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The Audio directory contains all of the audio used in the game. The following lists all files in the directory, their associated mission and text if applicable, and their position in the game memory. Texts in cutscene and radio will not be listed. Italicized script names means the script name differs from the file name. Text without associated GXT entries are transcribed from the audio.

Position File name Script name Associated
GXT entries
156 AirHornL.wav airhrnl - Bloodring air horn
157 AirHornR.wav airhrnr - Bloodring air horn
22 ambsil.mp3 - - Ambient silence for all areas with no music
27 ass_1.mp3 - ASS1_x Rub Out first cutscene
161 ass_1.wav ASS_1 ASS1_1 Rub Out: "This place is going to be crawling with careful..."
170 ass_10.wav ASS_10 ASS1_10 unused: "Hey, this is a real nice herbaceous border"
171 ass_11.wav ASS_11 ASS1_11 Rub Out: "Hey Tommy, can my room have a view of the bay?"
172 ass_12.wav ASS_12 ASS1_12 Rub Out: "Beautiful high ceilings in here..."
173 ass_13.wav ASS_13 ASS1_13 Rub Out: "DIAZ?! I've come to take over your business!"
174 ass_14.wav ASS_14 ASS1_14 Rub Out: "TOMMY! You betrayed me, you idiot! I'm gonna kill you real soon.."
28 ass_2.mp3 - ASS1_x Rub Out second cutscene (with additional unused audio)
162 ass_2.wav ASS_2 ASS1_2 Rub Out: "Don't worry Tommy, I'll cover you."
163 ass_3.wav ASS_3 ASS1_3 unused: "Lance! I need cover!"
164 ass_4.wav ASS_4 ASS1_4 Rub Out: "Diaz must be inside!"
165 ass_5.wav ASS_5 ASS1_5 unused: "Lance!"
166 ass_6.wav ASS_6 ASS1_6 unused: "Go on Tommy, I'll be ok!"
167 ass_7.wav ASS_7 ASS1_7 Rub Out: "Eat this, you murdering bastards!!"
168 ass_8.wav ASS_8 ASS1_8 unused: "I'm pinned down!"
169 ass_9.wav ASS_9 ASS1_9 unused: "I got you covered Tommy!"
1146 band_01.wav band_01 - Beef Bandit food service worker
1147 band_02.wav band_02 - Beef Bandit food service worker
1148 band_03.wav band_03 - Beef Bandit food service worker
1149 band_04.wav band_04 - Beef Bandit food service worker
1150 band_05.wav band_05 - Beef Bandit food service worker
1151 band_06.wav band_06 - Beef Bandit food service worker
1152 band_07.wav band_07 - Beef Bandit food service worker
1153 band_08.wav band_08 - Beef Bandit food service worker
29 bank_1.mp3 - BJM1_x No Escape? cutscene
30 bank_2a.mp3 - BJM2_x The Shootist first cutscene
31 bank_2b.mp3 - BJM2_2x The Shootist second cutscene
32 bank_3a.mp3 - BJM3_x The Driver first cutscene
33 bank_3b.mp3 - BJM3_2x The Driver second cutscene
34 bank_4.mp3 - BNK4_x The Job cutscene
558 BAR_1.wav bar_1 - unused: "You make me puke looking at you."
559 BAR_2.wav bar_2 - unused: "You can rummage in the bins at the back."
560 BAR_3.wav bar_3 - unused: "Of course we won't serve you."
561 BAR_4.wav bar_4 - unused: "We don't want your type here, bastard."
562 BAR_5.wav bar_5 - unused: "I wouldn't spit on you, let alone serve you."
563 BAR_6.wav bar_6 - unused: "You're hardly a kind of customer."
564 BAR_7.wav bar_7 - unused: "Piss off."
565 BAR_8.wav bar_8 - unused: "Just get lost."
25 bclosed.mp3 - - Announcement track: bridge closed
12 BeachAmb.mp3 - - Beach ambiance
175 bike1_1.wav BIKE1_1 BIKE1_1 Alloy Wheels of Steel: "All right, fancy clothes. Let's see what you can do."
176 bike1_2.wav BIKE1_2 - unused: "Heh, good ridin' pal."
177 bike1_3.wav BIKE1_3 - unused: "You call yourself a biker? I call you a wimp."
35 bike_1.mp3 - BM1_x Alloy Wheels of Steel cutscene
36 bike_2.mp3 - BM3_x Hog Tied cutscene
37 bike_3.mp3 - BM2_x Messing with the Man cutscene
106 BikeRev.wav bikerev - Alloy Wheels of Steel bike rev
1085 bjm1_20.wav bjm1_20 BJM1_20 No Escape?: "Put the weapon away or face the consequences!"
1086 bjm1_4.wav bjm1_4 BJM1_4 No Escape?: "He's armed! Kill him!"
1087 bjm1_5.wav bjm1_5 BJM1_5 No Escape?: "Only authorized personnel beyond this point!"
239 bk4_12a.wav BK4_12a BK4_12A The Job: "Damn! It's a Flange 9000!"
240 bk4_12b.wav BK4_12b BK4_12B The Job: "This could take hours to crack,"
241 bk4_12c.wav BK4_12c BK4_12C The Job: "Or five minutes if you could find the manager."
243 bk4_14a.wav BK4_14a BK4_14A unused: "Phil, things still sweet?"
244 bk4_14b.wav BK4_14b BK4_14A The Job: "Phil, things still sweet?"
249 bk4_19a.wav BK4_19a BK4_19A The Job: "It's on a time lock,"
250 bk4_19b.wav BK4_19b BK4_19B The Job: "You might as well give up now!"
251 bk4_20a.wav BK4_20a BK4_20A The Job: "Hell, I can bypass the time lock,"
252 bk4_20b.wav BK4_20b BK4_20B The Job: "Then we just need your key code and we're good!"
256 bk4_23a.wav BK4_23a - unused
257 bk4_23b.wav BK4_23b BK4_23A unused: "Give me 5 minutes!"
258 bk4_23c.wav BK4_23c - unused
259 bk4_23d.wav BK4_23d - unused
260 bk4_24a.wav BK4_24a BK4_24A The Job: "I'm gonna check on Phil, I'll be right back."
261 bk4_24b.wav BK4_24b BK4_24B The Job: "I told you not to touch that alarm!"
268 bk4_31a.wav BK4_31a BK4_31A unused: "Tommy! The vault's open!"
269 bk4_31b.wav BK4_31b BK4_31A The Job: "Tommy! The vault's open!"
271 bk4_34a.wav BK4_34a BK4_34A The Job: "Ok, we got the SWAT retirement fund. Let's get out of here!"
272 bk4_34b.wav BK4_34b BK4_34B The Job: "Ok, you asked for it! You've had your last chance!"
273 BK4_35a.wav BK4_35a BK4_35A The Job: "They're storming the place!"
274 BK4_35b.wav BK4_35b BK4_35B The Job: "Take cover!"
279 BK4_40a.wav BK4_40a BK4_40A The Job: "I'll give him abandonment issues!"
280 bk4_40b.wav BK4_40b BK4_40A unused: "I'll give him abandonment issues!"
160 BlowRoof.wav bloroof - The Job blown roof
178 bnk1_1.wav BNK1_1 BNK1_1 unused: "Can I help you, sir?"
186 bnk1_10.wav BNK1_10 BNK1_10 No Escape?: "Yeah, that's me."
187 bnk1_11.wav BNK1_11 BNK1_11 No Escape?: "Whatever you say!"
188 bnk1_12.wav BNK1_12 BNK1_12 No Escape?: "Lose the heat and get me back to my place!"
189 bnk1_13.wav BNK1_13 BNK1_13 No Escape?: "I'm gonna be doing a job and you're my safe cracker."
190 bnk1_14.wav BNK1_14 BNK1_14 No Escape?: "Beats losing my ass in a cell!"
179 bnk1_2.wav BNK1_2 BNK1_2 unused: "There's an imposter!"
180 bnk1_3.wav BNK1_3 BNK1_3 unused: "He's gone insane!"
181 bnk1_4.wav BNK1_4 BNK1_4 unused: "Who the hell are you?"
182 bnk1_5.wav BNK1_5 BNK1_5 unused: "Where's your badge?"
183 bnk1_6.wav BNK1_6 BNK1_6 unused: "There they are! Shoot to kill!"
184 bnk1_7.wav BNK1_7 BNK1_7 No Escape?: "Cam Jones?"
185 bnk1_8.wav BNK1_8 BNK1_8 No Escape?: "I'm busting you out!"
191 bnk2_1.wav BNK2_1 BNK2_1 The Shootist: "LIVE AMMUNITION"
192 bnk2_2.wav BNK2_2 BNK2_2 The Shootist: "AIM 3-2-1 FIRE!"
193 bnk2_3.wav BNK2_3 BNK2_3 The Shootist: "AREA CLEAR!"
194 bnk2_4.wav BNK2_4 BNK2_4 The Shootist: "Hoooeee!"
195 bnk2_5.wav BNK2_5 BNK2_5 The Shootist: "Couldn't hit a barn door!"
196 bnk2_6.wav BNK2_6 BNK2_6 unused: "This guy's a lunatic!"
197 bnk2_7.wav BNK2_7 BNK2_7 The Shootist: "So you wanna do me a favor, and help me put together a job?"
198 bnk2_8.wav BNK2_8 BNK2_8 The Shootist: "Son, after shooting like that, if you asked me to be your wife, I'd say yes."
199 bnk2_9.wav BNK2_9 BNK2_9A The Shootist: "Son, you better get your fancy talking and big ideas and shove 'em where there ain't no sun. You can't shoot nothin'!"
200 bnk3_1.wav BNK3_1 BNK3_1 The Driver: "Ok. I'll drive for you, but please, treat me bad."
201 bnk3_2.wav BNK3_2 BNK3_2 unused: "I'm not driving for you, no way, I'm sharing this at group."
202 bnk3_3a.wav BNK3_3a BNK3_3A The Driver: "Illegal street race in progress at Vice Point."
203 bnk3_3b.wav BNK3_3b BNK3_3B The Driver: "Calling all officers."
204 bnk3_3c.wav BNK3_3c BNK3_3C The Driver: "Street racers, this is illegal and forbidden!"
205 bnk3_4a.wav BNK3_4a BJM3_2x unused: "You Tommy? Of course you're Tommy, I mean, Why else would anyone want to speak to me?"
206 bnk3_4b.wav BNK3_4b BJM3_2x unused: "OK. Consider it this way - I'll drive for you IF, and only IF, you can drive properly."
207 bnk3_4c.wav BNK3_4c BJM3_2E unused: "Leave me alone - and I'll never forgive you."
254 bnk422a.wav BNK422a BNK422A unused: "Cam, how long?"
255 bnk422b.wav BNK422b BNK422A unused: "Cam, how long?"
290 bnk450a.wav BNK450A BNK450A The Job: "What'd I tell you Tommy? What'd I tell you? Bent SWAT better watch out when Kent Paul is in town."
291 bnk450b.wav BNK450B BNK450B The Job: "Come on, gimme a bigger slice, mate, c'mon. I gotta get some new threads."
208 bnk4_1.wav BNK4_1 BNK4_1 The Job: "I'll drive."
237 bnk4_10.wav BNK4_10 BNK4_10 The Job: "Wilco roger that!"
238 bnk4_11.wav BNK4_11 BNK4_11 The Job: "Come on Cam, the vault's upstairs..."
242 bnk4_13.wav BNK4_13 BNK4_13 The Job: "I'll go find where he's holed up."
245 bnk4_15.wav BNK4_15 BNK4_15 The Job: "Sure. Everything's reeaal quiet."
246 bnk4_16.wav BNK4_16 BNK4_16 The Job: "You - you're coming with me!"
247 bnk4_17.wav BNK4_17 BNK4_17 The Job: "Ok! Ok! Just don't shoot!"
248 bnk4_18.wav BNK4_18 BNK4_18 The Job: "I SAID NOBODY MOVE!"
209 bnk4_2.wav BNK4_2 BNK4_2 The Job: "Great. A passenger. Wait 'til I tell the group about this."
253 bnk4_21.wav BNK4_21 BNK4_21 The Job: "Stay here. You try anything and you're dead."
262 bnk4_25.wav BNK4_25 BNK4_25 The Job: "The SWAT team will be here any minute!"
263 bnk4_26.wav BNK4_26 BNK4_26 unused: "Hot damn! Here they come!"
264 bnk4_27.wav BNK4_27 BNK4_27 The Job: "I could do with some help here, Tommy!"
265 bnk4_28.wav BNK4_28 BNK4_28 The Job: "Vice City S.W.A.T! You are completely surrounded!"
266 bnk4_29.wav BNK4_29 BNK4_29 The Job: "Surrounded? HA HA HA HAAAAAaaa!"
267 bnk4_30.wav BNK4_30 BNK4_30 The Job: "They're crapping themselves, corrupt bastards!"
270 bnk4_32.wav BNK4_32 BNK4_32 unused: "Use explosives to open the deposit boxes!"
275 bnk4_36.wav BNK4_36 BNK4_36 The Job: "Where's Cam?"
276 bnk4_37.wav BNK4_37 BNK4_37 The Job: "History..."
277 bnk4_38.wav BNK4_38 BNK4_38 The Job: "That's the last of them. GO! GO! GO!"
278 bnk4_39.wav BNK_39 BNK_39 The Job: "Shit! Where's Hilary?"
210 bnk4_3a.wav BNK4_3A BNK4_3A The Job: "Hey, watch the wheels, Tommy!"
211 bnk4_3b.wav BNK4_3B BNK4_3B The Job: "Tommy, Hilary's taking up too much room!"
212 bnk4_3c.wav BNK4_3C BNK4_3C The Job: "I am not!"
213 bnk4_3d.wav BNK4_3D BNK4_3D The Job: "Are too!"
214 bnk4_3e.wav BNK4_3E BNK4_3E The Job: "Hey, shut up you two, or you can get out and walk."
215 bnk4_3f.wav BNK4_3F BNK4_3F The Job: "Yeah - HILARY."
216 bnk4_3g.wav BNK4_3G BNK4_3G unused: "Oh crap, now the cops are onto us!"
217 bnk4_3h.wav BNK4_3H BNK4_3H unused: "- and we're not even there yet."
218 bnk4_3i.wav BNK4_3I BNK4_3I The Job: "For god's sake, Phil, stop waving that thing around!"
219 bnk4_3j.wav BNK4_3J BNK4_3J The Job: "Yeah, you'll have somebody's eye out!" (never plays)
220 bnk4_3k.wav BNK4_3K BNK4_3K unused: "We'll have to lose the cops first..."
221 bnk4_3m.wav BNK4_3M BNK4_3M The Job: "The car's ruined. RUINED!"
222 bnk4_3o.wav BNK4_3O BNK4_3O The Job: "You cling to an illusion of permanence."
223 bnk4_3p.wav BNK4_3P BNK4_3P The Job: "What?"
224 bnk4_3q.wav BNK4_3Q BNK4_3Q The Job: "You think all things will last."
225 bnk4_3r.wav BNK4_3R BNK4_3R The Job: "Youth, loved ones, pizza,"
226 bnk4_3s.wav BNK4_3S BNK4_3S The Job: "All will pass or end and you must accept that."
227 bnk4_3t.wav BNK4_3T BNK4_3T The Job: "You're right. Thanks, Cam."
228 bnk4_3u.wav BNK4_3U BNK4_3U The Job: "Don't mention it."
229 bnk4_3v.wav BNK4_3V BNK4_3V The Job: "Hey Tommy, why have we stopped?"
281 bnk4_41.wav BNK4_41 - unused
282 bnk4_42.wav BNK4_42 BNK4_42 The Job: "Hey guys! Get in! I got you covered!"
283 bnk4_43.wav BNK4_43 BNK4_43 unused: "I've got our asses covered, DRIVE!"
