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0186 in action in Vice City

GTA III Vice City San Andreas ADD_BLIP_FOR_CAR


Adds a blip and a marker to the vehicle


0186: [var] = create_marker_above_car [car handle]
[var] = Marker.CreateAboveCar( [car handle] )


[car handle]
The handle of the vehicle
Variable to store the handle of the blip

This opcode adds a square blip in the radar denoting the location of the vehicle and a marker above the vehicle. In GTA III the arrow is blue, in Vice City it is pink, and in San Andreas it is red. The opcode is almost equivalent to 0161 but the properties of the blip are preset. The default properties of the blip, which can be changed using other opcodes, are:

  • Color: 0 (red) in GTA III and 4 (yellow) in Vice City
  • Scale: 3
  • Display: 3 (both blip and marker)

Both the blip and marker can be removed using opcode 0164.


create, set, marker, blip, arrow, car, vehicle