exchange cutscene
195 cat1.wav c_1 CAT2_J The Exchange: "Get this thing airborne!!"
8 CHAT.wav - - Chatterbox 109 radio
11 City.wav - - City ambiance
1 CLASS.wav - - Double Cleff FM radio (Note: PC version lacks 'O mio babbino caro' song)
13 COMopen.wav - - Staunton Island unlocked radio
62 d1_stog.mp3 - LOVE1_x Liberator cutscene
63 d2_kk.mp3 - LOVE2_x Waka-Gashira Wipeout! cutscene
64 d3_ado.mp3 - LOVE3_x A Drop In The Ocean cutscene
67 d4_gta.mp3 - LOVE4_x Grand Theft Aero first cutscene
68 d4_gta2.mp3 - GTAB_x Grand Theft Aero second cutscene
65 d5_es.mp3 - LOVE5_x Escort Service cutscene
69 d6_sts.mp3 - LOVE6_x Decoy cutscene
66 d7_mld.mp3 - - Love's Disappearance cutscene
185 door_1.wav door_1 - Portland hideout door closing
186 door_2.wav door_2 - unused: Portland hideout door opening
187 door_3.wav door_3 - Staunton hideout door closing
188 door_4.wav door_4 - unused: Staunton hideout door opening
189 door_5.wav door_5 - unused
190 door_6.wav door_6 - unused
134 el3_a.wav el3_a - Big'N'Veiny: "All units be on a lookout for donkey porn being dropped in Portland area."
76 el_ph1.mp3 - DIAB1_x Turismo cutscene
77 el_ph2.mp3 - DIAB2_x I Scream, You Scream cutscene
78 el_ph3.mp3 - DIAB4_x Big'N'Veiny cutscene
79 el_ph4.mp3 - DIAB3_x Trial By Fire cutscene
94 END.mp3 - END_x End cutscene
7 FLASH.wav - - Flashback 95.6 radio
5 GAME.wav - - Game FM radio
179 h5_a.wav h5_a HM5_1 Rumble: "Yo, Ice said was comin'. There rules. Bats only. No guns, no cars."
180 h5_b.wav h5_b HM5_5 Rumble: "This is a battle for respect, you cool?"
181 h5_c.wav h5_c HM5_6 Rumble: "Let's go crack some skulls..."
84 hd_ph1.mp3 - HM1_x Uzi Money cutscene
85 hd_ph2.mp3 - HM2_x Toyminator cutscene
86 hd_ph3.mp3 - HM3_x Rigged To Blow cutscene
87 hd_ph4.mp3 - HM4_x Bullion Run cutscene
88 hd_ph5.mp3 - HM5_x Rumble cutscene
0 HEAD.wav - - Head Radio
22 j0_dm2.mp3 - LM3_x Drive Misty For Me ending cutscene
23 j1_lfl.mp3 - JM1_x Mike Lips Last Lunch cutscene
24 j2_kcl.mp3 - JM2_x Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong cutscene
25 j3_vh.mp3 - JM3_x Van Heist cutscene
106 j4_a.wav j4_a JM4_6 Cipriani's Chauffeur: "Hey watch the car! I said no fancy crap."
107 j4_b.wav j4_b JM4_2 Cipriani's Chauffeur: "Wait here! Keep the engine running. This ain't a social call."
108 j4_c.wav j4_c JM4_3 Cipriani's Chauffeur: "It's a Triad ambush! Get us out of here kid!"
109 j4_d.wav j4_d JM4_4 Cipriani's Chauffeur: "The Triads think they can mess with me, the triads, with ME!"
110 j4_e.wav j4_e JM4_5 Cipriani's Chauffeur: "Drop by later and we'll give them something to launder,"
26 j4_eth.mp3 - JM4_x Cipriani's Chauffeur cutscene
111 j4_f.wav j4_f JM4_5 Cipriani's Chauffeur: "their own blood stained clothes!!"
102 j4t_1.wav j4t_1 JM4_10 Cipriani's Chauffeur: "OK, Kid. Drive me to the laundry in Chinatown first, I got a bit of business to take care of."
103 j4t_2.wav j4t_2 JM4_11 Cipriani's Chauffeur: "Those washer women aint been payin' their protection money."
104 j4t_3.wav j4t_3 JM4_12 Cipriani's Chauffeur: "And watch the car, Joey just fixed this junk heap."
105 j4t_4.wav j4t_4 JM4_13 Cipriani's Chauffeur: "So no fancy crap, OK?"