284 bnk4_44.wav BNK4_44 BNK4_44 The Job: "We made it! We're rich! RICH!"
285 bnk4_45.wav BNK4_45 BNK4_45 The Job: "Shame Cam didn't make it, he was a good guy!"
286 bnk4_46.wav BNK4_46 BNK4_46 The Job: "Yeah. Still... more for us!"
287 bnk4_47.wav BNK4_47 BNK4_47 The Job: "Damned straight! YEEEEHAAAH!"
288 bnk4_48.wav BNK4_48 BNK4_48 The Job: "Tommy, would you like a massage?"
289 bnk4_49.wav BNK4_49 BNK4_49 The Job: "Well, Hi there, Mercedes! Yeah, I'm a little tense..."
230 bnk4_4a.wav BNK4_4a BNK4_4A The Job: "Keep driving around the block, OK?"
231 bnk4_4b.wav BNK4_4b - unused
232 bnk4_5.wav BNK4_5 BNK4_5 The Job: "Okay, Tommy, Okay."
292 bnk4_51.wav BNK4_51 - unused
233 bnk4_6.wav BNK4_6 BNK4_6 The Job: "THIS IS A RAID!"
234 bnk4_7.wav BNK4_7 BNK4_7 The Job: "NOBODY MOVE!"
235 bnk4_8.wav BNK4_8 BNK4_8 The Job: "EVERYBODY UP AGAINST THAT WALL!"
236 bnk4_9.wav BNK4_9 BNK4_9 The Job: "Phil, hold down the fort!"
293 bnk4_94.wav BNK4_94 BNK4_94 The Job: "Ok, guys. Nice an easy just as we planned."
294 bnk4_95.wav BNK4_95 - unused
295 bnk4_96.wav BNK4_96 - unused
296 bnk4_97.wav BNK4_97 - unused
297 bnk4_98.wav BNK4_98 - unused
298 bnk4_99.wav BNK4_99 - unused
26 bopen.mp3 - - Announcement track: bridge opened
299 bud1_1.wav BUD1_1 PRO1_04 Shakedown: "My livelihood, destroyed!"
305 bud1_10.wav BUD1_10 PRO1_10 Shakedown: "I run this town now. ME!"
300 bud1_2.wav BUD1_2 PRO1_05 Shakedown: "Ruined...RUINED!!"
301 bud1_3.wav BUD1_3 PRO1_06 Shakedown: "I pay through the ass for protection!"
302 bud1_4.wav BUD1_4 PRO1_07 Shakedown: "My beautiful window display!"
303 bud1_5.wav BUD1_5 PRO1_08 Shakedown: "My store. My wonderful store."
304 bud1_9.wav BUD1_9 PRO1_09 Shakedown: "Vercetti. Remember the name."
306 bud2_1.wav BUD2_1 PRO2_11 Bar Brawl: "Get in the car, useless."
307 bud2_2.wav BUD2_2 PRO2_02 Bar Brawl: "Your protection needs a little more protection."
308 bud2_3.wav BUD2_3 PRO2_03 Bar Brawl: "Aw hell, not again! I don't need this crap!"
309 bud2_4.wav BUD2_4 PRO2_04 Bar Brawl: "These idiots operate out of DBP Security around the block."
310 bud2_5.wav BUD2_5 PRO2_05 Bar Brawl: "You guys just sort it out amongst yourselves."
311 bud2_6.wav BUD2_6 PRO2_06 Bar Brawl: "I'll be seeing you later."
312 bud2_7.wav BUD2_7 PRO2_07 Bar Brawl: "Yeah, yeah, whatever."
313 bud3_1.wav BUD3_1 PRO3_09 Cop Land: "Tie 'em up and gag 'em!"
314 bud3_1a.wav BUD3_1a PRO3_01 Cop Land: "Ok Lance, let's get the cops' attention!"
315 bud3_1b.wav BUD3_1b PRO3_19 Cop Land: "Now that got them really irritated."
316 bud3_1c.wav BUD3_1c PRO3_13 Cop Land: "Easy brother! No cop drives this bad!"
317 bud3_2.wav BUD3_2 PRO3_10 Cop Land: "Ooo. Fits perfectly!"
318 bud3_3.wav BUD3_3 PRO3_11 Cop Land: "Bit tight around the crotch though..."
319 bud3_4.wav BUD3_4 PRO3_12 Cop Land: "Oh yeah yeah, mine too. Mine too."
320 bud3_5.wav BUD3_5 PRO3_14 Cop Land: "Remember - smile at the other cops"
321 bud3_6.wav BUD3_6 PRO3_15 Cop Land: "Hey there officer. Nice badge, nice badge."
322 bud3_7.wav BUD3_7 PRO3_16 Cop Land: "Real smooth, Lance."
323 bud3_8a.wav BUD3_8a PRO3_17 Cop Land: "Ok, timers are set, 5 seconds and ticking."
324 bud3_8b.wav BUD3_8b - unused: "Ok, timers are set, 10 seconds and ticking."
325 bud3_8c.wav BUD3_8c - unused: "Ok, timers are set, 15 seconds and ticking."
326 bud3_9a.wav BUD3_9a PRO3_18 Cop Land: "5 seconds?!! We got to get the hell out of here!"
327 bud3_9b.wav BUD3_9b - unused: "10 seconds? We got to get the hell out of here!"
328 bud3_9c.wav BUD3_9c - unused: "15 seconds? We got to get the hell out of here!"
38 bud_1.mp3 - PRO1_x Shakedown cutscene
39 bud_2.mp3 - PRO2_x Bar Brawl cutscene
40 bud_3.mp3 - PRO3_x Cop Land cutscene
1125 burg_01.wav burg_01 - Burger Shot food service worker
1126 burg_02.wav burg_02 - Burger Shot food service worker
1127 burg_03.wav burg_03 - Burger Shot food service worker
1128 burg_04.wav burg_04 - Burger Shot food service worker
1129 burg_05.wav burg_05 - Burger Shot food service worker
1130 burg_06.wav burg_06 - Burger Shot food service worker
1131 burg_07.wav burg_07 - Burger Shot food service worker
1132 burg_08.wav burg_08 - Burger Shot food service worker
1133 burg_09.wav burg_09 - Burger Shot food service worker
1134 burg_10.wav burg_10 - Burger Shot food service worker
1135 burg_11.wav burg_11 - Burger Shot food service worker
1136 burg_12.wav burg_12 - Burger Shot food service worker
1196 bust_01.wav bust_01 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1197 bust_02.wav bust_02 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1198 bust_03.wav bust_03 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1199 bust_04.wav bust_04 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1200 bust_05.wav bust_05 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1201 bust_06.wav bust_06 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1202 bust_07.wav bust_07 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1203 bust_08.wav bust_08 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1204 bust_09.wav bust_09 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1205 bust_10.wav bust_10 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1206 bust_11.wav bust_11 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1207 bust_12.wav bust_12 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1208 bust_13.wav bust_13 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1209 bust_14.wav bust_14 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1210 bust_15.wav bust_15 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1211 bust_16.wav bust_16 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1212 bust_17.wav bust_17 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1213 bust_18.wav bust_18 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1214 bust_19.wav bust_19 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1215 bust_20.wav bust_20 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1216 bust_21.wav bust_21 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1217 bust_22.wav bust_22 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1218 bust_23.wav bust_23 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1219 bust_24.wav bust_24 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1220 bust_25.wav bust_25 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1221 bust_26.wav bust_26 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1222 bust_27.wav bust_27 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
1223 bust_28.wav bust_28 - Ken Rosenberg bails Tommy out of jail
114 CameraL.wav caml - Martha's Mug Shot camera shutter
115 CameraR.wav camr - Martha's Mug Shot camera shutter
337 cap1_10.wav CAP1_10 CAP1_10 Cap the Collector: "I'll murder you Vercetti."
338 cap1_11.wav CAP1_11 CAP1_11 Cap the Collector: "You always were a jerk."
339 cap1_12.wav CAP1_12 CAP1_12 Cap the Collector: "You're going to die, Vercetti."
329 cap1_2.wav CAP1_2 CAP1_2 Cap the Collector: "You know the rules, Vercetti!"
330 cap1_3.wav CAP1_3 CAP1_3 Cap the Collector: "Mr. Forelli sends his regards!"
331 cap1_4.wav CAP1_4 CAP1_4 Cap the Collector: "It's the Harwood Butcher!"
332 cap1_5.wav CAP1_5 CAP1_5 Cap the Collector: "You tell Sonny - stay away!"
333 cap1_6.wav CAP1_6 CAP1_6 Cap the Collector: "Vice City is MINE now, NOT his."
334 cap1_7.wav CAP1_7 CAP1_7 Cap the Collector: "You think you can take me down, Vercetti?"
335 cap1_8.wav CAP1_8 CAP1_8 Cap the Collector: "We'll keep coming after you until you die, Vercetti."
336 cap1_9.wav CAP1_9 CAP1_9 Cap the Collector: "You don't stand a chance, you psychotic prick."
41 cap_1.mp3 - CAP_x Cap the Collector cutscene
42 car_1.mp3 - CAR1_x Sunshine Autos purchase cutscene
105 CarRev.wav carrev - The Driver car rev (never plays)
116 Cheer1.wav cheer1 - Hyman Memorial Stadium audience cheer
117 Cheer2.wav cheer2 - Hyman Memorial Stadium audience cheer
118 Cheer3.wav cheer3 - Hyman Memorial Stadium audience cheer
119 Cheer4.wav cheer4 - Hyman Memorial Stadium audience cheer
10 City.mp3 - - City ambiance
340 cnt1_1.wav CNT1_1 CNT1_1 Spilling the Beans: "Who are you? Oooof! Aaiieee! Not the face! Not the face!"
341 cnt1_2.wav CNT1_2 CNT1_2 Spilling the Beans: "Ok, I talk! I talk!"
342 cnt1_3.wav CNT1_3 - unused: "Someone's on the ship."
343 cnt1_4.wav CNT1_4 - unused: "Attack him! He's gone aboard!"
344 cnt1_5.wav CNT1_5 - unused: "Protect the shipping officer!"
345 cnt2_1.wav CNT2_1 CNT2_1 Hit the Courier: "Kill him."
346 cnt2_2.wav CNT2_2 CNT2_2 Hit the Courier: "Get the Plates!"
347 cnt2_3.wav CNT2_3 CNT2_3 Hit the Courier: "Protect the courier!"
348 cnt2_4.wav CNT2_4 CNT2_4 Hit the Courier: "Private business. You're not welcome!"
43 cnt_1a.mp3 - CM1_x Spilling the Beans first cutscene
44 cnt_1b.mp3 - CM1_2x Spilling the Beans second cutscene
45 cnt_2.mp3 - CNT2_Bx Hit the Courier cutscene
349 cok1_1.wav COK1_1 COK1_1 The Chase: "Ooh shit!"
350 cok1_2.wav COK1_2 COK1_2 The Chase: "Too slow grandad!"
351 cok1_3.wav COK1_3 COK1_3 unused: "Hope you fall and break your neck!"
352 cok1_4.wav COK1_4 COK1_4 The Chase: "Loser."
353 cok1_5.wav COK1_5 COK1_5 The Chase: "You better keep on running, asshole!"
354 cok1_6.wav COK1_6 COK1_6 unused: "I'm sick of these pricks."
369 cok210a.wav COK210a COK2_15 Phnom Penh '86: "We'll make a couple of passes."
370 cok210b.wav COK210b COK2_16 Phnom Penh '86: "So take out as many guns as you can."
371 cok210c.wav COK210c COK2_17 Phnom Penh '86: "Then I'll set you down and you're on your way."
372 cok212a.wav COK212a - unused: "You cool with some music?"
373 cok212b.wav COK212b COK2_19 unused: "Hell, I love this record"
355 cok2_1.wav COK2_1 COK2_1 Phnom Penh '86: "One thing puzzling me, What's with 'Quentin!?"
374 cok2_13.wav COK2_13 COK2_20 Phnom Penh '86: "Damn! This is a war zone! Take out some of those gunmen!"
375 cok2_14.wav COK2_14 COK2_21 Phnom Penh '86: "We're taking hits here, man!"
376 cok2_15.wav COK2_15 COK2_22 Phnom Penh '86: "This thing ain't cheap to fix! Take them out!"
377 cok2_16.wav COK2_16 COK2_23 Phnom Penh '86: "Ok, you're on your own from here! Good luck, brother!"
356 cok2_2.wav COK2_2 COK2_2 Phnom Penh '86: "I dunno, I always kinda liked it...Quentin Vance..."
378 cok2_20.wav COK2_20 COK2_27 Phnom Penh '86: "You're on MY turf asshole!"
379 cok2_21.wav COK2_21 COK2_28 Phnom Penh '86: "You're going down!"
380 cok2_2.wav COK2_22 unused but is equivalent to COK2_2
357 cok2_3.wav COK2_3 COK2_3 Phnom Penh '86: "Vance? Your name's Lance Vance?"
358 cok2_4.wav COK2_4 COK2_4 Phnom Penh '86: "Hey! I got enough of that at school!"
359 cok2_5.wav COK2_5 COK2_5 Phnom Penh '86: "You ever fired one of those from a whirly?"
360 cok2_6.wav COK2_6 COK2_6 Phnom Penh '86: "No. I'll get a bit of practice on the way though."
361 cok2_7a.wav COK2_7a COK2_7 unused: "See those marker boys? Try taking out the lights!"
362 cok2_7b.wav COK2_7b COK2_8 Phnom Penh '86: "Where the hell are we headed anyway?"
363 cok2_7c.wav COK2_7c COK2_9 Phnom Penh '86: "Prawn Island."
364 cok2_8a.wav COK2_8a COK2_10 unused: "You sure is better at shooting than talking."
365 cok2_8b.wav COK2_8b COK2_11 unused: "Thanks. You're a real charmer yourself."
366 cok2_8c.wav COK2_8c COK2_12 unused: "I Know, Tommy."
367 cok2_8d.wav COK2_8d COK2_13 Phnom Penh '86: "Lance Vance. Poor bastard."
368 cok2_9.wav COK2_9 COK2_14 Phnom Penh '86: "Ok, we're almost there."
381 cok3_1.wav COK3_1 COK3_1 unused: "Don't shoot, dude!"
382 cok3_2.wav COK3_2 COK3_2 unused: "What's in this stuff?"
383 cok3_3.wav COK3_3 COK3_3 unused: "He's taking the boat. Bummer."
384 cok3_4.wav COK3_4 COK3_4 unused: "Help! Some square's stealing the boat, man!"
385 cok4_1.wav COK4_1 COK4_1 Supply & Demand: "So Tommy, we know it was Diaz busted our deal.."
395 cok4_10.wav COK4_10 COK4_10 unused: "They're matchwood! And fish food."
396 cok4_11.wav COK4_11 COK4_11 unused: "We made it! Those other boats ain't VIP class."
397 cok4_12.wav COK4_12 COK4_12 Supply & Demand: "Watch yourself, they're coming from all over!"
398 cok4_13.wav COK4_13 COK4_13 Supply & Demand: "Got 'em. Head for Diaz's as fast as you can!"
399 cok4_14.wav COK4_14 COK4_14 Supply & Demand: "You want some of this?!"
400 cok4_15.wav COK4_15 COK4_15 Supply & Demand: "Sleep with the fish!"
401 cok4_16.wav COK4_16 COK4_16 Supply & Demand: "Eat it! EAT IT!"
402 cok4_17.wav COK4_17 COK4_17 unused: "They're getting desperate!"
403 cok4_18.wav COK4_18 COK4_18 unused: "My damn feet are wet! WE'RE TAKING ON WATER!"
404 cok4_19.wav COK4_19 COK4_19 Supply & Demand: "More trouble up ahead!"
386 cok4_2.wav COK4_2 COK4_2 unused: "Yeah."
405 cok4_20.wav COK4_20 COK4_20 Supply & Demand: "There are gunmen on that jetty!"
