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A particle is an animation of moving textures to simulate fuzzy effects. The new particle system in San Andreas is slightly different from GTA 3 and Vice City. Almost all particle effects are stored in the .\models\effects.fxp file. You can also attach particle systems to your models using the 3d Studio Max script by DexX, that works also for 2dfx GTAForums topic.

Mission Script

You can use the following opcodes to do stuff to your particles.
064B - Creates a particle at a location
064C - Makes the particle visible
064E - Stops the particle
064F - Releases the particle from memory and makes it visible.
0650 - Deletes the particle with fade
0669 - Attaches a particle to an actor
066A - Attaches a particle with rotation to an actor
066B - Attaches a particle to a vehicle
066C - Attaches a particle with rotation to a vehicle
066D - Attaches a particle to an object
066E - Attaches a particle with rotation to an object
0883 - Attaches a particle to an actor
0976 - Deletes a particle instantly

List of Particles

Sanny Builder example

That example creates an particle at player's location by pressing P.

{$CLEO .cs}

0000: NOP

0001: wait  0 ms
if and
0256: player $PLAYER_CHAR defined
0AB0:   key_pressed 80 // P or p
004D: jump_if_false @NONAME_01
04C4: store_coords_to 1@ 2@ 3@ from_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR offset 0.0 5.0  1.0 //store player coords 
064B: 0@ = create_particle "explosion_large" at 1@ 2@ 3@ type 4 //create the particle 
064F: make_temp_particle_visible_and_remove_references 0@ //make the particle visible and remove references 
wait  500
0002: jump @NONAME_01


"blood_heli"  bloody explosion  
"boat_prop"  a surf  
"camflash"  small flare  
"carwashspray"  steam, as on a carwash  
"cement"  cement  
"cloudfast"  fast clouds  
"coke_puff"  puff of a coke  
"coke_trail"  a pouring water  
"cigarette_smoke"  a smoke from a cigarette  
"explosion_barrel"  explosion and splinters of a box  
"explosion_crate"  explosion and splinters of the large box  
"explosion_door"  a smoke with sparks  
"exhale"  a small smoke  
"explosion_fuel_car"  explosion, as from the machine  
"explosion_large"  the large explosion  
"explosion_medium"  average explosion  
"explosion_molotov"  explosion, as from a movotov cocktail  
"explosion_small"  small explosion  
"explosion_tiny"  very small explosion  
"extinguisher"  foam of the fire extinguisher  
"flame"  small fire  
"fire"  fire  
"fire_med"  average fire  
"fire_large"  large fire  
"flamethrower"  fire of the flamethrower  
"fire_bike"  fire, as from a burning motorcycle  
"fire_car"  fire, as from the burning machine  
"gunflash"  as the bullet from a trunk takes off  
"gunsmoke"  a smoke from a gun  
"insects"  insects  
"heli_dust"  a dust, as from the helicopter  
"jetpack"  a jetpacks fire  
"jetthrust"  fire from the muffler of the machine, as during use of nitrogen  
"nitro"  nitro  
"molotov_flame"  fire from a Molotov Cocktail  
"overheat_car"  smoke from damaged car  
"overheat_car_electric"  wrecked electro-machine  
"prt_boatsplash"  foam  
"prt_cardebris"  splinters from a box  
"prt_collisionsmoke"  a dense white smoke  
"prt_glass"  a crashing glass  
"prt_gunshell"  shells  
"prt_sand"  sand, which was scattered  
"prt_sand2"  there is less sand, than in previous animation  
"prt_smokeII_3_expand"  - a grey smoke  
"prt_smoke_huge"  there is a lot of grey smoke  
"prt_spark"  of a spark  
"prt_spark_2"  the large sparks  
"prt_splash"  burst  
"prt_wake"  a wave  
"prt_watersplash"  sparks  
"prt_wheeldirt"  sparks from wheels of the car  
"petrolcan"  a jet  
"puke"  belch  
"riot_smoke"  there is a lot of smoke  
"spraycan"  spray  
"smoke30lit"  a smoke  
"smoke30m"  a rich smoke  
"smoke50lit"  more richer smoke  
"shootlight"  fireworks  
"smoke_flare"  fireworks  
"tank_fire"  a shot from the tank  
"teargas"  gas, as from gas grenade  
"teargasAD"  gas, as from small gas grenade  
"tree_hit_fir"  leaf falling  
"tree_hit_palm"  falling of pair large leafs  
"vent"  slowly dissipating a smoke  
"vent2"  practically too most  
"water_hydrant"  the large flow of water  
"water_ripples"  circles on water  
"water_speed"  the large sparks from water  
"water_splash"  small sparks from water  
"water_splash_big"  average sparks  
"water_splsh_sml"  sparks, only them it is not visible almost  
"water_swim"  small sparks at navigation  
"waterfall_end"  there is a lot of pair  
"water_fnt_tme"  the large flow of water  
"water_fountain"  water of a fountain  
"wallbust"  a disappearing heap pair  
"WS_factorysmoke" smoke

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