27 j5_dst.mp3 - JM5_x Dead Skunk in the Trunk cutscene
112 j6_1.wav j6_1 - The Getaway: *Woman screaming and 2 shots fired*
113 j6_a.wav j6_a JM6_1 The Getaway: "Get to the bank on the main drag."
114 j6_b.wav j6_b JM6_2 The Getaway: "Keep the engine running we'll be in and out in no time."
115 j6_c.wav j6_c JM6_3 The Getaway: "Get us out of here!!"
116 j6_d.wav j6_d - The Getaway: "All units armed bank raid in progress, Bank of Liberty Chinatown"
28 j6_tbj.mp3 - JM6_x The Getaway cutscene
15 JB.mp3 - JAILB_x Introduction second cutscene
151 k1_a.wav k1_a - Kanbu Bust-out: "Terrorist attack police headquarters. All units respond immediately."
194 k1_b.wav k1_b - Kanbu Bust-out: *speaks in Japanese*
50 k1_kbo.mp3 - KM1_x Kanbu Bust-out cutscene
51 k2_gis.mp3 - KM2_x Grand Theft Auto cutscene
152 K3_A.wav k3_a KM3_7 Deal Steal: "It's a Yakuza trap man!"
52 k3_ds.mp3 - KM3_x Deal Steal cutscene
53 k4_shi.mp3 - KM4_x Shima cutscene
74 k4_shi2.mp3 - KM4_x Shima: "I can't pay you and I wouldn't pay you if I could! Some young gang just jacked out the place! They took everything! You guys are useless. What kind of Yakuza are you anyway...?"
54 k5_sd.mp3 - KM2_x Smack Down cutscene
2 KJAH.wav - - Jah Radio
17 l1_lg.mp3 - EBAL_x Luigi's Girls cutscene
101 l2_a.wav l2_a LM3_5 Drive Misty for Me: "You working regular for Luigi now huh? It's about time he got a driver we can trust!"
18 l2_dsb.mp3 - LM2_x Don't Spank Ma Bitch Up cutscene
19 l3_dm.mp3 - LM3_x Drive Misty For Me cutscene
20 l4_pap.mp3 - LM4_x Pump-Action Pimp cutscene
21 l5_tfb.mp3 - LM5_x The Fuzz Ball cutscene
97 lib_a.wav lib_a EBAL_B Give Me Liberty: "This is the place right here, let's get off the street and find a change of clothes!"
95 lib_a1.wav lib_a1 EBAL_A Give Me Liberty: "I know a place on the edge of the Red Light District where we can lay low,"
96 lib_a2.wav lib_a2 EBAL_A1 Give Me Liberty: "but my hands are all messed up so you better drive, brother."
98 lib_b.wav lib_b EBAL_x Give Me Liberty: "I know this guy, he's connected, his name is Luigi. Me an' him go back so I could probably get you some work. C'mon lets head over there."
99 lib_c.wav lib_c EBAL_G Give Me Liberty: "This is Luigi's club. Let's go round the back and use the service door."
100 lib_d.wav lib_d LM1_9 Luigi's Girls: "Hi I'm Misty."
4 LIPS.wav - - Lips 106 radio
166 lo2_a.wav lo2_a - Waka-Gashira Wipeout! : "Call all units gunfire reported in Multistorey Car Park Newport"
167 lo6_a.wav lo6_a - Decoy: "All units be on the lookout for Securicar in Pine Creek area. Suspect is armed and dangerous."
135 mf1_a.wav mf1_a MEA1_B4 The Crook: "Ah Mr. Chonks sent you did he. Let's go and pay the fellow a visit."
136 mf2_a.wav mf2_a MEA3_B4 The Wife: "Marty wants to see me? Well it better be quick because I have to get my hair done."
137 mf3_a.wav mf3_a MEA4_B4 Her Lover: "Marty sent you huh? Ok, I'm gonna show that creep the meaning of the word business."
138 mf3_b.wav mf3_b MEA4_B5 Her Lover: "Carl, hi! I errr, I need more time to get your money,"
139 mf3_b1.wav mf3_b1 MEA4_B7 Her Lover: "but if you just step into my office..."
140 mf3_c.wav mf3_c MEA4_B6 Her Lover: "It's far too late for that Marty. You had your chance, but now I'm taking over the business..."
141 mf4_a.wav mf4_a - The Crook: "Get your hands off my arm!"