406 cok4_21.wav COK4_21 COK4_21 unused: "Bridge coming up!"
407 cok4_22.wav COK4_22 COK4_22 unused: "Bail out, she's about to blow!"
408 cok4_23.wav COK4_23 COK4_23 unused: "Good shooting."
409 cok4_24.wav COK4_24 COK4_24 Supply & Demand: "Good shooting, my friend. You're a real, proper, grade A lunatic."
410 cok4_25.wav COK4_25 COK4_25 Supply & Demand: "Well, thank you."
411 cok4_26.wav COK4_26 COK4_26 Supply & Demand: "See you around, Tommy."
412 cok4_27.wav COK4_27 COK4_27 Supply & Demand: "Okay, Mr. Lance Vance Dance."
387 cok4_3.wav COK4_3 COK4_3 Supply & Demand: "So why the hell are we running errands for him?"
388 cok4_4.wav COK4_4 COK4_4 Supply & Demand: "The more we learn now, the less we have to learn when we take this town over!"
389 cok4_5.wav COK4_5 COK4_5 Supply & Demand: "I like your style, man. Real fresh."
390 cok4_6.wav COK4_6 COK4_6 unused: "Do you know where we're going?"
391 cok4_7.wav COK4_7 COK4_7 unused: "Are we lost?"
392 cok4_8.wav COK4_8 COK4_8 Supply & Demand: "We got some competition!"
393 cok4_9.wav COK4_9 COK4_9 unused: "Take 'em out!"
394 cok4_9a.wav COK4_9A COK4_9A Supply & Demand: "It's time for the Lance Vance Dance!"
46 cok_1.mp3 - COK1_x The Chase cutscene
47 cok_2a.mp3 - COK2_x Phnom Penh '86 first cutscene
48 cok_2b.mp3 - COK2_x Phnom Penh '86 second cutscene
49 cok_3.mp3 - COK3_x The Fastest Boat cutscene
50 cok_4a.mp3 - COK4_x Supply & Demand first cutscene
51 cok_4a2.mp3 - COK4_x Supply & Demand second cutscene
52 cok_4b.mp3 - COK4_x unused Supply & Demand cutscene
413 col1_1.wav COL1_1 GEN1_06 Treacherous Swine: "Eh! He's got a blade!"
414 col1_2.wav COL1_2 GEN1_07 Treacherous Swine: "Go away from me, you cheap bastard!"
415 col1_3.wav COL1_3 GEN1_08 Treacherous Swine: "Oh sweet Jesus, I've wasted my life and my looks!"
416 col1_4.wav COL1_4 GEN1_09 Treacherous Swine: "I pay you double, Tommy, DOUBLE!"
417 col1_5.wav COL1_5 GEN1_10 Treacherous Swine: "I'm going to shut that big mouth of yours!"
418 col1_6.wav COL1_6 GEN1_11 Treacherous Swine: "Stop running you fat slimeball!"
419 col1_7.wav COL1_7 GEN1_12 Treacherous Swine: "Stand still and I'll make it quick!"
420 col1_8.wav COL1_8 GEN1_13 Treacherous Swine: "Quit your squealing, no one cares, fatso!"
421 col2_1.wav COL2_1 COL2_1 Mall Shootout: "Ze rain, she is tres wet zis time of the year..."
430 col2_10.wav COL2_10 - Mall Shootout
431 col2_11.wav COL2_11 - Mall Shootout
432 col2_12.wav COL2_12 - Mall Shootout
433 col2_13.wav COL2_13 - Mall Shootout
434 col2_14.wav COL2_14 - Mall Shootout
435 col2_15.wav COL2_15 - Mall Shootout
436 col2_16.wav COL2_16 - Mall Shootout
422 col2_2.wav COL2_2 COL2_2 Mall Shootout: "What?"
423 col2_3.wav COL2_3 COL2_3 Mall Shootout: "Ah, comment?"
424 col2_4.wav COL2_4 COL2_4 Mall Shootout: "Look, Cortez sent me. Just give me the damn chips."
425 col2_5.wav COL2_5 COL2_5 Mall Shootout: "Oh...d'accord."
426 col2_6a.wav COL2_6a COL2_6A Mall Shootout: "Freeze, imperialist American pig! Zat iz propertay of ze government Francais. 'And eet over!"
427 col2_7.wav COL2_7 - Mall Shootout: "Shoot him!"
428 col2_8.wav COL2_8 - Mall Shootout
429 col2_9.wav COL2_9 COL2_9 Mall Shootout: "You American idiot! They followed you here!"
437 col3_1.wav COL3_1 GEN3_1 Mall Shootout: "Hogging all the action, I see..."
448 col3_10.wav COL3_10 GEN3_16 Guardian Angels: "Diaz's men are getting cut down!"
449 col3_11.wav COL3_11 - unused: "Damn, what are you trying to do? Kill me?"
450 col3_12.wav COL3_12 GEN3_9 Guardian Angels: "I live! Dickheads! And it's all down to you! What is your name?"
451 col3_13.wav COL3_13 GEN3_10 Guardian Angels: "Tommy."
452 col3_14.wav COL3_14 GEN3_11 Guardian Angels: "I see you soon, amigo, I think!"
453 col3_15.wav COL3_15 GEN3_12 Guardian Angels: "Shit. Where's that guy Lance?"
454 col3_16.wav COL3_16 - unused: "Dickheads!"
455 col3_17.wav COL3_17 GEN3_47 Guardian Angels: "Tommy!"
456 col3_18.wav COL3_18 GEN3_46 Guardian Angels: "Sheeit!"
457 col3_19.wav COL3_19 GEN3_48 Guardian Angels: "Damn!"
438 col3_2.wav COL3_2 GEN3_2 Guardian Angels: "Look, you wanna do something other than just shadowing me everywhere? Why don't you come along and show me if you're any use."
458 col3_20.wav COL3_20 GEN3_48 Guardian Angels: "Damn!"
459 col3_21.wav COL3_21 GEN3_55 unused: "Tommy! I'll stay here and watch over Diaz!"
460 col3_23.wav COL3_23 GEN3_52 Guardian Angels: "These Haitians think they can take RICARDO DIAZ!?!"
461 col3_24.wav COL3_24 GEN3_53 Guardian Angels: "MY MONEY!"
462 col3_25.wav COL3_25 GEN3_54 Guardian Angels: "Don't just stand there, you pricks, chase that Haitian dickhead down!"
439 col3_2a.wav COL3_2a GEN3_3 Guardian Angels: "I might just do that. The name's Lance, by the way."
440 col3_2b.wav COL3_2b GEN3_4 Guardian Angels/Stunt Boat Challenge: "Tommy Vercetti. Let's go..."
441 col3_3.wav COL3_3 GEN3_5 Guardian Angels: "You must be Cortez's new gun."
442 col3_4.wav COL3_4 GEN3_6 Guardian Angels: "Until more gainful opportunities arise."
443 col3_5.wav COL3_5 GEN3_7 Guardian Angels: "They'll be here any minute - we both better get a good vantage point..."
444 col3_6.wav COL3_6 GEN3_8 Guardian Angels: "OK! I'll take the balcony, you get the roof across the yard."
445 col3_7.wav COL3_7 GEN3_13 unused: "What's the matter with you man?! Get on the roof across the yard before they turn up!"
446 col3_8.wav COL3_8 GEN3_14 Guardian Angels: "Tommy! I need some help here!"
447 col3_9.wav COL3_9 GEN3_15 Guardian Angels: "Don't worry, I got you covered!"
463 col4_1.wav COL4_1 COL4_1 Sir, Yes Sir!: "What's up with the Gunner? - Don't know Sir!"
472 col4_10.wav COL4_10 COL4_10 unused: "Lets go eat some doughnuts."
473 col4_11.wav COL4_11 COL4_11 Sir, Yes Sir!: "Get that civilian out of our way soldier! - Sir, Yes Sir!"
474 col4_12.wav COL4_12 COL4_12 Sir, Yes Sir!: "Civilian in the TANK! STOP HIM!"
475 col4_13.wav COL4_13 COL4_13 Sir, Yes Sir!: "This is a military convoy, do not obstruct our route."
476 col4_14.wav COL4_14 COL4_14 Sir, Yes Sir!: "Drop him soldier."
477 col4_15.wav COL4_15 COL4_15 Sir, Yes Sir!: "Get that civilian vehicle out of our way! - Sir! Moving vehicle Sir!"
478 col4_16.wav COL4_16 COL4_16 unused: "Sir! Moving vehicle Sir!"
479 col4_17.wav COL4_17 COL4_17 Sir, Yes Sir!: "Ok, PLATOON MOVE IT OUT!"
480 col4_18.wav COL4_18 COL4_18 Sir, Yes Sir!: "Someone's on the tank Sir!"
481 col4_19.wav COL4_19 COL4_19 Sir, Yes Sir!: "Go get some doughnuts, soldier! - Sir, Yes Sir!"
464 col4_2.wav COL4_2 COL4_2 unused: "Don't know Sir!"
482 col4_20.wav COL4_20 COL4_20 Sir, Yes Sir!: "Target acquired, Sir"
483 col4_21.wav COL4_21 COL4_21 Sir, Yes Sir!: "SNIPER!"
484 col4_22.wav COL4_22 COL4_22 Sir, Yes Sir!: "I'm getting out of here."
485 col4_23.wav COL4_23 COL4_23 Sir, Yes Sir!: "Objective completed! Platoon dismissed! - Lets go eat some doughnuts."
486 col4_24.wav COL4_24 COL4_24 Sir, Yes Sir!: "Security protocol Delta India Echo triggered! Vehicle self destruct initiated!"
487 col4_25.wav COL4_25 COL4_25 unused: "Vehicle self destruct initiated!"
488 col4_26.wav COL4_26 COL4_26 Sir, Yes Sir!: "Prepare to die Communist scum!"
465 col4_3.wav COL4_3 COL4_3 Sir, Yes Sir!: "CONVOY HALT!"
466 col4_4.wav COL4_4 COL4_4 Sir, Yes Sir!: "Get topside soldier. - Sir, Yes Sir!"
467 col4_5.wav COL4_5 COL4_5 unused: "Sir, Yes Sir!"
468 col4_6.wav COL4_6 COL4_6 Sir, Yes Sir!: "WE'RE TAKING ENEMY FIRE!"
469 col4_7.wav COL4_7 COL4_7 Sir, Yes Sir!: "Civilian, move away from the tank!"
470 col4_8.wav COL4_8 COL4_8 Sir, Yes Sir!: "I SAID, move away, IMMEDIATELY!"
471 col4_9.wav COL4_9 COL4_9 Sir, Yes Sir!: "DEFENSIVE POSITIONS!"
489 col5_1.wav COL5_1 COL5_1 All Hands On Deck!: "Port side! Port side!"
498 col5_10.wav COL5_10 COL5_10 All Hands On Deck!: "I have diplomatic immunity!"
499 col5_11.wav COL5_11 COL5_11 All Hands On Deck!: "Don't shoot, I am a Colonel!"
500 col5_12.wav COL5_12 COL5_12 All Hands On Deck!: "Thomas, kill them, my country will love you."
501 col5_13.wav COL5_13 COL5_13 All Hands On Deck!: "Tommy, we are being overrun by the French!"
502 col5_14.wav COL5_14 COL5_14 All Hands On Deck!: "Tommy, everywhere I look, there are French men, I hate it!"
503 col5_15.wav COL5_15 COL5_15 All Hands On Deck!: "Tommy, how are you?"
504 col5_16.wav COL5_16 COL5_16 All Hands On Deck!: "This is for Piaf and Gainesbourg and your stupid french bread!"
505 col5_17.wav COL5_17 COL5_17 All Hands On Deck!: "Oh my god they've got a helicopter!"
506 col5_18.wav COL5_18 COL5_18 All Hands On Deck!: "Shoot the helicopter!"
507 col5_19.wav COL5_19 COL5_19 All Hands On Deck!: "Tommy, take that chopper out!"
490 col5_2.wav COL5_2 COL5_2 All Hands On Deck!: "They're attacking from starboard!"
508 col5_20.wav COL5_20 COL5_20 All Hands On Deck!: "He's coming again! Blow that chopper!"
509 col5_21.wav COL5_21 COL5_21 All Hands On Deck!: "Look at the size of that chopper!"
510 col5_22.wav COL5_22 COL5_22 All Hands On Deck!: "Here he comes again!"
491 col5_3.wav COL5_3 COL5_3 All Hands On Deck!: "The bridge up ahead!"
492 col5_4.wav COL5_4 COL5_4 unused: "They've got a helicopter!"
493 col5_5.wav COL5_5 COL5_5 unused: "Die French peegs!"
494 col5_6.wav COL5_6 COL5_6 unused: "Mercedes, that girl will be the death of me."
495 col5_7.wav COL5_7 COL5_7 All Hands On Deck!: "Stop shooting at me!"
496 col5_8.wav COL5_8 COL5_8 unused: "Damn cockroach!"
497 col5_9.wav COL5_9 COL5_9 All Hands On Deck!: "Tommy, stop them shooting at me!"
53 col_1.mp3 - GEN1_x Treacherous Swine cutscene
54 col_2.mp3 - COL2_x Mall Shootout cutscene
55 col_3a.mp3 - GEN3_x Guardian Angels cutscene
56 col_4a.mp3 - COL4x Sir, Yes Sir! cutscene
57 col_5a.mp3 - COL5A_x All Hands On Deck! first cutscene
58 col_5b.mp3 - COL5B_x All Hands On Deck! second cutscene
1137 crust01.wav crust01 - The Cheesy Crust Pizza Co. food service worker
1138 crust02.wav crust02 - The Cheesy Crust Pizza Co. food service worker
1139 crust03.wav crust03 - The Cheesy Crust Pizza Co. food service worker
1140 crust04.wav crust04 - The Cheesy Crust Pizza Co. food service worker
1141 crust05.wav crust05 - The Cheesy Crust Pizza Co. food service worker
1142 crust06.wav crust06 - The Cheesy Crust Pizza Co. food service worker
1143 crust07.wav crust07 - The Cheesy Crust Pizza Co. food service worker
1144 crust08.wav crust08 - The Cheesy Crust Pizza Co. food service worker
1145 crust09.wav crust09 - The Cheesy Crust Pizza Co. food service worker
511 cub1_1.wav CUB1_1 CUB1_03 Stunt Boat Challenge: "Not bad, you're a real man."
520 cub1_10.wav CUB1_10 CUB1_02 Stunt Boat Challenge: "Ok man, treat her like a woman."
512 cub1_2.wav CUB1_2 CUB1_04 Stunt Boat Challenge: "You got real big cojones, amigo."
513 cub1_3.wav CUB1_3 CUB1_05 Stunt Boat Challenge: "Amigo, you a man, man."
514 cub1_4.wav CUB1_4 CUB1_06 Stunt Boat Challenge: "Call yourself a man, man?"
515 cub1_5.wav CUB1_5 CUB1_07 Stunt Boat Challenge: "You a little scaredy kitten, baby boy, go cry to your mommy!"
516 cub1_6.wav CUB1_6 CUB1_08 Stunt Boat Challenge: "You a big waste of space. Walk like a man, talk like a man, but you drive like an idiot."
517 cub1_7.wav CUB1_7 CUB1_09 Stunt Boat Challenge: "Man, you the man, man. I like you, man. I like you a lot."
518 cub1_8.wav CUB1_8 CUB1_10 Stunt Boat Challenge: "Any time, man. 'cause you got cojones. And all my friends have big cojones."
519 cub1_9.wav CUB1_9 CUB1_01 Stunt Boat Challenge: "Hey, I'm Rico. You the man with the big cojones?"
521 cub2_1.wav CUB2_1 CUB2_01 Cannon Fodder: "Not enough room, man, you need a bigger car."
532 cub2_10.wav CUB2_10 CUB2_16 Cannon Fodder: "Tommy, we have proved our manful bravery!"
