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This article contains an incomplete list of sections used in the RenderWare binary stream file format. It is based on header definitions by Criterion Software. Within the RenderWare engine, sections are also commonly called chunks.

Identifier Format

A section identifier is an 4-byte integer that defines the semantics of a section and the hierarchy. It is part of the section header. For more information see RenderWare binary streams.

The identifier itself is not choosen at random, but instead contains two parts: a vendor-specific ID, that is unique to the author of the section and an identifier that uniquely identifies the section. The vendor ID is stored within the upper 24 bits of the identifier, whilst the section ID is stored in the lower byte. Criterion used 8 builtin vendor IDs to distinguish between engine modules: 0x000001 to 0x000008. Besides the default core module (vendor ID 0x000000), only two modules are used in the GTA games, namely Toolkit (0x000002) and World (0x000005).

Rockstar added several custom plugins, which use the vendor ID 0x0253F2. The section IDs 0xF4, 0xF7, 0xFF are reserved, but not implemented in any of the GTA games.

Section List

Identifier Section Module/Vendor Description
0x00000001 Struct Core A generic section that stores data for its parent.
0x00000002 String Core Stores a 4-byte aligned ASCII string.
0x00000003 Extension Core A container for non-standard extensions of its parent section.
0x00000005 Camera Core Contains a camera (unused in GTA games).
0x00000006 Texture Core Stores the sampler state of a texture.
0x00000007 Material Core Defines a material to be used on a geometry.
0x00000008 Material List Core Container for a list of materials.
0x00000009 Atomic Section Core
0x0000000A Plane Section Core
0x0000000B World Core
0x0000000C Spline Core
0x0000000D Matrix Core
0x0000000E Frame List Core Container for a list of frames. A frame holds the transformation that is applied to an Atomic.
0x0000000F Geometry Core A platform-independent container for meshes.
0x00000010 Clump Core The root section for a 3D model.
0x00000012 Light Core Stores different dynamic lights.
0x00000013 Unicode String Core
0x00000014 Atomic Core Defines the basic unit for the RenderWare graphics pipeline. Generally speaking, an Atomic can be directly converted to a single draw call.
0x00000015 Raster Core Stores a platform-dependent (i.e. native) texture image.
0x00000016 Texture Dictionary Core A container for texture images (also called raster).
0x00000017 Animation Database Core
0x00000018 Image Core
0x00000019 Skin Animation Core
0x0000001A Geometry List Core A container for a list of geometries.
0x0000001B Anim Animation Core
0x0000001C Team Core
0x0000001D Crowd Core
0x0000001E Delta Morph Animation Core
0x0000001f Right To Render Core Stores the render pipeline the engine uses to draw an atomic or material.
0x00000020 MultiTexture Effect Native Core
0x00000021 MultiTexture Effect Dictionary Core
0x00000022 Team Dictionary Core
0x00000023 Platform Independent Texture Dictionary Core
0x00000024 Table of Contents Core
0x00000025 Particle Standard Global Data Core
0x00000026 AltPipe Core
0x00000027 Platform Independent Peds Core
0x00000028 Patch Mesh Core
0x00000029 Chunk Group Start Core
0x0000002A Chunk Group End Core
0x0000002B UV Animation Dictionary Core
0x0000002C Coll Tree Core
0x00000101 Metrics PLG Toolkit
0x00000102 Spline PLG Toolkit
0x00000103 Stereo PLG Toolkit
0x00000104 VRML PLG Toolkit
0x00000105 Morph PLG Toolkit
0x00000106 PVS PLG Toolkit
0x00000107 Memory Leak PLG Toolkit
0x00000108 Animation PLG Toolkit
0x00000109 Gloss PLG Toolkit
0x0000010a Logo PLG Toolkit
0x0000010b Memory Info PLG Toolkit
0x0000010c Random PLG Toolkit
0x0000010d PNG Image PLG Toolkit
0x0000010e Bone PLG Toolkit
0x0000010f VRML Anim PLG Toolkit
0x00000110 Sky Mipmap Val Toolkit Stores MipMap parameters for the PS2 version of the engine (codenamed Sky).
0x00000111 MRM PLG Toolkit
0x00000112 LOD Atomic PLG Toolkit
0x00000113 ME PLG Toolkit
0x00000114 Lightmap PLG Toolkit
0x00000115 Refine PLG Toolkit
0x00000116 Skin PLG Toolkit