142 mf4_b.wav mf4_b - The Thieves: "Easy there partner. Wow what the? C'mon put it..."
143 mf4_c.wav mf4_c - The Wife: "Hey... stop!"
93 Miscom.wav - - Mission passed tune
6 MSX.wav - - MSX FM radio
89 mt_ph1.mp3 - MEA1_x The Crook cutscene
90 mt_ph2.mp3 - MEA2_x The Thieves cutscene
91 mt_ph3.mp3 - MEA3_x The Wife cutscene
92 mt_ph4.mp3 - MEA4_x Her Lover cutscene
10 police.wav - - Police radio
55 r0_pdr2.mp3 - AM4_x Payday For Ray second cutscene
153 r1_a.wav r1_a - Silence the Sneak: "Call out to all cars. Officers require immediate assistance in Newport"
56 r1_sw.mp3 - RM1_x Silence the Sneak cutscene
154 r2_a.wav r2_a RM2_E Arms Shortage: "Ray phoned ahead... but I thought there'd be more of you."
57 r2_ap.mp3 - RM2_x Arms Shortage cutscene
155 r2_b.wav r2_b RM2_E1 Arms Shortage: "I can't believe those yellow-bellied bastards left me without proper cover again!"
156 r2_c.wav r2_c RM2_F Arms Shortage: "Well, three arms are better than one, so grab whatever you need."
157 r2_d.wav r2_d RM2_F1 Arms Shortage: "Those Colombians'll be here any minute!"
158 r2_e.wav r2_e RM2_K Arms Shortage: "Goddamn they're here!! LOCK'N'LOAD!!"
159 r2_f.wav r2_f RM2_L Arms Shortage: "Heh-hey! If I'd teamed up with you in Nicaragua maybe I'd still have my arm!"
160 r2_g.wav r2_g RM2_M Arms Shortage: "If you need any firepower just drop by and take what you need from the lookers. Leave the cash behind."
161 r2_h.wav r2_h RM2_N Arms Shortage: "Now get out of here. I'll handle the cops."
58 r3_ed.mp3 - RM3_x Evidence Dash cutscene
59 r4_gf.mp3 - RM4_x Gone Fishing cutscene
162 r5_a.wav r5_a - Plaster Blaster: "Four-to-five to all units: He's taken the bait. Shoot to kill! Shoot to kill!"
60 r5_pb.mp3 - RM5_x Plaster Blaster cutscene
163 r6_a.wav r6_a RM6_1 Marked Man: "Here's a key to a lock-up."
164 r6_a1.wav r6_a1 RM6_2 Marked Man: "You'll find some cash and 'supplies' I'd stashed in case things got tight."
165 r6_b.wav r6_b RM6_3 Marked Man: "See y'around."
61 r6_mm.mp3 - RM6_x Marked Man cutscene
3 RISE.wav - - Rise FM radio
34 s0_mas.mp3 - TM3_x Salvatore's Called A Meeting second cutscene
118 s1_a.wav s1_a FM1_Q Chaperone: "Hey Maria! It's my favorite lady!"
119 s1_a1.wav s1_a1 FM1_Q1 Chaperone: "You looking for some fun? A little...hmm? Some SPANK?"
120 s1_b.wav s1_b FM1_R Chaperone: "Hi Chico. Nah, just the usual."
121 s1_c.wav s1_c FM1_S Chaperone: "Here you go lady."
122 s1_c1.wav s1_c1 FM1_S1 Chaperone: "Hey maybe you should check out the warehouse party at the east end of Atlantic Quays."
123 s1_d.wav s1_d FM1_T Chaperone: "Hmm thanks Chico. See you around."
124 s1_e.wav s1_e FM1_U Chaperone: "Gracias and enjoy that's good stuff."
125 s1_f.wav s1_f FM1_V Chaperone: "C'mon Fido, let's go and check out this party!"
126 s1_g.wav s1_g FM1_W Chaperone: "Alright Fido, you wait here and look after the car while I go and shake my butt alright."
127 s1_h.wav s1_h FM1_SS Chaperone: "Four-five to all units: Assist narcotics raid Atlantic Quays..."
128 s1_i.wav s1_i FM1_TT Chaperone: "IT'S A RAID!"
129 s1_j.wav s1_j FM1_X Chaperone: "Okay Fido come on , Let's get outta here Wooooh!"
130 s1_k.wav s1_k FM1_Y Chaperone: "You know I enjoyed myself for the first time in a long while, and you treated me really good. With respect and everything."