533 cub2_11.wav CUB2_11 CUB2_17 Cannon Fodder: "Let us steal the van full of drugs and make good our escape!"
522 cub2_2.wav CUB2_2 CUB2_19 Cannon Fodder: "We gonna fight like men!"
523 cub2_3a.wav CUB2_3a CUB2_12 Cannon Fodder: "Hey amigo! Good to see you could make it!"
524 cub2_3b.wav CUB2_3b CUB2_13 Cannon Fodder: "Stinking nest of Haitians, we gonna kill 'em all!"
525 cub2_3c.wav CUB2_3c CUB2_14 Cannon Fodder: "CHAAAAAARGE!"
526 cub2_4a.wav CUB2_4a CUB2_21 Cannon Fodder: "Fight like men with huge cojones!"
527 cub2_5.wav CUB2_5 CUB2_09 Cannon Fodder: "Sniper on the roof!"
528 cub2_6.wav CUB2_6 CUB2_07 Cannon Fodder: "They fight like girls! Take cover!"
529 cub2_7.wav CUB2_7 CUB2_02 Cannon Fodder: "We need reinforcements from the cafe!"
530 cub2_8.wav CUB2_8 CUB2_05 Cannon Fodder: "Take out that cowardly sniper!"
531 cub2_9.wav CUB2_9 CUB2_15 Cannon Fodder: "Now, my brothers, CHAAARRRGGEE!!"
534 cub3_1.wav CUB3_1 CUB3_08 Naval Engagement: "Uh oh.. Pack of Cubans. We under attack!"
535 cub3_2.wav CUB3_2 CUB3_01 Naval Engagement: "Hey Rico. Nice boat, you ready?"
536 cub3_3.wav CUB3_3 CUB3_05 Naval Engagement: "Si Tommy. Now you be a good shot today,"
537 cub3_4.wav CUB3_4 CUB3_06 Naval Engagement: "My boat, she no good full of holes, ok?"
538 cub4_1.wav CUB4_1 CUB4_07 Trojan Voodoo: "Oy - the solvent is round the back, amigo."
548 cub4_10.wav CUB4_10 CUB4_17 Trojan Voodoo: "RUN!!"
549 cub4_11.wav CUB4_11 CUB4_18 Trojan Voodoo: "Man, this a nice part of town..."
550 cub4_12.wav CUB4_12 CUB4_19 Trojan Voodoo: "This place is a dump, man."
551 cub4_13.wav CUB4_13 CUB4_20 Trojan Voodoo: "I had a beautiful woman... lived around this neighborhood."
552 cub4_14.wav CUB4_14 CUB4_21 Trojan Voodoo: "You know, they do nice pizzas here."
553 cub4_15.wav CUB4_15 CUB4_22 Trojan Voodoo: "Whoah, man. You drive like a crazy bitch!"
554 cub4_16.wav CUB4_16 CUB4_23 Trojan Voodoo: "You lost, man?"
539 cub4_2.wav CUB4_2 CUB4_08 Trojan Voodoo: "Hola, amigos."
540 cub4_3.wav CUB4_3 CUB4_09 Trojan Voodoo: "Bueno. Haitian Putas. Muerte."
541 cub4_4.wav CUB4_4 CUB4_10 Trojan Voodoo: "Vamos."
542 cub4_5.wav CUB4_5 CUB4_11 Trojan Voodoo: "Vamos indeed."
543 cub4_5a.wav CUB4_5A CUB4_12 Trojan Voodoo: "Hey, we need a Haitian gang car!"
544 cub4_6.wav CUB4_6 CUB4_13 Trojan Voodoo: "Oye, let's go find our muchachos!"
545 cub4_7.wav CUB4_7 CUB4_14 Trojan Voodoo: "Follow my compadres."
546 cub4_8.wav CUB4_8 CUB4_15 Trojan Voodoo: "Ok, in you go..."
547 cub4_9.wav CUB4_9 CUB4_16 Trojan Voodoo: "I'm going to plant the bomb, cover me!"
59 cub_1.mp3 - CUB1_x Stunt Boat Challenge cutscene
60 cub_2.mp3 - CUB2_x Cannon Fodder cutscene
61 cub_3.mp3 - CUB3_x Naval Engagement cutscene
62 cub_4.mp3 - CUB4_x Trojan Voodoo cutscene
20 DirtRing.mp3 - - Hyman Memorial Stadium (Dirt Ring/Bloodring/Hotring) area ambiance
63 drug_1.mp3 - DRUG_x Boatyard purchase cutscene
7 EMOTION.adf - - Emotion 98.3 radio
6 ESPANT.adf - - Espantoso radio
3 FEVER.adf - - Fever 105 radio
64 fin.mp3 - FIN1_x Keep your Friends Close... first cutscene
65 fin2.mp3 - FIN2_x Keep your Friends Close... second cutscene
588 fin_10.wav FIN_10 FIN_10 unused: "Sonny? SONNY! I'm coming for ya!"
589 fin_11a.wav FIN_11a FIN_11A Keep your Friends Close...: "You took fifteen years from me Sonny..."
590 fin_11b.wav FIN_11b FIN_11B Keep your Friends Close...: "And now I'm gonna make you pay!"
591 fin_12a.wav FIN_12a FIN_12A Keep your Friends Close...: "You still don't get it do you!"
592 fin_12b.wav FIN_12b FIN_12B Keep your Friends Close...: "I OWN you, Tommy."
593 fin_12c.wav FIN_12c FIN_12C Keep your Friends Close...: "Those fifteen years were mine to spend!"
594 fin_13.wav FIN_13 FIN_13 Keep your Friends Close...: "Get him boys, he never understood a thing."
579 fin_1a.wav FIN_1a FIN_1A Keep your Friends Close...: "Come here you double-crossing piece of shit!"
580 fin_1b.wav FIN_1b FIN_1B Keep your Friends Close...: "You're going down, you back stabbing prick!"
581 fin_1c.wav FIN_1c FIN_1C Keep your Friends Close...: "This is the last dance for lance vance!"
582 fin_2b.wav FIN_2b FIN_2B Keep your Friends Close...: "Oh you think so!"
583 fin_2c.wav FIN_2c FIN_2C Keep your Friends Close...: "I said I had enough of that at school!"
584 fin_3.wav FIN_3 FIN_3 Keep your Friends Close...: "No one to cover your ass now, eh Tommy?"
585 fin_4.wav FIN_4 FIN_4 Keep your Friends Close...: "You're history, Tommy, history"
586 fin_5.wav FIN_5 FIN_5 Keep your Friends Close...: "You picked the wrong side, Lance..."
587 fin_6.wav FIN_6 FIN_6 unused: "Sonny's up with the safe and MY money..."
66 finale.mp3 - FIN3_x Keep your Friends Close... third cutscene
595 finkill.wav FINKILL FINKILL Keep your Friends Close...: "Ok boys, kill him!"
98 FIST.mp3 - ROK3_x Publicity Tour second cutscene
1 FLASH.adf - - Flash FM radio
1105 fud_01.wav fud_01 - Food service worker
1106 fud_02.wav fud_02 - Food service worker
1107 fud_03.wav fud_03 - Food service worker
1108 fud_04.wav fud_04 - Food service worker
1109 fud_05.wav fud_05 - Food service worker
1110 fud_06.wav fud_06 - Food service worker
1111 fud_07.wav fud_07 - Food service worker
1112 fud_08.wav fud_08 - Food service worker
1113 fud_09.wav fud_09 - Food service worker
1114 fud_10.wav fud_10 - Food service worker
1115 fud_11.wav fud_11 - Food service worker
1116 fud_12.wav fud_12 - Food service worker
1117 fud_13.wav fud_13 - Food service worker
1118 fud_14.wav fud_14 - Food service worker
1119 fud_15.wav fud_15 - Food service worker
1120 fud_16.wav fud_16 - Food service worker
1121 fud_17.wav fud_17 - Food service worker
1122 fud_18.wav fud_18 - Food service worker
1123 fud_19.wav fud_19 - Food service worker
1124 fud_20.wav fud_20 - Food service worker
1181 gimme01.wav gimme01 - Tommy ordering food
1182 gimme02.wav gimme02 - Tommy ordering food
1183 gimme03.wav gimme03 - Tommy ordering food
1184 gimme04.wav gimme04 - Tommy ordering food
1185 gimme05.wav gimme05 - Tommy ordering food
1186 gimme06.wav gimme06 - Tommy ordering food
1187 gimme07.wav gimme07 - Tommy ordering food
1188 gimme08.wav gimme08 - Tommy ordering food
1189 gimme09.wav gimme09 - Tommy ordering food
1190 gimme10.wav gimme10 - Tommy ordering food
1191 gimme11.wav gimme11 - Tommy ordering food
1192 gimme12.wav gimme12 - Tommy ordering food
1193 gimme13.wav gimme13 - Tommy ordering food
1194 gimme14.wav gimme14 - Tommy ordering food
1195 gimme15.wav gimme15 - Tommy ordering food
97 Glight.mp3 - - G-spotlight second cutscene
555 golf_1.wav golf_1 - unused: "Sorry sir, no firearms on the course."
556 golf_2.wav golf_2 - unused: "Only clubs and maintenance equipment past this point."
557 golf_3.wav golf_3 - unused: "You'll have to leave the cannons at the doors, sir."
67 hat_1.mp3 - HAM1_x Juju Scramble cutscene
778 hat_1a.wav HAT_1a HAT_1A Juju Scramble: "Don't move a muscle, chump!"
68 hat_2.mp3 - HAT2_x Bombs Away! cutscene
69 hat_3.mp3 - HAM3_x Dirty Lickin's cutscene
15 Hbeach.mp3 - - Hurricane beach ambiance
13 HCity.mp3 - - Hurricane city ambiance
137 hot1.wav hot1 - Hotring announcer
146 hot10.wav hot10 - Hotring announcer
147 hot11.wav hot11 - Hotring announcer
148 hot12.wav hot12 - Hotring announcer
149 hot13.wav hot13 - Hotring announcer
150 hot14.wav hot14 - Hotring announcer
151 hot15.wav hot15 - Hotring announcer
138 hot2.wav hot2 - Hotring announcer
139 hot3.wav hot3 - Hotring announcer
140 hot4.wav hot4 - Hotring announcer
141 hot5.wav hot5 - Hotring announcer
142 hot6.wav hot6 - Hotring announcer
143 hot7.wav hot7 - Hotring announcer
144 hot8.wav hot8 - Hotring announcer
145 hot9.wav hot9 - Hotring announcer
19 Hotel.mp3 - - Ocean View Hotel area ambiance
14 Hwater.mp3 - - Hurricane water ambiance
70 ice_1.mp3 - ICC1_x Ice Cream Factory purchase cutscene
111 InLift.wav inlift - G-spotlight bike entering elevator
71 int_a.mp3 - INT1_x Introduction first cutscene
72 int_b.mp3 - INTB_x Introduction fourth cutscene
73 int_d.mp3 - INT2_x Introduction second cutscene
74 int_m.mp3 - INT3_x Introduction third cutscene
779 intro1.wav intro1 INTRO1 Introduction: "I poke my head out of the gutter for one freakin' second and fate shovels shit in my face!"
780 intro2.wav intro2 INTRO2 Introduction: "Go get some sleep."
781 intro3.wav intro3 INTRO3 Introduction: "What are you gonna do?"
782 intro4.wav intro4 INTRO4 Introduction: "I'll drop by your office tomorrow and we can start sorting this mess out."
1064 job1_1b.wav job1_1b ASM1_D Road Kill: "Mr. Teal, your help in eradicating those out-of-towners was invaluable to business."
1065 job1_1c.wav job1_1c ASM1_C Road Kill/Waste the Wife: "I have more work for you with a more 'hands-on' approach."
1066 job1_1d.wav job1_1d ASM1_B Road Kill/Waste the Wife: "Your next job is taped under the phone."
1067 job2_1b.wav job2_1b ASM2_A Waste the Wife: "My compliments on a job well done Mr. Teal. My client was very pleased."
1068 job2_2.wav job2_2 ASM2_13 unused: "Oh my god!"
1069 job2_3.wav job2_3 ASM2_13 Waste the Wife: "Oh my god!"
1070 job2_4.wav job2_4 ASM2_11 Waste the Wife: "Help me!"
1071 job2_5.wav job2_5 ASM2_13 Waste the Wife: "Oh my god!"
1072 job2_6.wav job2_6 ASM2_13 Waste the Wife: "Oh my god!"
1073 job2_7.wav job2_7 ASM2_12 Waste the Wife: "Somebody help me!"
1074 job2_8.wav job2_8 ASM2_13 Waste the Wife: "Oh my god!"
1075 job2_9.wav job2_9 ASM2_13 Waste the Wife: "Oh my god!"
1076 job3_1.wav job3_1 ASM3_C Autocide: "A European gang plans to hit a bank in Vice City. My employers would rather this didn't happen."
1077 job3_2.wav job3_2 ASM3_D Autocide: "Each member of the gang has a cover while they are here in Vice City. Some have menial jobs, others are on vacation."
1078 job3_3.wav job3_3 ASM3_E Autocide: "Each target and their likely whereabouts are taped under the phone."
1079 job4_1.wav job4_1 ASM4_A Check Out at the Check In: "Time to fry bigger fish, Mr. Teal. There's a rifle in the foliage to your right."
1080 job4_2.wav job4_2 ASM4_B Check Out at the Check In: "Watch the woman standing on the balcony above the check-in desks. She will walk through the crowd and ask someone the time."
1081 job4_3.wav job4_3 ASM4_C Check Out at the Check In: "You must kill that person, retrieve his case and take it to the location taped under the phone."
1082 job5_1.wav job5_1 ASM5_A Loose Ends: "There is a valuable exchange taking place on the roof of the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company."
1083 job5_2.wav job5_2 ASM5_B Loose Ends: "Kill everyone involved, steal the merchandise and take it to the helipad at the airport."
1084 job5_3.wav job5_3 ASM5_C Loose Ends: "There is a gate to your left that leads to the back of the factory."
2 KCHAT.adf - - KChat radio
154 lanamu1.wav lanamu1 LAW2_16 The Party: "One thing you gotta realize about this town. You gotta pack some heat."
155 lanamu2.wav lanamu2 LAW2_17 The Party: "C'mon, the local gun shop's a couple of blocks away."
152 lanstp1.wav lanstp1 LAW2_18 unused: "Tommy, every man needs a little R&R once in a while."
153 lanstp2.wav lanstp2 LAW2_19 unused: "This here's the Pole Position Strip Club. You might want to drop in some time."
596 law1_1.wav LAW1_1 LAW1_5 The Party: "Will you be working for my father?"
605 law1_10.wav LAW1_10 LAW1_15 unused: "Yeah babe, just picked it up from Howlin' Pete's"
597 law1_2.wav LAW1_2 LAW1_6/LAW1_8 The Party: "Maybe."/"Maybe..."
598 law1_3.wav LAW1_3 LAW1_7 The Party: "Do you mind me resting my hand in your lap?"
599 law1_4.wav LAW1_4 LAW1_9 The Party: "It's so difficult having a rich and powerful father. Vamos."
600 law1_5.wav LAW1_5 LAW1_10 The Party: "See you around, handsome!"
601 law1_6.wav LAW1_6 LAW1_11 The Party: "I'm sure you will."
602 law1_7.wav LAW1_7 LAW1_12 The Party: "Hmmmm...nice bike."
603 law1_8.wav LAW1_8 LAW1_13 The Party: "No! My Bike!"
604 law1_9.wav LAW1_9 LAW1_14 unused: "Wow, I like, really dig your motorcycle."
606 law2_1.wav LAW2_1 LAW2_1 Back Alley Brawl: "Hey, whatchoo lookin' at?"
615 law2_10.wav LAW2_10 LANCE_4 unused: "What are we doin' now?"
