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Statistics in GTA III is a set of different values reflecting the player activity during gameplay. It includes but not limited to the criminal activities, the results of the story and side missions, statistic information. Most of the values can be seen in the Stats menu. All the stats data is saved in the 17th block of a savegame file.

Stats can be altered in two ways. The game updates the hardcoded values while or if the player is performing some in-game actions, such as shooting, walking, driving, etc. They can't be changed unless you're using some memory hacking tools. The other values are controlled by the scripts, and can be changed via the main.scm, or CLEO scripts.

As stats in GTA III have no IDs assigned to them, they are documented in order they appear in a savegame file.

# Type Memory address v1.0 Hardcoded Opcode Description GXT entry Notes
1 integer 0x08F1B7C people wasted by player PE_WAST
2 integer 0x08E2C50 people wasted by others PE_WSOT
3 integer 0x0941288 cars exploded CAR_EXP
4 integer 0x08E2BE8 shots made
5 integer 0x0880DBC peds of pedtype PLAYER1 wasted
6 integer 0x0880DC0 peds of pedtype PLAYER2 wasted
7 integer 0x0880DC4 peds of pedtype PLAYER3 wasted
8 integer 0x0880DC8 peds of pedtype PLAYER4 wasted
9 integer 0x0880DCC peds of pedtype CIVMALE wasted
10 integer 0x0880DD0 peds of pedtype CIVFEMALE wasted
11 integer 0x0880DD4 peds of pedtype COP wasted
12 integer 0x0880DD8 peds of pedtype GANG1 wasted GNG_WST displayed as a sum of all gangs members wasted by the player
13 integer 0x0880DDC peds of pedtype GANG2 wasted
14 integer 0x0880DE0 peds of pedtype GANG3 wasted
15 integer 0x0880DE4 peds of pedtype GANG4 wasted
16 integer 0x0880DE8 peds of pedtype GANG5 wasted
17 integer 0x0880DEC peds of pedtype GANG6 wasted
18 integer 0x0880DF0 peds of pedtype GANG7 wasted
19 integer 0x0880DF4 peds of pedtype GANG8 wasted
20 integer 0x0880DF8 peds of pedtype GANG9 wasted
21 integer 0x0880DFC peds of pedtype EMERGENCY wasted
22 integer 0x0880E00 peds of pedtype FIREMAN wasted
23 integer 0x0880E04 peds of pedtype CRIMINAL wasted DED_CRI
24 integer 0x0880E08 peds of pedtype SPECIAL wasted
25 integer 0x0880E0C peds of pedtype PROSTITUTE wasted
26 integer 0x0880E10 peds of pedtype 21 wasted
27 integer 0x0880E14 peds of pedtype 22 wasted
28 integer 0x08E2A64 helis destroyed HEL_DST
29 integer 0x08F6224 PLAYER_MADE_PROGRESS player progress PER_COM displayed as a percentage ratio of the player progress points to the total progress points
30 integer 0x0885B2C SET_PROGRESS_TOTAL progress total
31 integer 0x08F2510 kgs explosives used KGS_EXP
32 integer 0x0943070 bullets fired ACCURA displayed as accuracy radio
33 integer 0x095CB8C bullets that hit
34 integer 0x0943050 cars crushed CAR_CRU
35 integer 0x08F647C headshots made
36 integer 0x08E2BEC times busted TM_BUST
37 integer 0x08E2BDC hospital visits TM_DED
38 integer 0x08F2BB8 days passed DAYSPS
39 integer 0x08F2C98 mm rain fallen MMRAIN
40 float 0x08F2BDC max insane jump distance MXCARD
in miles
in meters
41 float 0x0940564 max insane jump height MXCARJ
in miles
in meters
42 integer 0x08F2524 max insane jump flips MXFLIP
43 integer 0x08F29B0 max insane jump rotation MXJUMP
44 integer 0x0885B50 best insane stunt so far
  • 0: no insane stunts completed
  • 1: insane stunt
  • 2: perfect insane stunt
  • 3: double insane stunt
  • 4: perfect double insane stunt
  • 5: triple insane stunt
  • 6 perfect triple insane stunt
  • 7: quadruple insane stunt
  • 8: perfect quadruple insane stunt
45 integer 0x0885B74 REGISTER_UNIQUE_JUMP_FOUND unique stunt jumps found NOUNIF
46 integer 0x08E2DC0 SET_UNIQUE_JUMPS_TOTAL unique stunt jumps total
47 integer 0x09430E8 REGISTER_MISSION_GIVEN missions attempts NMISON
48 integer 0x0940768 REGISTER_MISSION_PASSED missions passed FEST_MP
49 integer 0x0940724 REGISTER_PASSENGER_DROPPED_OFF_TAXI passengers dropped off PASDRO
50 integer 0x0941544 REGISTER_MONEY_MADE_TAXI cash made in taxi MONTAX