131 s1_l.wav s1_l FM1_AA Chaperone: "Oh, I'd better go. I'll see you around I hope."
35 s1_pf.mp3 - FM1_x Chaperone cutscene
36 s2_ctg.mp3 - FM2_x Cutting the Grass first cutscene
41 s2_ctg2.mp3 - FM2_x Cutting the Grass second cutscene
132 s3_a.wav s3_a FM3_8I Bomb Da Base Act II: "Get a good vantage point then I'll head in when you fire the first shot."
133 s3_b.wav s3_b - Bomb Da Base Act II: "All cars in the vicinity of Portland Harbor investigate reports of gunfire and explosion"
37 s3_rtc.mp3 - FM3_x Bomb Da Base Act I cutscene (A and B entries are unused although audio is present in PC version)
39 s4_bdba.mp3 - FM3_8x Bomb Da Base Act II cutscene (Need money)
40 s4_bdbb.mp3 - FM3_8x Bomb Da Base Act II cutscene (Money collected)
42 s4_bdbd.mp3 - - Bomb Da Base Act II cutscene (Ship sinking)
38 s5_lrq.mp3 - FM4_x Last Requests cutscene
43 s5_lrqb.mp3 - FM4_x Last Requests cutscene (Maria and Asuka)
44 s5_lrqc.mp3 - LQRC_x Last Requests ending cutscene
- sfx.RAW - - Sound effects archive
- sfx.SDT - - Directory listing of sfx.RAW
14 SUBopen.wav - - Shoreside Vale unlocked radio
29 t1_tol.mp3 - TM1_x Taking Out The Laundry cutscene
30 t2_tpu.mp3 - TM2_x The Pick-Up cutscene
191 t3_a.wav t3_a - Salvatore's Called A Meeting: "How you doin'."
192 t3_b.wav t3_b - Salvatore's Called A Meeting: "How you doin', kid."
193 t3_c.wav t3_c - Salvatore's Called A Meeting: "No fancy crap."
31 t3_mas.mp3 - TM3_x Salvatore's Called A Meeting first cutscene
117 t4_a.wav t4_a - Triads And Tribulations: "Calling all units, gang war in progress, Chinatown, advice caution."
32 t4_tat.mp3 - TM4_x Triads And Tribulations cutscene
33 t5_bf.mp3 - TM5_x Blow Fish cutscene
12 Water.wav - - Water ambiance
168 YD2_A.wav yd2_a YD2_C Uzi Rider: "We're going for a little ride into Hepburn Heights, whack us some filthy Diablos been dissing Queen Lizzy."
177 yd2_ass.wav yd2_ass YD2_N Uzi Rider: "You've got five seconds to get back in the car man."
169 yd2_b.wav yd2_b YD2_D Uzi Rider: "You do the driving and shooting. We'll make sure you don't get cold feet."
170 yd2_c.wav yd2_c YD2_CC Uzi Rider: "Here, you'll need a 'piece'."
171 yd2_c1.wav yd2_c1 YD2_E Uzi Rider: "Let's drive!!"
172 yd2_d.wav yd2_d YD2_M Uzi Rider: "He's wrecked my car! ... (Can't recognize the rest)
173 yd2_e.wav yd2_e YD2_F Uzi Rider: "He's bailing out! ... (Can't recognize the rest)
174 yd2_f.wav yd2_f YD2_G1 Uzi Rider: "Hepburn Heights, let's kill me some filthy Diablos"
175 yd2_g.wav yd2_g YD2_G2 Uzi Rider: "Remember you in this to the end, man, or you're goner."
176 yd2_h.wav yd2_h YD2_H Uzi Rider: "OK that should do it now get us back to Yard! GO GO GO NOW!!"
178 yd2_ok.wav yd2_ok YD2_L Uzi Rider: "Okay you're the kind of man we like as friend now. You're .... man. Real shootah! (Can't recognize the rest)
80 yd_ph1.mp3 - YD1_x Bling-bling Scramble cutscene
81 yd_ph2.mp3 - YD2_x Uzi Rider cutscene
82 yd_ph3.mp3 - YD3_x Gangcar Round-up cutscene
83 yd_ph4.mp3 - YD4_x Kingdom Come cutscene


On the PC, these files are stored only on the PLAY disc unless the game has been upgraded with the 1.1 patch, in which case they will be copied to the audio folder of the game install. The SFX files can only be found in the install audio folder regardless of game version. See SFX for more info.

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