607 law2_2.wav LAW2_2 LAW2_2 Back Alley Brawl: "You better start talking.."
608 law2_3.wav LAW2_3 LAW2_3 Back Alley Brawl: "Hey, make me, you prick!"
609 law2_4.wav LAW2_4 LAW2_4 Back Alley Brawl: "This way!"
610 law2_5.wav LAW2_5 LAW2_5 Back Alley Brawl: "I'm going to go see what I can dig up. I'll be watching you, Tommy."
611 law2_6.wav LAW2_6 LAW2_14 unused: "We gotta get the hell outta here!"
612 law2_7.wav LAW2_7 LANCE_1 unused: "Come on man, drive more careful!"
613 law2_8.wav LAW2_8 LANCE_2 unused: "Hey watch what you're doin!"
614 law2_9.wav LAW2_9 LANCE_3 unused: "Hey where are we goin' now?"
616 law3_1.wav LAW3_1 LAW3_1 Jury Fury: "Giorgio sends his regards."
622 law3_10.wav LAW3_10 - unused: "Ok, dance over. Beat it."
623 law3_11.wav LAW3_11 - Jury Fury: "Hey man, my car! Leave my damn car alone, man!"
624 law3_12.wav LAW3_12 - Jury Fury: "Oh please, God. Someone help me!"
625 law3_13.wav LAW3_13 - Jury Fury: "Yo man, I still got payments to make on this!"
626 law3_14.wav LAW3_14 LAW3_23 unused: "Ok! Ok, man! I get the message!"
627 law3_16.wav LAW3_16 - unused: "Unbelievable!"
628 law3_17.wav LAW3_17 - unused: "Damn it!"
629 law3_18.wav LAW3_18 - unused: "What the hell!"
630 law3_19.wav LAW3_19 - unused: "Hey, that's not nice!"
617 law3_2.wav LAW3_2 LAW3_2 Jury Fury: "Remember, guilty is a dirty word."
631 law3_20.wav LAW3_20 LAW3_21 Jury Fury: "I can't believe this is happening!"
632 law3_21.wav LAW3_21 - unused: "This doesn't seem right!"
633 law3_22.wav LAW3_22 - Jury Fury: screams
634 law3_23.wav LAW3_23 - Jury Fury: screams
635 law3_24.wav LAW3_24 LAW3_16 Jury Fury: "Dumb Florida Moron."
636 law3_25.wav LAW3_25 LAW3_17 unused: "Get out of the way!"
618 law3_3.wav LAW3_3 LAW3_3 Jury Fury: "Innocent until I say otherwise."
619 law3_4.wav LAW3_4 LAW3_4 Jury Fury: "You know he's not guilty."
620 law3_5.wav LAW3_5 LAW3_5 Jury Fury: "You remember Giorgio? You remember he's innocent."
621 law3_6.wav LAW3_6 LAW3_6 Jury Fury: "Not guilty, understand? Good."
641 law4_10.wav LAW4_10 LAW4_5 Riot: "Sticks out, boys! Let's crack some commie skulls!
637 law4_1a.wav LAW4_1a LAW4_1 Riot: "Please disperse. The management will discuss any grievances in the appropriate manner!"
638 law4_1b.wav LAW4_1b LAW4_2 Riot: "Please disperse. Go back to your homes!"
639 law4_1c.wav LAW4_1c LAW4_3 Riot: "Please disperse! This is inappropriate!"
640 law4_1d.wav LAW4_1d LAW4_4 Riot: "Please disperse. You will all end up on the streets."
642 law4_3.wav LAW4_3 LAW4_6 unused: "Burn the management!"
643 law4_4.wav LAW4_4 LAW4_7 unused: "Kill the bosses!"
644 law4_5.wav LAW4_5 LAW4_8 unused: "Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight."
645 law4_6.wav LAW4_6 LAW4_9 unused: "More Holiday, Less Work!"
646 law4_7.wav LAW4_7 LAW4_12 unused: "Viva la revolution!"
647 law4_8.wav LAW4_8 LAW4_10 unused: "Rich management suck!"
648 law4_9.wav LAW4_9 LAW4_15 unused: "More money!"
21 Law4Riot.mp3 - - Riot noise
75 law_1a.mp3 - LAW1_x The Party first cutscene
76 law_1b.mp3 - LAWP_x The Party second cutscene
77 law_2a.mp3 - LAW2_x Back Alley Brawl first cutscene
78 law_2b.mp3 - LAW2B_x Back Alley Brawl second cutscene
79 law_2c.mp3 - LAW2C_x Back Alley Brawl third cutscene
80 law_3.mp3 - LAW3_x Jury Fury cutscene
81 law_4.mp3 - LAW4_x Riot cutscene
110 LiftBel.wav liftbel - G-spotlight elevator ding
108 LiftCl.wav liftcl - G-spotlight elevator door close
107 LiftOp.wav liftop - G-spotlight elevator door open
109 LiftRun.wav liftrun - G-spotlight elevator moving
18 Malibu.mp3 - - The Malibu Club area ambiance
16 MallAmb.mp3 - - North Point Mall area ambiance
1088 merc_39.wav merc_39 MERC_39 Love Juice: "I'll see you later, big boy."
- miscom.mp3 - - Shares 9 (crashes game), 99, 100, 101, 102
783 mob_01a.wav mob_01a MOB_01A Cellphone: "Awright me ol'china! It's Paul. I might have a little result for you, but I need to speak to you in person."
784 mob_01b.wav mob_01b MOB_01B Cellphone: "I'm enjoying a little R&R at the Club Malibu."
785 mob_01c.wav mob_01c MOB_01C Cellphone: "Reckon you're gonna owe me a favor or two after this, sunshine. I'll see you later."
786 mob_02a.wav mob_02a MOB_02A Cellphone: "Ssssnniiiiffffff Hey! Hello, Tommy? Tommy!"
787 mob_02b.wav mob_02b MOB_02B Cellphone: "We got a situation over at the Print Works. You better go and check it out."
788 mob_02c.wav mob_02c MOB_02C Cellphone: "Some kind of mess or other. Things are messed up. I gotta go."
789 mob_03a.wav mob_03a MOB_03A unused: "Mr. Vercetti? I have here a signed piece of crap stating"
790 mob_03b.wav mob_03b MOB_03B unused: "that you have taken on all of BJ's Auto's debts."
791 mob_03c.wav mob_03c MOB_03C unused: "With BJ's sudden disappearance I have no choice"
792 mob_03d.wav mob_03d MOB_03D unused: "but to hold you responsible for his financial insecurities."
793 mob_03e.wav mob_03e MOB_03x unused: "Until this account is settled in full you should consider Vice City's streets to be very unfriendly."
799 mob_04a.wav mob_04a MOB_04A Cellphone: "How you doin' mate? It's Paulo again."
800 mob_04b.wav mob_04b MOB_04B Cellphone: "Look Tommy, I forgot to mention we're going to need some extra muscle for the concert. A bit of security."
801 mob_04c.wav mob_04c MOB_04C Cellphone: "There's a biker gang led by Mitch Baker, it would be great publicity. Very rock and roll, baby."
802 mob_04d.wav mob_04d MOB_04D Cellphone: "Sort this out for me and I'll get you some back stage passes for the gig, awright?"
803 mob_05a.wav mob_05a MOB_05A Cellphone: "Hey, it's Mitch. You did good Tommy, it's good to have the old girl back."
804 mob_05b.wav mob_05b MOB_05B Cellphone: "You tell Kent Paul he'll get his security for the gig."
805 mob_05c.wav mob_05c MOB_05C Cellphone: "You have my word on that."
806 mob_05d.wav mob_05d MOB_05D Cellphone: "Now keep yourself out of trouble."
807 mob_06a.wav mob_06a MOB_06A Cellphone: "Tommy, 'nuf dead man been chattin' about you, my dear."
808 mob_06b.wav mob_06b MOB_06B Cellphone: "Thought you might need something to make you feel better. So Auntie Poulet make you some stew, aye?"
809 mob_06c.wav mob_06c MOB_06C Cellphone: "Come by me kitchen some time, ok Tommy?"
810 mob_07a.wav mob_07a MOB_07A Hey mate, the guys could do with some company, if you know what I mean...
811 mob_07b.wav mob_07b MOB_07B I know just the girl.
812 mob_08a.wav mob_08a MOB_08A unused: "Hey Tommy, I thought you might need some business advice."
813 mob_08b.wav mob_08b MOB_08B unused: "Once you got an operation up and running, you'll need to drop by and take the week's cash."
814 mob_08c.wav mob_08c MOB_08C unused: "Let the guys think they got the run of the place and they'll try shaving the profits - ok?"
815 mob_08d.wav mob_08d MOB_08D unused: "Hey, I know how to handle business, Ken, ok?"
816 mob_08e.wav mob_08e MOB_08x unused: "Ok, ok. I know, you know. I know. I was, I was just, you know, telling you I know, that you know, that I know."
817 mob_08f.wav mob_08f MOB_08G unused: "Just keeping it sharp baby!"
818 mob_08g.wav mob_08g MOB_08H unused: "Whatever, Ken, whatever..."
819 mob_09a.wav mob_09a MOB_09A Cellphone: "Hey Leo! I got some work for you!"
820 mob_09b.wav mob_09b MOB_09B Cellphone: "This ain't Leo."
821 mob_09c.wav mob_09c MOB_09C Cellphone: "Hey, if Leo knows you got his phone, he gonna kill you!"
822 mob_09d.wav mob_09d MOB_09D Cellphone: "Maybe Leo's already dead. Maybe I killed Leo and took his phone - you think of that prick?"
823 mob_09e.wav mob_09e MOB_09E Cellphone: "You killed Leo? You must have big cojones - wanna work for me?!"
824 mob_09f.wav mob_09f MOB_09F Cellphone: "Drop by my father's cafe in Little Havana and we'll talk mano a mano."
825 mob_10a.wav mob_10a MOB_10A unused: "Tommy! Look, I gotta ask you a favor."
826 mob_10b.wav mob_10b MOB_10B unused: "Steve! How's filming going!"
827 mob_10c.wav mob_10c MOB_10C unused: "Fine, fine. I, heh, WE need a car chase scene, but our budget can't stretch to it."
828 mob_10d.wav mob_10d MOB_10D unused: "I've left some wheels around town. You'll know what to do."
829 mob_10e.wav mob_10e MOB_10E unused: "Ok Steve, I'll keep an eye out. Catch you later."
830 mob_11a.wav mob_11a MOB_11A Cellphone: "Howdy son, just thought I'd ring you up and give you some advice."
831 mob_11b.wav mob_11b MOB_11B Cellphone: "Hey, Avery. What's eating you?"
832 mob_11c.wav mob_11c MOB_11C Cellphone: "There's a lot of opportunity in this town if you own the right real estate, you catch my drift?"
833 mob_11d.wav mob_11d MOB_11D Cellphone: "I reckon so..."
834 mob_11e.wav mob_11e MOB_11E Cellphone: "All I'm saying is keep your eyes open and you might find the perfect business opportunity. I'll catch y'later."
835 mob_11f.wav mob_11f MOB_11F Cellphone: "Later, Avery."
836 mob_14a.wav mob_14a MOB_14A unused: "Hey there Tommy, you're gonna love me mate."
837 mob_14b.wav mob_14b MOB_14B unused: "A little birdy told me that Vice City SWAT Division has a deposit box at a certain rather large banking establishment,"
838 mob_14c.wav mob_14c MOB_14x unused: "where they keep all the bribes they've taken over the years, like some kind of old boys' retirement fund."
839 mob_14d.wav mob_14d MOB_14E unused: "Of course, if this information should ever help you acquire any of that cash,"
840 mob_14e.wav mob_14e MOB_14F unused: "I guess you'd feel obliged to push some of it my way?"
841 mob_14f.wav mob_14f MOB_14G unused: "I'll bear that in mind, thanks Kent."
842 mob_14g.wav mob_14g MOB_14H unused: "It's Paul. I'm from Kent, near London, you prat."
843 mob_14h.wav mob_14h - unused: "Whatever you say, Kent."
844 mob_16a.wav mob_16a MOB_16A Cellphone: "Tommy, Paulo here, que pasa amigo?"
845 mob_16b.wav mob_16b MOB_16B Cellphone: "What do you want Paul? I don't want any fake label clothes."
846 mob_16c.wav mob_16c MOB_16C Cellphone: "Very funny, mate, but you know I don't touch bent gear. Nah, I was just calling to see if I get a part in one your movies."
847 mob_16d.wav mob_16d MOB_16D Cellphone: "Back in England I did a lot of blue stuff, mate. I'm packing more heat than you, my son."
848 mob_16e.wav mob_16e MOB_16E Cellphone: "Paul, thanks for the offer, I'll bear it in mind."
849 mob_16f.wav mob_16f MOB_16F Cellphone: "Seriously, don't forget about me, after all I done for you."
850 mob_16g.wav mob_16g MOB_16G Cellphone: "That's what I'm trying to forget about."
851 mob_17a.wav mob_17a MOB_17A Cellphone: "Tommy Vercetti, how's it going, Mr. big shot? I hear all these things about you, some kind of player in town, now eh..."
852 mob_17b.wav mob_17b MOB_17B Cellphone: "Paul, you're drunk."
853 mob_17c.wav mob_17c MOB_17C Cellphone: "Nah, you stupid prat, I ain't drunk. I only had a couple and some treats, ain't been to bed for a couple of days, you know."
854 mob_17d.wav mob_17d MOB_17D Cellphone: "Anyway, don't give me that. I ain't a mug. Who set you up in this town? Who? Me. That's who."
855 mob_17e.wav mob_17e MOB_17F Cellphone: "Really?"
856 mob_17g.wav mob_17g MOB_17G Cellphone: "Don't give me that. Don't! I introduced you to people. I showed you the ropes, did a lot of stuff for you, and this is how you repay me."
857 mob_17h.wav mob_17h MOB_17H Cellphone: "You ignore me. You won't give me a way in, after all I did for you! What do you think I am? A div or something?"
858 mob_17i.wav mob_17i MOB_17I Cellphone: "Paul, take it easy. I've been busy, don't be an idiot."
859 mob_17j.wav mob_17j MOB_17J Cellphone: "I ain't no idiot, mush. That's what they said in borstal. Are you asking for trouble son, because you're going to get it!"
860 mob_17k.wav mob_17k MOB_17K Cellphone: "Tommy, mate. Please. You was my big hope! Please, don't laugh at me!"
861 mob_17l.wav mob_17l MOB_17L Cellphone: "Paul, get some sleep, seriously."
862 mob_18a.wav mob_18a MOB_18A Cellphone: "Tommy, it's Paulo, how are you? Right mate, anyway, thought I had to drop you a line."
863 mob_18b.wav mob_18b MOB_18B Cellphone: "Oh my good lord, my son, you will not believe the quality of the brass I just encountered."
864 mob_18c.wav mob_18c MOB_18C Cellphone: "Street walker or something, just down in Little Havana, mate."
865 mob_18d.wav mob_18d MOB_18D Cellphone: "Said her name was Mercedes or something."
866 mob_18e.wav mob_18e MOB_18E Cellphone: "Oh my god, mate. You gotta check this bird out."
867 mob_18f.wav mob_18f MOB_18F Cellphone: "Could strip the lead out of a pencil. Said I was the best she ever had and all."
868 mob_18g.wav mob_18g MOB_18G Cellphone: "Keep you potatoes skinned for her. Be seeing you."
869 mob_20a.wav mob_20a MOB_20A Cellphone: "Alright, Tommy, it's Paul. I just heard from a mush that you've been a real naughty boy."
870 mob_20b.wav mob_20b MOB_20B Cellphone: "Somebody has taken offense to you acting like the big guy all of a sudden, giving it the big shot thing."
871 mob_20c.wav mob_20c MOB_20C Cellphone: "Well, don't say I never warned you or nothing. Boasting is a mug's game, son."
