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RW Stream Section

Atomic is a container section used in DFF files as child of a Clump section. It is normally accompanied by a Struct section. An atomic section can associate a Frame with a Geometry.

Atomics are - generally speaking - converted to draw-calls directly. They therefor resemble parts of the geometry (sub-geometries) that should be rendered "as one", utilizing a certain rendering pipeline. They are transformed from object-space directly or indirectly based on the transformation rules that are set for the Frame.


An atomic section contains Struct, Geometry (optional) and Extension sections. A Struct section has 16 bytes in size (may be different in some RW versions).

struct rwAtomicStruct
    unsigned int frameIndex; // zero-based index
    unsigned int geometryIndex; // zero-based index
    unsigned int flags;
    unsigned int unused; // sets to 0 by default


There are only 2 options available:

0x01 rpATOMICCOLLISIONTEST - A generic collision flag to indicate that the atomic should be considered in collision tests. 
                             It wasn't used in GTA games since they don't use RW collision system.
0x04 rpATOMICRENDER        - The atomic is rendered if it is in the view frustum. It's set to TRUE for all models by default.

Child Sections


  • Right To Render - optional. Used for Skin Rights or/and Normal Map Rights.
  • Particles PLG - optional. Used for built-in Renderware particles.
  • Pipeline Set - optional. Used to set up atomic's custom rendering pipeline.
  • User Data PLG - optional. Used for custom rendering properties based on the given title.
  • Material Effects PLG - optional. Determines if atomic uses MatFx effects and thus must be rendered via MatFx rendering pipeline.