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CodeWalker 28
Current version:v29 (GTA5-Mods release), R30_dev36 (Development version) (!)
Developed by:dexyfex
Supported games:GTA V
Type:Map Editor, RPF Archive manager, Texture importer/exporter, Mod installer
Initial release:March 02, 2017
Development status:Active
Next version:v30

CodeWalker is an open-source multi-purpose map editor for GTA V, developed by dexyfex. The tool has been developed in early 2017 with the help of the Chiliad Mystery community as a visual map editor and viewer. The first public version was released on March 02, 2017. Since then, it has been expanded to feature an RPF Explorer, and tools such as a JOAAT Hash generator, binary search for files, scenario editor, and cutscene and animation viewers. v30 development versions also feature the ability to export almost any file format to XML which can be edited and re-imported to the original format.


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Grand Theft Auto V

  • A 3D Map Editor and Viewer
    • Project Window
    • Scenario Editor
    • YMAP and YTYP editor
    • Cutscene Viewer
    • World collision creator and editor
  • RPF Explorer
    • JenkGen (hash generator)
    • Binary Search
    • Text editor
  • Model Viewer
  • Ped and Animation Viewer
  • Vehicle Viewer
  • Audio Editor (audio containers and .dat files)
  • (R30 dev version) XML Export - any file format.
  • (R30 dev version) XML Import - any file format.

Tools and Services

Map Editor and Viewer

The main feature of the tool, a visual map editor. It allows the user to view the entire world map and edit any part of it, including LODs, Scenarios, and collisions. In addition, it allows the user to view the map's audio boundaries, paths, collisions, water quads, car generators, timecycle boundaries, entity and archetype extensions, Scenarios, LODlights, and occlusions. Pressing P will enter 'walk' mode which allows the user to move around the map as if they were walking in first person view, while left clicking anywhere while holding Left Control will throw an alien egg as a means of quickly testing the world collisions. The map viewer also contains time, weather, and cloud controls to allow the user to better see the map/edit in different environmental conditions.


Although the ASI is not included with CodeWalker, it supports OpenIV's mods folder feature and its OPEN RPF encryption.

Version history

Version 29

Released on March 14, 2018

  • RPF Explorer Edit Mode, with drag & drop
  • New improved Project Window
  • YNV Nav mesh editing (WIP!)
  • CodeWalker.Core library which can be used by other developers
  • Colour theme options for RPF Explorer and Project Window
  • Snap to ground and Snap to grid editing option
  • Vehicle wheel meshes are now rendered (no mirroring yet)
  • AWC Audio Player will now play some audios
  • Improved interiors rendering and selection info
  • Improved GTA folder management
  • Improved nav mesh and paths rendering
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Previous versions