872 mob_20d.wav mob_20d MOB_20D Cellphone: "Anyway, I heard there's some price been put on your head and someone's going to have a crack at you,"
873 mob_20e.wav mob_20e MOB_20E Cellphone: "so watch yourself, and remember me, mate."
874 mob_24a.wav mob_24a MOB_24A Cellphone: "Hola, is this Mr. Vercetti?"
875 mob_24b.wav mob_24b MOB_24B Cellphone: "Yeah."
876 mob_24c.wav mob_24c MOB_24C Cellphone: "This is Cortez. You were at my party."
877 mob_24d.wav mob_24d MOB_24D Cellphone: "Yeah. I remember."
878 mob_24e.wav mob_24e MOB_24E Cellphone: "Mr. Vercetti, it was a most unfortunate incident that happened with your business deal."
879 mob_24f.wav mob_24f MOB_24F Cellphone: "I know."
880 mob_24g.wav mob_24g MOB_24G Cellphone: "I want you to know me and my people are doing their utmost to get to the bottom of it."
881 mob_24h.wav mob_24h MOB_24H Cellphone: "If you'd like to talk to me more privately, you can find me at the boat, eh? Okay? Good day, senor."
882 mob_25a.wav mob_25a MOB_25A Cellphone: "Tommy, Thomas it's Cortez. Look, the French are giving me all kinds of trouble, amigo."
883 mob_25b.wav mob_25b MOB_25B Cellphone: "Damn hypocrites. They spend a hundred years stealing from poor countries and they call me a thief!"
884 mob_25c.wav mob_25c MOB_25C Cellphone: "I am going to need your help as soon as possible, amigo."
885 mob_25d.wav mob_25d MOB_25D Cellphone: "So please hurry, Tommy, I need you, all right? I hate the damn French."
886 mob_26a.wav mob_26a MOB_26A Cellphone: "Hello, Tommy?"
887 mob_26b.wav mob_26b MOB_26B Cellphone: "Yeah?"
888 mob_26c.wav mob_26c MOB_26C Cellphone: "It's Baker. I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the show."
889 mob_26d.wav mob_26d MOB_26D Cellphone: "Me and the boys want to thank you, and remind you,"
890 mob_26e.wav mob_26e MOB_26E Cellphone: "you got our respect. Good day. Keep riding hard, son."
891 mob_29a.wav mob_29a MOB_29A unused: "Hello, is this Mr. Tommy Vercetti?"
892 mob_29b.wav mob_29b MOB_29B unused: "Yes."
893 mob_29c.wav mob_29c MOB_29C unused: "Well, I hear through the vine of grapes you the man when someone got a vermin infestation."
894 mob_29d.wav mob_29d MOB_29D unused: "Maybe..."
895 mob_29e.wav mob_29e MOB_29E unused: "Well, I got a real vermin infestation. Haitians everywhere."
896 mob_29f.wav mob_29f MOB_29F unused: "My name is Umberto Robina and I want you to meet me at the Cafe Robina as soon as you can,"
897 mob_29g.wav mob_29g MOB_29G unused: "'cause I tell you, these damn Haitians gone too far this time."
898 mob_30a.wav mob_30a MOB_30A Cellphone: "Tommy, is Umberto Robina"
899 mob_30b.wav mob_30b MOB_30B Cellphone: "Hey, how's the cafe?"
900 mob_30c.wav mob_30c MOB_30C Cellphone: "Oh, wonderful. Incredible. Tommy, incredible. No wimps, Tommy, just real men, and the beautiful women!"
901 mob_30d.wav mob_30d MOB_30D Cellphone: "Anyway, I wanted to tell you, me and Papi, to us, you Cuban."
902 mob_30e.wav mob_30e MOB_30E Cellphone: "You have proved yourself, man. You got big cojones."
903 mob_30f.wav mob_30f MOB_30F Cellphone: "Well thank you, Umberto. Nobody's said that to me since I left jail. I'll see you around."
904 mob_33a.wav mob_33a MOB_33A Cellphone: "Tommy, it's Phil, now cut out all the reminiscing crap and listen to me, you hear?"
905 mob_33b.wav mob_33b MOB_33B Cellphone: "Good. I got me some extra strength boomshine nearing fermentation time and I was wondering if you'd fancy having a shot."
906 mob_33c.wav mob_33c MOB_33C Cellphone: "Seriously, Tommy, if you like a drink, or if you need to strip paint, this stuff'll make a man out of you."
907 mob_33d.wav mob_33d MOB_33D Cellphone: "Sure did out of me, even though I can't see out of one eye. I'll be waiting for you, y'hear."
908 mob_34a.wav mob_34a MOB_34A Cellphone: "Tommy, I really enjoyed working with you. Ain't had so much fun since the ridge in Nam, pal."
909 mob_34b.wav mob_34b MOB_34B Cellphone: "Anyhows, you need anything, you call on me, you hear?"
910 mob_34c.wav mob_34c MOB_34C Cellphone: "I always remember those I served with,"
911 mob_34d.wav mob_34d MOB_34D Cellphone: "and I am sure I can help you out, you hear?"
912 mob_35a.wav mob_35a MOB_35A unused: "Tommy, the wound is healing well. Funny thing is,"
913 mob_35b.wav mob_35b MOB_35B unused: "I have fought in 6 battle zones and always walked away without a scratch, and now this!"
914 mob_35c.wav mob_35c MOB_35C unused: "One armed Phil. Still, I got me a healthy selection of one handed fire power so I'll never be unarmed Phil, you hear."
915 mob_35d.wav mob_35d MOB_35D unused: "Any way son, cut out the sentimental crap and go buy yourself a drink, you hear!"
916 mob_36a.wav mob_36a MOB_36A Cellphone: "Tommy, it's Phil, I want to thank you for helping me out back there son,"
917 mob_36b.wav mob_36b MOB_36B Cellphone: "Damn Charlie, he'll always ambush you somewhere or other,"
918 mob_36c.wav mob_36c MOB_36C Cellphone: "Anyway the wound is healing well, and it means I'll no longer be defrauding the government on my disability check."
919 mob_40a.wav mob_40a MOB_40A Cellphone: "Hey Tommy, it's Sonny. How's the sun tan?"
920 mob_40b.wav mob_40b MOB_40B Cellphone: "I ain't got no sun tan."
921 mob_40c.wav mob_40c MOB_40C Cellphone: "Well, you ain't got my money, either, so I'm wondering to myself,"
922 mob_40d.wav mob_40d MOB_40D Cellphone: "what are you doing? So, tell me, Tommy, what are you doing?"
923 mob_40e.wav mob_40e MOB_40E Cellphone: "I'm looking for the money, Sonny. Don't worry."
924 mob_40f.wav mob_40f MOB_40F Cellphone: "I am worrying, Tommy, that's my style,"
925 mob_40g.wav mob_40g MOB_40G Cellphone: "because I seem to have this problem in my life with unreliable people."
926 mob_40h.wav mob_40h MOB_40H Cellphone: "Don't be an unreliable person, Tommy, please."
927 mob_40i.wav mob_40i MOB_40I Cellphone: "Do us both a favor. I'm looking forward to hearing from you."
928 mob_41a.wav mob_41a MOB_41A Cellphone: "Tommy, remember me?"
929 mob_41b.wav mob_41b MOB_41B Cellphone: "Hello Sonny."
930 mob_41c.wav mob_41c MOB_41C Cellphone: "That's right, Sonny. We're old friends,"
931 mob_41d.wav mob_41d MOB_41D Cellphone: "You never write me, you never call. Don't you want to be friends no more?"
932 mob_41e.wav mob_41e MOB_41E Cellphone: "I've been busy trying to sort things out. You didn't give me a lot of support down here, Sonny."
933 mob_41f.wav mob_41f MOB_41F Cellphone: "Oh, my fault is it? We'll I've heard you been busy all right."
934 mob_41g.wav mob_41g MOB_41G Cellphone: "Busy killing drugs barons. Busy taking over."
935 mob_41h.wav mob_41h MOB_41H Cellphone: "Don't forget about us, Tommy, 'cause I can assure you, I ain't forgotten about you."
936 mob_42a.wav mob_42a MOB_42A Cellphone: "Tommy."
937 mob_42b.wav mob_42b MOB_42B Cellphone: "Sonny."
938 mob_42c.wav mob_42c MOB_42C Cellphone: "Obviously you are suffering from hearing problems, so I'll try again."
939 mob_42d.wav mob_42d MOB_42D Cellphone: "Where's the goddamned money, where's the goddamned stuff, and where's my cut of your new action?"
940 mob_42e.wav mob_42e MOB_42E Cellphone: "You are making an idiot out of me, Tommy, and I'm not laughing yet."
941 mob_43a.wav mob_43a MOB_43A Cellphone: "Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, I had Sonny on the phone, ok, are you with me?."
942 mob_43b.wav mob_43b MOB_43B Cellphone: "I don't know about you, but there's something about a man threatening to murder my family"
943 mob_43c.wav mob_43c MOB_43C Cellphone: "which really scares the crap out of me. What are you going to do?"
944 mob_43d.wav mob_43d MOB_43D Cellphone: "Ken, take it easy."
945 mob_43e.wav mob_43e MOB_43E Cellphone: "I AM calm, calm as a man can be when he's fearing for his life!"
946 mob_43f.wav mob_43f MOB_43F Cellphone: "Stay off the idiot fuel and look after yourself."
947 mob_43g.wav mob_43g MOB_43G Cellphone: "No one's gonna take us out. I'll see you later."
948 mob_43h.wav mob_43h MOB_43H Cellphone: "I am calm. Don't I sound calm? Must be impending death that is doing this to my voice."
949 mob_45a.wav mob_45a MOB45_A Cellphone: "Tommy We gotta talk about stuff."
950 mob_45b.wav mob_45b MOB45_B Cellphone: "What's the problem Lance?"
951 mob_45c.wav mob_45c MOB45_C Cellphone: "It's you, my friend, I feel you're not giving me a fair slice."
952 mob_45d.wav mob_45d MOB45_D Cellphone: "And more than that, you been embarrassing me in front of the boys. I can't have that."
953 mob_45e.wav mob_45e MOB45_E Cellphone: "Lance, it ain't like that. You've been making mistakes."
954 mob_45f.wav mob_45f MOB45_F Cellphone: "Tommy, I'm not your message boy. I'm not your running boy."
955 mob_45g.wav mob_45g MOB45_G Cellphone: "Lance, don't screw up, and we won't have any problems. I screw up, you can lay into me any time."
956 mob_45h.wav mob_45h MOB45_H Cellphone: "Tommy, I've done everything for you, you treat me like a fool. Don't do that."
957 mob_45i.wav mob_45i MOB45_I Cellphone: "Lance, I won't rip you off or stab you in the back, okay?"
958 mob_45j.wav mob_45j MOB45_J Cellphone: "Just take it easy. This is tough enough without you getting all emotional on me."
959 mob_45k.wav mob_45k MOB45_K Cellphone: "Trust me. Do you hear me, do you hear me?"
960 mob_45l.wav mob_45l MOB45_L Cellphone: "I hear you, Tommy, but I can't take this much more."
961 mob_45m.wav mob_45m MOB45_M Cellphone: "Lance, don't be like this. Now I'm warning you."
962 mob_45n.wav mob_45n MOB45_N Cellphone: "Do you hear me? Just relax, take a few days off. Okay? I'll talk to you."
963 mob_46a.wav mob_46a MOB46_A Cellphone: "Yo, Tommy! It's Lance."
964 mob_46b.wav mob_46b MOB46_B Cellphone: "Yeah?"
965 mob_46c.wav mob_46c MOB46_C Cellphone: "Oh, nice to hear from you, Lance. Come on, man, be cool, be cool."
966 mob_46d.wav mob_46d MOB46_D Cellphone: "I'm in the middle of something. What do you want?"
967 mob_46e.wav mob_46e MOB46_E Cellphone: "Nothing. Just to say, you know. Look Tommy, we can do this thing."
968 mob_46f.wav mob_46f MOB46_F Cellphone: "You and me, no problem. You know what I mean?"
969 mob_46g.wav mob_46g MOB46_G Cellphone: "We're going to have to do it, 'cause otherwise, we're going to be dead, Lance."
970 mob_46h.wav mob_46h MOB46_H Cellphone: "We're in too far now. But thanks for the call. I'll speak to you later."
971 mob_47a.wav mob_47a MOB_47A Cellphone: "Tommy, Lance, we got big problems. Come down here. Right away."
972 mob_52a.wav mob_52a MOB52_A Cellphone: "Hey Leo, I think we got a buyer for Diaz's merchandise."
973 mob_52b.wav mob_52b MOB52_B Cellphone: "You gotta give him a ring, man, set up the deal, you know?"
974 mob_52C.wav mob_52c MOB52_C Cellphone: "Where are you now?"
975 mob_52d.wav mob_52d MOB52_D Cellphone: "You ok Leo? You sound kinda different."
976 mob_52e.wav mob_52e MOB52_E Cellphone: "Just tell me where you are."
977 mob_52f.wav mob_52f MOB52_F Cellphone: "Who the hell is this? Put Leo on, man!"
978 mob_52g.wav mob_52g MOB52_G Cellphone: "Leo's gone away for a while, he left me in charge."
979 mob_52h.wav mob_52h MOB52_H Cellphone: "Screw you, man!"
980 mob_54a.wav mob_54a MOB54_B unused: "Hi Mercedes, howyadoin'?"
981 mob_54b.wav mob_54b MOB54_B unused: "Hi Mercedes, howyadoin'?"
982 mob_54c.wav mob_54c MOB54_B unused: "Hi Mercedes, howyadoin'?"
983 mob_54d.wav mob_54d MOB54_E unused: "I'd love to. I'll catch you later."
984 mob_54e.wav mob_54e MOB54_B unused: "Hi Mercedes, howyadoin'?"
985 mob_55a.wav mob_55a MOB55_A unused: "Tommy, it's me."
986 mob_55b.wav mob_55b MOB55_B unused: "Hi Mercedes."
987 mob_55c.wav mob_55c MOB55_C unused: "Tommy, I so bored, when we going to have some fun?"
988 mob_55d.wav mob_55d MOB55_D unused: "What do you mean?"
989 mob_55e.wav mob_55e MOB55_E unused: "Well, I know you're busy fighting and killing and corrupting people,"
990 mob_55f.wav mob_55f MOB55_F unused: "but I just want to have some fun. So don't forget about me, you hear?"
991 mob_56a.wav mob_56a MOB56_A unused: "Tommy, I hear you kill Ricardo Diaz."
992 mob_56b.wav mob_56b MOB56_B unused: "there was an unfortunate fire at his mansion."
993 mob_56c.wav mob_56c MOB56_C unused: "I think he burnt to death in an acrylic shirt."
994 mob_56d.wav mob_56d MOB56_D unused: "Tommy, I so proud of you. I knew you were a real man."
995 mob_56e.wav mob_56e MOB56_E unused: "He awful trouser stain of a man, you make me so proud to be your friend."
996 mob_56f.wav mob_56f MOB56_x unused: "No, I know you going to be busy trying to take over this town, but don't forget about me, you hear?"
997 mob_57a.wav mob_57a - unused: "Tommy, it's Mercedes. I'm lonely. Really lonely, baby."
998 mob_57b.wav mob_57b - unused: "Please come and visit me immediately. Ok, bye."
999 mob_57c.wav mob_57c - unused: "It's Mercedes. I no longer love you, Tommy, I no longer do. Honest."
1000 mob_57d.wav mob_57d - unused: "Because you no longer nice to Mercedes. You no longer treating me like a lady."
1001 mob_57e.wav mob_57e - unused: "You ignore me and I hate you. I insist you come and see me right away. Bye."
1002 mob_58a.wav mob_58a MOB58_A unused: "Tommy."
1003 mob_58b.wav mob_58b MOB58_B unused: "Hey Mercedes."