0x00000117 Label PLG Toolkit
0x00000118 Particles PLG Toolkit
0x00000119 GeomTX PLG Toolkit
0x0000011a Synth Core PLG Toolkit
0x0000011b STQPP PLG Toolkit
0x0000011c Part PP PLG Toolkit
0x0000011d Collision PLG Toolkit
0x0000011e HAnim PLG Toolkit
0x0000011f User Data PLG Toolkit
0x00000120 Material Effects PLG Toolkit
0x00000121 Particle System PLG Toolkit
0x00000122 Delta Morph PLG Toolkit
0x00000123 Patch PLG Toolkit
0x00000124 Team PLG Toolkit
0x00000125 Crowd PP PLG Toolkit
0x00000126 Mip Split PLG Toolkit
0x00000127 Anisotropy PLG Toolkit Stores the anisotropy for a texture filter.
0x00000129 GCN Material PLG Toolkit
0x0000012a Geometric PVS PLG Toolkit
0x0000012b XBOX Material PLG Toolkit
0x0000012c Multi Texture PLG Toolkit
0x0000012d Chain PLG Toolkit
0x0000012e Toon PLG Toolkit
0x0000012f PTank PLG Toolkit
0x00000130 Particle Standard PLG Toolkit
0x00000131 PDS PLG Toolkit
0x00000132 PrtAdv PLG Toolkit
0x00000133 Normal Map PLG Toolkit
0x00000134 ADC PLG Toolkit
0x00000135 UV Animation PLG Toolkit
0x00000180 Character Set PLG Toolkit
0x00000181 NOHS World PLG Toolkit
0x00000182 Import Util PLG Toolkit
0x00000183 Slerp PLG Toolkit
0x00000184 Optim PLG Toolkit
0x00000185 TL World PLG Toolkit
0x00000186 Database PLG Toolkit
0x00000187 Raytrace PLG Toolkit
0x00000188 Ray PLG Toolkit
0x00000189 Library PLG Toolkit
0x00000190 2D PLG Toolkit
0x00000191 Tile Render PLG Toolkit
0x00000192 JPEG Image PLG Toolkit
0x00000193 TGA Image PLG Toolkit
0x00000194 GIF Image PLG Toolkit
0x00000195 Quat PLG Toolkit
0x00000196 Spline PVS PLG Toolkit
0x00000197 Mipmap PLG Toolkit
0x00000198 MipmapK PLG Toolkit
0x00000199 2D Font Toolkit
0x0000019a Intersection PLG Toolkit
0x0000019b TIFF Image PLG Toolkit
0x0000019c Pick PLG Toolkit
0x0000019d BMP Image PLG Toolkit
0x0000019e RAS Image PLG Toolkit
0x0000019f Skin FX PLG Toolkit
0x000001a0 VCAT PLG Toolkit
0x000001a1 2D Path Toolkit
0x000001a2 2D Brush Toolkit
0x000001a3 2D Object Toolkit
0x000001a4 2D Shape Toolkit
0x000001a5 2D Scene Toolkit
0x000001a6 2D Pick Region Toolkit
0x000001a7 2D Object String Toolkit
0x000001a8 2D Animation PLG Toolkit
0x000001a9 2D Animation Toolkit
0x000001b0 2D Keyframe Toolkit
0x000001b1 2D Maestro Toolkit
0x000001b2 Barycentric Toolkit
0x000001b3 Platform Independent Texture Dictionary TK Toolkit
0x000001b4 TOC TK Toolkit
0x000001b5 TPL TK Toolkit
0x000001b6 AltPipe TK Toolkit
0x000001b7 Animation TK Toolkit
0x000001b8 Skin Split Tookit Toolkit
0x000001b9 Compressed Key TK Toolkit
0x000001ba Geometry Conditioning PLG Toolkit
0x000001bb Wing PLG Toolkit
0x000001bc Generic Pipeline TK Toolkit
0x000001bd Lightmap Conversion TK Toolkit
0x000001be Filesystem PLG Toolkit
0x000001bf Dictionary TK Toolkit
0x000001c0 UV Animation Linear Toolkit
0x000001c1 UV Animation Parameter Toolkit
0x0000050E Bin Mesh PLG World
0x00000510 Native Data PLG World
0x0000F21E ZModeler Lock ZModeler Unofficial extension that stores a password that protects the file from beeing modified when opened in ZModeler. Ignored by other applications like RWAnalyze and the GTA games.
0x0253F200 Atomic Visibility Distance Rockstar
0x0253F201 Clump Visibility Distance Rockstar
0x0253F202 Frame Visibility Distance Rockstar
0x0253F2F3 Pipeline Set Rockstar Stores the render pipeline used to draw objects with Rockstar-specific plug-ins.
0x0253F2F5 TexDictionary Link Rockstar
0x0253F2F6 Specular Material Rockstar Stores a specularity map.
0x0253F2F8 2d Effect Rockstar Used to attach various GTA-specific effects to models, for example to enable script interaction or particle effects.
0x0253F2F9 Extra Vert Colour Rockstar Stores an additional array of vertex colors, that are used in GTA during night-time to simulate some effects of dynamic global lighting.
0x0253F2FA Collision Model Rockstar Stores a collision model.
0x0253F2FB GTA HAnim Rockstar
0x0253F2FC Reflection Material Rockstar Enables advanced environment mapping.
0x0253F2FD Breakable Rockstar Contains a mesh that is used to render objects that are breakable (like windows or tables).
0x0253F2FE Frame Rockstar Stores the name of a frame within a Frame List.

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