51 integer 0x08E2A68 INDUSTRIAL_PASSED Portland passed
52 integer 0x08F4334 COMMERCIAL_PASSED Staunton Island passed
53 integer 0x08F2740 SUBURBAN_PASSED Shoreside Vale passed
54 integer 0x08E2A6C REGISTER_EL_BURRO_TIME el burro time ELBURRO Best 'Turismo' time in secs
55 float 0x0941518 distance travelled on foot FEST_DF
in miles
in meters
56 float 0x0940574 distance travelled in car FEST_DC
in miles
in meters
57 integer 0x0940570 REGISTER_4x4ONE_TIME 4x4one time FEST_R1 'Patriot Playground' in secs
58 integer 0x094058C REGISTER_4x4TWO_TIME 4x4two time FEST_R2 'A Ride In The Park' in secs
59 integer 0x0880FA8 REGISTER_4x4THREE_TIME 4x4three time FEST_R3 'Gripped!' in secs
60 integer 0x0885B70 REGISTER_4x4MAYHEM_TIME 4x4mayhem time FEST_RM 'Multistorey Mayhem' in secs
61 integer 0x08F57E0 REGISTER_LIFE_SAVED people saved in an ambulance FEST_LS
62 integer 0x08F2518 REGISTER_CRIMINAL_CAUGHT criminals killed on vigilante mission FEST_CC
63 integer 0x08F2A04 REGISTER_AMBULANCE_LEVEL highest paramedic mission level FEST_HA
64 integer 0x08F5FEC REGISTER_FIRE_EXTINGUISHED total fires extinguished FEST_FE
65 integer 0x08F5FE4 REGISTER_LONGEST_DODO_FLIGHT longest flight in dodo FEST_LF
66 integer 0x0880E24 REGISTER_TIME_TAKEN_DEFUSE_MISSION best time bomb defusal FEST_BD
67 integer 0x08E287C REGISTER_KILL_FRENZY_PASSED rampages passed FEST_RP
68 integer 0x08E2884 SET_TOTAL_NUMBER_OF_KILL_FRENZIES total number rampages FEST_RP
69 integer 0x08E2820 SET_TOTAL_NUMBER_OF_MISSIONS total number missions FEST_MP
70 integer 0x06E9128 REGISTER_FASTEST_TIME fastest time record unused
71 integer 0x06E912C REGISTER_FASTEST_TIME fastest time record unused
72 integer 0x06E9130 REGISTER_FASTEST_TIME fastest time record unused
73 integer 0x06E9134 REGISTER_FASTEST_TIME fastest time record unused
74 integer 0x06E9138 REGISTER_FASTEST_TIME fastest time record unused
75 integer 0x06E913C REGISTER_FASTEST_TIME fastest time record unused
76 integer 0x06E9140 REGISTER_FASTEST_TIME fastest time record unused
77 integer 0x06E9144 REGISTER_FASTEST_TIME fastest time record unused
78 integer 0x06E9148 REGISTER_FASTEST_TIME fastest time record unused
79 integer 0x06E914C REGISTER_FASTEST_TIME fastest time record unused
80 integer 0x06E9150 REGISTER_FASTEST_TIME fastest time record unused
81 integer 0x06E9154 REGISTER_FASTEST_TIME fastest time record unused
82 integer 0x06E9158 REGISTER_FASTEST_TIME fastest time record unused
83 integer 0x06E915C REGISTER_FASTEST_TIME fastest time record unused
84 integer 0x06E9160 REGISTER_FASTEST_TIME fastest time record unused
85 integer 0x06E9164 REGISTER_FASTEST_TIME fastest time record unused
86 integer 0x08622B0 REGISTER_HIGHEST_SCORE highest score record FEST_BB
'Bling-bling Scramble'
87 integer 0x08622B4 REGISTER_HIGHEST_SCORE highest score record FEST_H1 'Diablo Destruction'
88 integer 0x08622B8 REGISTER_HIGHEST_SCORE highest score record FEST_H2 'Mafia Massacre'
89 integer 0x08622BC REGISTER_HIGHEST_SCORE highest score record FEST_H3 'Casino Calamity'
90 integer 0x08622C0 REGISTER_HIGHEST_SCORE highest score record FEST_H4 'Rumpo Wrecker'
91 integer 0x08622C4 REGISTER_HIGHEST_SCORE highest score record
92 integer 0x08622C8 REGISTER_HIGHEST_SCORE highest score record
93 integer 0x08622CC REGISTER_HIGHEST_SCORE highest score record
94 integer 0x08622D0 REGISTER_HIGHEST_SCORE highest score record
95 integer 0x08622D4 REGISTER_HIGHEST_SCORE highest score record
96 integer 0x08622D8 REGISTER_HIGHEST_SCORE highest score record
97 integer 0x08622DC REGISTER_HIGHEST_SCORE highest score record
98 integer 0x08622E0 REGISTER_HIGHEST_SCORE highest score record
99 integer 0x08622E4 REGISTER_HIGHEST_SCORE highest score record
100 integer 0x08622E8 REGISTER_HIGHEST_SCORE highest score record
101 integer 0x08622EC REGISTER_HIGHEST_SCORE highest score record
102 integer 0x08F2C8C people killed since last checkpoint
103 integer 0x08F6004 people killed no wasted/busted

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