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Design Your Own Mission (DYOM) is a multi-award-winning mission mod for GTA San Andreas made by Dutchy3010 and PatrickW. It allows to create a new mission ingame, without writing a single line of SCM script. The mod works as a mission pack. The latest version is 8.1, released on 22 January, 2014.


Installation is very simple. Just copy the MPACK folder from the archive to your "San Andreas User Files" (in My Documents). To add downloaded missions, just copy the DYOMx.dat files into "San Andreas User Files". CLEO 4 is needed for this modification to work correctly.


  • Create your own missions without writing a single line of code!
  • Create objectives, pickups, cars, text and more for your missions with the use of a simple menu.
  • Connect missions into a storyline with a common plot.
  • Share your missions on DYOM site, and allow other to play your missions, or try the missions made by others.

Mod Popularity

Spawning a vehicle in DYOM
One of the custom missions

The mod is considered to be very popular among modders. As of August, 2017 the DYOM Missions Archive contains more than 46,000 user-made missions and more than 1,600 storylines.

The mod popularity had given its authors the idea of making a contest the goal of which is to create the best mission using Design Your Own Mission mod. Each contest lasts for a certain period of time, then the jury consisting of the mod authors and the winner of the previous contest choose the best missions from the ones that were submitted. After that the members of and vote for the winner.

Since the second the contests have a specific theme the missions should be made on.

Contest Theme Period Winner / Mission Topic
#1 None 21 Feb 09 - 01 Mar 09 tony-resta / Rest in Peace GTA Net GTAForums topic
#2 Gunfights 04 Apr 09 - 19 Apr 09 miclin / Deconstruction for Beginners GTA Net GTAForums topic
#3 Military 23 May 10 - 06 Jun 10 GTA!!! / The Wanted GTA Net GTAForums topic
#4 Exciting Story Line 14 Nov 10 - 12 Dec 10 Chimpso / Perfidy GTA Net GTAForums topic
#5 2012 - The End of the World 28 Jan 12 - 26 May 12 Arejai / Catastrophe GTA Net GTAForums topic
#6 3 objectives 14 Aug 12 - 24 Sep 12 xGhostx / DYOM PUZZLE GTA Net GTAForums topic


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