ASI Loader (GTA4)

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ASI Loader
Current version: (!)
Developed by:User.pngAlexander Blade
Supported games:GTA 4

ASI Loader is the tool created by Alexander Blade for GTA 4 that allows to load custom libraries into GTA 4. Libraries need to be with the .asi extension.

See also

  • San Andreas ASI Loader – same tool for GTA SA made by JernejL.
  • GTA IV XLiveLess – tool by listener that has a built-in ASI Loader among other features.
  • GTA IV YAASIL – Yet Another ASI Loader by HazardX that has experimental support of plugins written in .Net
  • GTA IV GenericLoader – A generic open-source ASI/DLL loader by opium_addict that has no special version-specific support, so it should work for all GTA4 and its episodes without error.

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