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Myriad Islands is a community map project that is planned to totally convert the entire map of San Andreas into a user-made paradise. It has entirely new land, some new cars and weapons, a completely fresh new mission script, and much more.


The project was first started by illspirit in 2003 for Vice City. The entire map of Vice City was replaced by two islands. People were allowed to request sections of land to build buildings on them. After a few years, two more islands were created north of this. When San Andreas for PC was released, the map from Vice City was converted to San Andreas. In 2006, another project similar to this called Grand Tani Islands was merged into the Myriad Islands project.


The islands are split into lots. Empty lots can be requested by players so they can model their own buildings on it. There are certain limits on what can be built on them, but the general rule is to be realistic. If lack of progress is shown, the lot can be revoked from the player. All GTA vehicles and weapons will eventually be replaced by custom models. Players can request a vehicle or weapon to replace and model a vehicle or weapon that should be better than the model that is being replaced.


Since the entire map is user-made, there can be some oddities that can visually look bad, as well as glitches that can crash the game on the VC engine. Most glitches should be traceable, but some are not. The islands are not entirely stable on the VC engine but the mod is very stable to play with it for hours on the SA engine.


Some people have managed to install Myriad Islands onto the XBox, most notably Opius. The team does not directly support this version since it is a lot harder to mod on the XBox than on the PC.