1004 mob_58c.wav mob_58c MOB58_C unused: "Hey indeed Mr. Tough Guy. I real angry with you Tommy."
1005 mob_58d.wav mob_58d MOB58_D unused: "Never make me hang out with Jezz Torrent again."
1006 mob_58e.wav mob_58e MOB58_x unused: "He is pathetic. Half way through he starts crying about his doggie that died when he was 7 years old and that his mommy never loved him."
1007 mob_58f.wav mob_58f MOB58_G unused: "And Tommy. He wear a wig and a bra in private."
1008 mob_58g.wav mob_58g MOB58_H unused: "I not very happy with you!"
1009 mob_61a.wav mob_61a - unused
1010 mob_61b.wav mob_61b - unused: "Come see me man. I got some good shit going down."
1011 mob_62a.wav mob_62a MOB_62A Cellphone: "Tommy, is Ricardo Diaz, I want to thank you for looking out for me my man."
1012 mob_62b.wav mob_62b MOB_62B Cellphone: "I ask that prick Cortez, he say you the real deal, my friend, why you not come see me."
1013 mob_62c.wav mob_62c MOB_62C Cellphone: "I need a guy like you. All I have now is dickheads,"
1014 mob_62d.wav mob_62d MOB_62D Cellphone: "dickheads everywhere, yo. I make you real rich."
1015 mob_63a.wav mob_63a MOB_63A Cellphone: "Tommy, it's Earnest. Earnest Kelly."
1016 mob_63b.wav mob_63b MOB_63B Cellphone: "How are you?"
1017 mob_63c.wav mob_63c MOB_63C Cellphone: "I'm doing okay. I'll need a stick to walk, but I should be back at work soon enough."
1018 mob_63d.wav mob_63d MOB_63D Cellphone: "Good."
1019 mob_63e.wav mob_63e MOB_63E Cellphone: "I heard about Lance. What a little prick, eh?"
1020 mob_63f.wav mob_63f MOB_63F Cellphone: "Yes."
1021 mob_63g.wav mob_63g MOB_63G Cellphone: "Never trust a man who walks the streets in his pajamas. That's what I say. Glad you killed him. I hope it was painful for the prick."
1022 mob_63h.wav mob_63h MOB_63H Cellphone: "I think it was. I just didn't think he was like that..."
1023 mob_63i.wav mob_63i MOB_63I Cellphone: "Tommy, for a raging lunatic, you're pretty naive. I'll be back at work soon, teach you a thing or two about life, you hear."
1024 mob_63j.wav mob_63j MOB_63J Cellphone: "Take your time, Earnest. Look after yourself."
1025 mob_66a.wav mob_66a MOB_66A Cellphone: "Tommy, Tommy why you coming back here for?"
1026 mob_66b.wav mob_66b MOB_66B Cellphone: "I tell you we don't want to see you around here no more."
1027 mob_68a.wav mob_68a MOB_68A Cellphone: "Tommy son, have I got a surprise for you"
1028 mob_68b.wav mob_68b MOB_68B Cellphone: "I'm down at the recording studios with some major artists"
1029 mob_68c.wav mob_68c MOB_68C Cellphone: "Why don't you pay us a visit?"
1030 mob_68d.wav mob_68d MOB_68D Cellphone: "You know it makes sense, dontcha? See ya later."
1031 mob_70a.wav mob_70a MOB_70A Cellphone: "Tommy, it's me, Colonel Cortez. Look senor, I believe you are a man who can get things done. So please help me."
1032 mob_70b.wav mob_70b MOB_70B Cellphone: "You can find me at the boat."
1033 mob_71a.wav mob_71a MOB21_A Cellphone: "Tommy, Thomas, it's Cortez. Que pasa?"
1034 mob_71b.wav mob_71b MOB21_B Cellphone: "Things are interesting. How are you, my friend?"
1035 mob_71c.wav mob_71c MOB21_G Cellphone: "I wanted to ask you about Mercedes."
1036 mob_71d.wav mob_71d MOB21_H Cellphone: "Ok, what about her?"
1037 mob_71e.wav mob_71e MOB21_I Cellphone: "Oh Tommy, Tommy. I, I hear these stories, all these stories - I don't know what to think."
1038 mob_71f.wav mob_71f MOB21_K Cellphone: "Maybe she thinks she can do what she likes, but Tommy, tell me, is it true?"
1039 mob_71g.wav mob_71g MOB21_M Cellphone: "Is what true?"
1040 mob_71h.wav mob_71h MOB21_N Cellphone: "These stories I hear. Is she really going to be a lawyer?"
1041 mob_71i.wav mob_71i MOB21_O Cellphone: "Oh Tommy, the shame, the shame! You know, we Cortez's are a proud family."
1042 mob_71j.wav mob_71j MOB21_P Cellphone: "We would never allow a daughter of ours to become a lawyer. Please tell me it isn't so. I don't think I could take it."
1043 mob_71k.wav mob_71k MOB21_Q Cellphone: "Oh Colonel, I can assure you Mercedes is never going to become a lawyer. Don't worry about it."
1044 mob_71l.wav mob_71l MOB21_R Cellphone: "Oh thank you, Tommy. Tommy, thank you. The shame would be unbearable. She is a lady, not a parasite, you know."
1045 mob_71m.wav mob_71m MOB21_T Cellphone: "Anyway, Tommy, you must excuse me, the new minister of the interior has arrived."
1046 mob_71n.wav mob_71n MOB21_U Cellphone: "Many years ago, I killed his father in a failed coup so I must be polite. Good day, amigo."
1047 mob_72a.wav mob_72a MOB_72A Cellphone: "Tommy, it's me, Lance. Keep your mouth shut there Tommy, 'cause I ain't got time to talk."
1048 mob_72b.wav mob_72b MOB_72B Cellphone: "I ain't interested in what you got to say. Why should I be? You don't care about me, do you?"
1049 mob_72c.wav mob_72c MOB_72C Cellphone: "You gotta look after me a bit better. Give me a fair slice. You know..."
1050 mob_72d.wav mob_72d MOB_72D Cellphone: "Tommy... oh, look, man, I'm sorry. It's just that..."
1051 mob_72e.wav mob_72e MOB_72E Cellphone: "People patronize me all my life, treat me like a little kid."
1052 mob_72f.wav mob_72f MOB_72F Cellphone: "My brother would do that. Please, man, don't do that."
1053 mob_72g.wav mob_72g MOB_72G Cellphone: "I gotta go."
1054 mob_73a.wav mob_73a MOB_73A Cellphone: "Tommy, it's Steve."
1055 mob_73c.wav mob_73c MOB_73C Cellphone: "Hey indeed, genius. You're a marvel! I'm a marvel! They love us. We are re-writing the record books, pal."
1056 mob_73d.wav mob_73d MOB_73D Cellphone: "We are talking major awards here. Finally, I can put my dad in a home an tell him to shut up."
1057 mob_73f.wav mob_73f MOB_73F Cellphone: "Cool? It's hot, man. Hot. H. O. T. He never believed in me. Never thought I was an artist, and now I've made it."
1058 mob_73g.wav mob_73g MOB_73G Cellphone: "I'm the best damn skin flick director of all time, my friend. I just wanted to say, it's a pleasure to have met you."
1059 mob_73i.wav mob_73i MOB_73I Cellphone: "I love you, baby. Don't go changing on me, you hear."
1060 mob_95a.wav mob_95a MOB_95A "Get to the payphone in Little Havana."
1061 mob_96a.wav mob_96a MOB_96A "Get to the payphone at the airport terminal."
1062 mob_98a.wav mob_98a MOB_98A "Get to the pay phone in Vice Point."
1063 mob_99a.wav mob_99a MOB_99A "Get to the payphone next to the mall in Washington."
103 MobR1.wav mobring - Mobile phone ringtone
1098 mono10.wav mono10 - The Chase monologue
1099 mono11.wav mono11 - unused
1100 mono12.wav mono12 - unused
1101 mono13.wav mono13 - The Driver monologue
1102 mono14.wav mono14 - unused
1103 mono15.wav mono15 - Jury Fury monologue
1104 mono16.wav mono16 - Trojan Voodoo monologue
1089 mono_1.wav mono_1 - The Party monologue
1090 mono_2.wav mono_2 - unused
1091 mono_3.wav mono_3 - Recruitment Drive monologue
1092 mono_4.wav mono_4 - unused
1093 mono_5.wav mono_5 - Ice Cream Factory monologue
1094 mono_6.wav mono_6 - Four Iron monologue
1095 mono_7.wav mono_7 - unused
1096 mono_8.wav mono_8 - Riot monologue
1097 mono_9.wav mono_9 - Guardian Angels monologue
120 OOH1.wav ooh1 - Hyman Memorial Stadium audience ooh
121 OOH2.wav ooh2 - Hyman Memorial Stadium audience ooh
104 pager.wav pagring - unused pager ringtone
649 phil1_2.wav PHIL1_2 - Gun Runner
650 phil1_3.wav PHIL1_3 - Gun Runner
660 phil210.wav PHIL210 PHI2_14 Boomshine Saigon: "It's beautiful, man ... it's beautiful ... but so cold ..."
661 PHIL211.wav PHIL211 PHI2_15 Boomshine Saigon: "10-4 we've got a drunk driver."
651 phil2_1.wav PHIL2_1 PHI2_05 Boomshine Saigon: "Not the hospital, man! Too many cops and Viet Cong!"
652 phil2_2.wav PHIL2_2 PHI2_06 Boomshine Saigon: "There's an ex-army surgeon owes me a few favors and a lawnmower."
653 phil2_3.wav PHIL2_3 PHI2_07 Boomshine Saigon: "He's got a place down Little Havana - ooo look, a giant fish."
654 phil2_4.wav PHIL2_4 PHI2_08 Boomshine Saigon: "Watch out! Charlie in the tree line!"
655 phil2_5.wav PHIL2_5 PHI2_09 Boomshine Saigon: "Is it me or are the roads made of jelly?"
656 phil2_6.wav PHIL2_6 PHI2_10 Boomshine Saigon: "Broken Spoon to Mother Hen, you copy?"
657 phil2_7.wav PHIL2_7 PHI2_11 Boomshine Saigon: "Spooney Wooney Woo Woo Woooo!"
658 phil2_8.wav PHIL2_8 PHI2_12 Boomshine Saigon: "He's come for me boy!"
659 phil2_9.wav PHIL2_9 PHI2_13 Boomshine Saigon: "Black feathered wings beating all around..."
82 phil_1.mp3 - PHIL1_x Gun Runner cutscene
83 phil_2.mp3 - PHIL2_x Boomshine Saigon cutscene
1162 piss_01.wav piss_01 PIZ1_13 Pizza Boy: "Get these delivered nice and hot."
1163 piss_02.wav piss_02 PIZ1_14 Pizza Boy: "Pal, pizza's for you."
1164 piss_03.wav piss_03 PIZ1_15 Pizza Boy: "Hey, come on Mister, deliver these quick."
1165 piss_04.wav piss_04 PIZ1_16 Pizza Boy: "What are you waiting around for Mister? You got pizza to deliver."
1166 piss_05.wav piss_05 PIZ1_17 Pizza Boy: "I know you didn't want to be a pizza boy, well I don't give a damn."
1167 piss_06.wav piss_06 PIZ1_18 Pizza Boy: "Deliver these."
1168 piss_07.wav piss_07 PIZ1_19 Pizza Boy: "These need delivering."
1169 piss_08.wav piss_08 PIZ1_20 Pizza Boy: "Come on Mister, deliver these things or you're sacked."
1170 piss_09.wav piss_09 PIZ1_21 Pizza Boy: "We got people waiting pal."
1171 piss_10.wav piss_10 PIZ1_22 Pizza Boy: "What are you waiting around for? These need delivering!"
1172 piss_11.wav piss_11 PIZ1_23 Pizza Boy: "Deliver the damn food Mister."
1173 piss_12.wav piss_12 PIZ1_24 Pizza Boy: "These need delivering pal."
1174 piss_13.wav piss_13 PIZ1_25 Pizza Boy: "Man, can you take these?"
1175 piss_14.wav piss_14 PIZ1_26 Pizza Boy: "Mister, deliver these pronto, avamos amigo."
1176 piss_15.wav piss_15 PIZ1_27 Pizza Boy: "Come on, we're in a rush, deliver these."
1177 piss_16.wav piss_16 PIZ1_28 Pizza Boy: "You again? well deliver these quick pal."
1178 piss_17.wav piss_17 PIZ1_29 Pizza Boy: "No wasting time this time pal."
1179 piss_18.wav piss_18 PIZ1_30 Pizza Boy: "Come on you lazy bastard, deliver this crap on time."
1180 piss_19.wav piss_19 PIZ1_31 Pizza Boy: "You'll never get a promotion unless you move faster this time."
23 police.mp3 - - Police radio
662 porn1_1.wav PORN1_1 POR1_04 Recruitment Drive: "Yo, Candy. I'm looking for movie talent - you interested?"
663 porn1_2.wav PORN1_2 POR1_05 Recruitment Drive: "Sure! But, you'd have to talk to my agent..."
664 porn1_3.wav PORN1_3 POR1_06 Recruitment Drive: "The HELL are you doin'?"
666 porn1_4.wav PORN1_4 POR1_08 Recruitment Drive: "Hey Mercedes!"
667 porn1_5.wav PORN1_5 POR1_09 Recruitment Drive: "Hey Tommy! You wanna party?"
668 porn1_6.wav PORN1_6 POR1_10 Recruitment Drive: "Not now sweets. You interested in doing some movies?"
669 porn1_7.wav PORN1_7 POR1_11 Recruitment Drive: "Of course. As long as it's cheap and sleazy."
670 porn1_8.wav PORN1_8 POR1_14 Recruitment Drive: "Heh heh - you're hired!"
671 porn1_9.wav PORN1_9 POR1_15 Recruitment Drive: "Tommy, you coming in for a warm-up?"
684 porn3_1.wav PORN3_1 POR3_04 Martha's Mug Shot: "Uh, Candy, could you call me Martha?"
685 porn3_2.wav PORN3_2 POR3_05 Martha's Mug Shot: "Oh Alex - I mean Martha. Whatever you say..."
686 porn3_3.wav PORN3_3 POR3_06 Martha's Mug Shot: "Martha, someone's watching.. how kinky."
687 porn3_4.wav PORN3_4 POR3_07 Martha's Mug Shot: "You! Give me that camera!"
84 porn_1.mp3 - POR1_x Recruitment Drive cutscene
85 porn_2.mp3 - POR2_x Dildo Dodo cutscene
86 porn_3.mp3 - POR3_x Martha's Mug Shot cutscene
87 porn_4.mp3 - POR4_x G-spotlight first cutscene
672 prn1_10.wav PRN1_10 POR1_16 Recruitment Drive: "Maybe later, babe..."
673 prn1_11.wav PRN1_11 POR1_17 Recruitment Drive: "Whoa, cool shark!"
674 prn1_12.wav PRN1_12 POR1_19 Recruitment Drive: "Hey!"
675 prn1_13.wav PRN1_13 POR1_20 Recruitment Drive: "Tommy where are you going? Get back here!"
676 prn1_14.wav PRN1_14 POR1_21 Recruitment Drive: "Where are you going?"
677 prn1_15.wav PRN1_15 POR1_22 Recruitment Drive: "Tommy, when are we going to spend some time alone together?"
678 prn1_16.wav PRN1_16 POR1_27 Recruitment Drive: "Come on, let's go."
679 prn1_17.wav PRN1_17 POR1_28 Recruitment Drive: "Tommy be careful! My implants aren't insured yet!"
680 prn1_18.wav PRN1_18 POR1_29 Recruitment Drive: "You call that driving?"
681 prn1_19.wav PRN1_19 POR1_30 Recruitment Drive: "I can't do porno after this!"
682 prn1_20.wav PRN1_20 POR1_31 Recruitment Drive: "What? Are you trying to kill me? I thought I was the star!"
683 prn1_21.wav PRN1_21 POR1_7B Recruitment Drive: "Can you believe this asshole?"
665 prn1_3a.wav PRN1_3A POR1_07 Recruitment Drive: "You should have stayed at home today!"
688 psych_1.wav PSYCH_1 PSYCH_1 Psycho Killer: "I'll see Love Fist burn!"
689 psych_2.wav PSYCH_2 PSYCH_2 Psycho Killer: "Love Fist ruined my life!"
122 race1.wav race1 - Bloodring announcer
131 race10.wav race10 - Bloodring announcer
132 race11.wav race11 - Bloodring announcer
133 race12.wav race12 - Bloodring announcer
134 race13.wav race13 - Bloodring announcer
135 race14.wav race14 - Bloodring announcer
136 race15.wav race15 - Bloodring announcer
123 race2.wav race2 - Bloodring announcer
124 race3.wav race3 - Bloodring announcer
125 race4.wav race4 - Bloodring announcer
126 race5.wav race5 - Bloodring announcer
127 race6.wav race6 - Bloodring announcer
128 race7.wav race7 - Bloodring announcer
129 race8.wav race8 - Bloodring announcer
130 race9.wav race9 - Bloodring announcer
729 resc_1.wav RESC_1 RESC_1 Death Row: "You ok to use a gun?"
738 resc_10.wav RESC_10 - unused
88 resc_1a.mp3 - KPM1_x Death Row cutscene
730 resc_2.wav RESC_2 RESC_2 Death Row: "Sure...I guess...nice to see you, too."
731 resc_3.wav RESC_3 RESC_3 Death Row: "Let's get out of here."
732 resc_4.wav RESC_4 RESC_4 Death Row: "There goes my careful planning blown to shit, thanks to you. You screwed up real good, Lance!"
733 resc_5.wav RESC_5 RESC_5 Death Row: "He killed my brother. What do you expect me to do, mow his lawns?"
734 resc_6.wav RESC_6 RESC_6 Death Row: "We're gonna have to take out that prick Diaz before he takes us out."
735 resc_7.wav RESC_7 RESC_7 Death Row: "Get patched up and meet me on the bridge to Star Island, ok?"
736 resc_8.wav RESC_8 RESC_8 Death Row: "Ok, I got you."
737 resc_9.wav RESC_9 - unused: "Do you think that you can get away with this?"
739 rok1_1a.wav ROK1_1a ROK1_1A Love Juice: "Looking for something special? I got what you need!"
740 rok1_1b.wav ROK1_1b - unused: "It's for Love Fist."
741 rok1_5.wav ROK1_5 ROK1_5 Love Juice: "Hey, Mercedes!"
742 rok1_6.wav ROK1_6 ROK1_6 Love Juice: "Hiya, Tommy. And how are you?"
743 rok1_7.wav ROK1_7 ROK1_7 Love Juice: "Just fine. Listen, you fancy having Love Fist?"
744 rok1_8.wav ROK1_8 ROK1_8 Love Juice: "Ok, but just as a favor I expect returned.."
745 rok1_9.wav ROK1_9 ROK1_9 Love Juice: "Thanks for the money, sucker!"
690 rok2_01.wav ROK2_01 - Love Fist fans chant
691 rok3_1.wav ROK3_1 ROK3_1 Publicity Tour: "At last man, time for a well earned drink. The venue's just a hundred yards down the road."
700 rok3_10.wav ROK3_10 ROK3_10 Publicity Tour: "Hey, the vodka bottle's got wires coming out of it! That's not vodka, that's BOOMSHINE!"
701 rok3_11.wav ROK3_11 ROK3_11 Publicity Tour: "WAAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!! And it's wired to blow!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!"
702 rok3_12.wav ROK3_12 ROK3_12 Publicity Tour: "They always said the drink would kill me. I've seen this on the telly. you gotta pull out one of the wires. Which wire? I don't know, man."
703 rok3_13.wav ROK3_13 ROK3_13 Publicity Tour: "I don't have a clue. Willy, say something. I'm gonna play bass in hell."
704 rok3_14.wav ROK3_14 ROK3_14 Publicity Tour: "Tommy man, keep driving fast, pal. Somebody do something. Aye, clever!"
705 rok3_15.wav ROK3_15 ROK3_15 Publicity Tour: "'Somebody do something', what kind of crap is that, I've seen braver girls. Okay tough guy, you do something."
706 rok3_16.wav ROK3_16 ROK3_16 Publicity Tour: "Look, man, I play a musical instrument I don't have a clue about bomb disposal. Willy could just suck the boomshine out with a straw."
707 rok3_17.wav ROK3_17 ROK3_17 Publicity Tour: "Aye, I've heard that your good at that kind of thing. Hey, I was off my tits that night, as well you know!"
708 rok3_18.wav ROK3_18 ROK3_18 Publicity Tour: "Just pass Willy a straw! A straw?!?! This is the Love Fist Tour Bus!"
709 rok3_19.wav ROK3_19 ROK3_19 Publicity Tour: "Where am I gonna get a straw from, know wot I mean? Which wire, Tommy? The green one. There isn't a green one."
692 rok3_2.wav ROK3_2 ROK3_2 Publicity Tour: "Better make it a large one then. Hey Tommy, change the tunes, man."
710 rok3_20.wav ROK3_20 ROK3_20 Publicity Tour: "Or is this one green? Any of these wires look green to you?"
711 rok3_21.wav ROK3_21 ROK3_21 Publicity Tour: "Oh no! Death's on the cards! Everything looks green! I should have dumped you lot when I had the chance man."
712 rok3_22.wav ROK3_22 ROK3_22 Publicity Tour: "Glory seeker. Capitalist. I've been carrying you for years. Shut up. You're a muppit."
713 rok3_23.wav ROK3_23 ROK3_23 Publicity Tour: "A big screaming girl. Yeah. Shut up and pull a wire. Which wire? This one.."
714 rok3_24.wav ROK3_24 ROK3_24 Publicity Tour: "NO! Man, we're okay. We ain't been blown up, pal."
715 rok3_25.wav ROK3_25 ROK3_25 Publicity Tour: "Tommy, man, nice one. Rock and roll, man. Ain't we got a gig to go to?"
716 rok3_26.wav ROK3_26 ROK3_26 Publicity Tour: "A racket to make? Groupies to abuse? LOVE FIST!"
717 rok3_27.wav ROK3_27 ROK3_27 Publicity Tour: "Have you finished with that bottle?"
693 rok3_3.wav ROK3_3 ROK3_3 Publicity Tour: "I get confused if my head ain't banging. Ah look, what's this? Hey Tommy, stick this tape on."
694 rok3_4.wav ROK3_4 ROK3_4 Publicity Tour: "Love Fist. Your time polluting the airwaves is over. I gave you the chance to be friends."
695 rok3_5.wav ROK3_5 ROK3_5 Publicity Tour: "Now, I'm giving you the chance to die. Try to slow down and your limousine will explode, along with your BIG, HAIRY ARSES!"
696 rok3_6.wav ROK3_6 ROK3_6 Publicity Tour: "Tommy pal, you gotta save the band! I'm getting bored of this. Just keep the pedal to the metal!!"
718 rok3_62.wav ROK3_62 ROK3_62 unused: "so we thought we'd show you our Temple of Rock -"
719 rok3_63.wav ROK3_63 ROK3_63 unused: "Get a feel for that Love Fist fury!"
720 rok3_64.wav ROK3_64 ROK3_64 unused: "Listen to yourself, man. It's papier-mache and gaffa tape."
721 rok3_65.wav ROK3_65 ROK3_65 unused: "Hey, to the kids, it's a temple and we are the priests!"
722 rok3_66.wav ROK3_66 ROK3_66 unused: "Aye, well, if the kids like their priests half cut and tone deaf,"
723 rok3_67.wav ROK3_67 ROK3_67 unused: "who am I to argue?"
724 rok3_68.wav ROK3_68 ROK3_68 unused: "Oh geez, the tape's getting chewed again."
725 rok3_69.wav ROK3_69 ROK3_69 unused: "At this rate, we'll never get to play live."
697 rok3_7.wav ROK3_7 ROK3_7 Publicity Tour: "We gotta find the bomb! Can't we just drive around all day? Aye, we've got plenty to drink.."
726 rok3_70.wav ROK3_70 ROK3_70 unused: "Oohh shite! My bowels..."
727 rok3_71.wav ROK3_71 ROK3_71 unused: "We gotta get on with it - thanks again Tommy, Know what I am saying, nice one, bye!"
728 rok3_73.wav ROK3_73 ROK3_73 unused: "Jezz is running the tape,"
698 rok3_8.wav ROK3_8 ROK3_8 Publicity Tour: "Won't the bomb not be in the engine? We'll have to stop to get it. We're all going to die! I'm gonna get drunk!"
699 rok3_9.wav ROK3_9 ROK3_9 Publicity Tour: "Hey, there's a queue here pal! The answer ain't in the drinks cabinet! Get out of my way!"
89 rok_1.mp3 - RBM1_x Love Juice cutscene
90 rok_2.mp3 - RBM2_x Psycho Killer cutscene
91 rok_3a.mp3 - RBM3_x Publicity Tour first cutscene
- sfx.RAW - - Sound effects archive
- sfx.SDT - - Directory listing of sfx.RAW
112 SFX_01.wav sfx_01 - unused
113 SFX_02.wav sfx_02 - unused
1154 shaft01.wav shaft01 - Shaft Hot Dogs food service worker
1155 shaft02.wav shaft02 - Shaft Hot Dogs food service worker
1156 shaft03.wav shaft03 - Shaft Hot Dogs food service worker
1157 shaft04.wav shaft04 - Shaft Hot Dogs food service worker
1158 shaft05.wav shaft05 - Shaft Hot Dogs food service worker
1159 shaft06.wav shaft06 - Shaft Hot Dogs food service worker
1160 shaft07.wav shaft07 - Shaft Hot Dogs food service worker
1161 shaft08.wav shaft08 - Shaft Hot Dogs food service worker
794 shark_1.wav shark_1 - unused: "Vercetti. Where's my money?"
795 shark_2.wav shark_2 - unused: "Hey, Vercetti. I told you to pay, you prick."
796 shark_3.wav shark_3 - unused: "Where's my money, Vercetti?"
797 shark_4.wav shark_4 - unused: "Vercetti, you prick. Pay up."
798 shark_5.wav shark_5 - unused: "I told you, you prick. Pay up."
158 SnipSCRL.wav sniper -
159 SnipShort.wav snipsh -
575 star_1.wav star_1 - unused: "Sorry sir, this is a private community."
576 star_2.wav star_2 - unused: "Sorry, residence and their guests only."
577 star_3.wav star_3 - unused: "Welcome, Mr. Vercetti. Good to see you again."
578 star_4.wav star_4 - unused: "Tommy Vercetti, Mr. Diaz is expecting you, sir."
17 Strip.mp3 - - Pole Position Club area ambiance
566 STRIP_1.wav strip_1 - unused: "You want me, don't you?"
567 STRIP_2.wav strip_2 - unused: "You like me better than the other girls?"
568 STRIP_3.wav strip_3 - unused: "You like a dance, wouldn't you?"
569 STRIP_4.wav strip_4 - unused: "You having a good time, sweetheart?"
570 STRIP_5.wav strip_5 - unused: "Hey, you're big. I like that."
571 STRIP_6.wav strip_6 - unused: "Oh, I love this record, baby."
572 STRIP_7.wav strip_7 - unused: "Hey handsome."
573 STRIP_8.wav strip_8 - unused: "You want to tell me what's on your mind, sugar?"
574 STRIP_9.wav strip_9 - unused: "Are you all alone, baby?"
92 stripa.mp3 - - Pole Position cutscene
746 tax1_1.wav TAX1_1 TAX1_1 V.I.P.: "Ok, we got a high class fare needs picking up from Starfish island - any takers?"
747 tax1_2.wav TAX1_2 TAX1_2 V.I.P.: "Tommy here, I'll take it!"
748 tax1_3.wav TAX1_3 TAX1_3 V.I.P.: "This is my fare, back off asshole!"
749 tax1_4.wav TAX1_4 TAX1_4 V.I.P.: "Come on come on, Get in, quick!"
750 tax1_5.wav TAX1_5 TAX1_5 V.I.P.: "Ok, ok! Just don't hurt me!"
751 tax2_1.wav TAX2_1 TAX2_1 Friendly Rivalry: "Calling all cars, we're losing fares all over town. What's with you guys?"
752 tax2_2.wav TAX2_2 TAX2_2 Friendly Rivalry: "VC Cabs keep beating us to it. They've just got too many cars - we can't compete!"
753 tax2_3.wav TAX2_3 TAX2_3 Friendly Rivalry: "Mr. Vercetti, if you're out there listening in, you gotta put some VC Cabs out of action before we go bust!"
754 tax2_4.wav TAX2_4 TAX2_4 unused: "Go on, Tommy."
755 tax2_5.wav TAX2_5 TAX2_5 unused: "Beat the hell out of him."
756 tax2_6.wav TAX2_6 TAX2_6 unused: "He hasn't even got a license."
757 tax2_7.wav TAX2_7 TAX2_7 unused: "Damn limo services."
758 tax3_1.wav TAX3_1 TAX3_1 Cabmaggedon: "Car 13, We got a Miss Cortez, asked for you especially."
759 tax3_2.wav TAX3_2 TAX3_2 Cabmaggedon: "Ok, I got it. Car 13 out!"
760 tax3_3.wav TAX3_3 TAX3_3 Cabmaggedon: "Hmmmm, no sign of Mercedes..."
761 tax3_4.wav TAX3_4 TAX3_4 Cabmaggedon: "It's time for Kaufman Cab's guardian angel to eat some fender!"
762 tax3_5.wav TAX3_5 TAX3_5 unused: "Hey boy I'm gonna tan your hide!"
93 tax_1.mp3 - TAXC_x Taxi firm purchase cutscene
24 taxi.mp3 - - Kaufman Cabs radio
763 tex1_1.wav TEX1_1 TEX1_3 Four Iron: "Who's this guy? Boys, deal with him."
764 tex1_2.wav TEX1_2 - unused: "That'll teach you to come to my club, throwing your weight around."
765 tex1_3.wav TEX1_3 TEX1_7 Four Iron: "Is this me?"
766 tex1_4.wav TEX1_4 TEX1_6 Four Iron: "Nice ass baby!"
767 tex1_5.wav TEX1_5 TEX1_9 Four Iron: "Get him!"
768 tex1_6.wav TEX1_6 TEX1_10 Four Iron: "Kill that Psycho!"
769 tex2_1.wav TEX2_1 - unused: "He killed Francois."
770 tex3_1.wav TEX3_1 - Demolition Man: "What was that?"
771 tex3_2.wav TEX3_2 - Demolition Man: "What the f"
772 tex3_3.wav TEX3_3 - Demolition Man: "You want me to drill you?"
773 tex3_4.wav TEX3_4 - Demolition Man: "Crush. Kill. Demolish."
774 tex3_5.wav TEX3_5 - unused: "I don't know what this thing is doing but it's non-union."
775 tex3_6.wav TEX3_6 - Demolition Man: "Some piss ass messing around. I'll bust your wise ass toy."
776 tex3_7.wav TEX3_7 - unused: "I want to see what makes this son of a bitch tick."
777 tex3_8.wav TEX3_8 - Demolition Man: "Damn, I got to lay off the pills. I'm seeing shit."
94 tex_1.mp3 - TEX1_x Four Iron cutscene
95 tex_2.mp3 - TEX2_x Two Bit Hit cutscene
96 tex_3.mp3 - TEX3_x Demolition Man cutscene
5 VCPR.adf - - VCPR radio
4 VROCK.adf - - VRock radio
11 Water.mp3 - - Water ambiance
8 WAVE.adf - - Wave 103 radio
0 WILD.adf - - Wildstyle radio

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