Extension (RW Section)

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RenderWare Stream Section
Vendor Criterion Games
Module Core
Module ID 0x000000
Identifier 0x03
Chunk ID 0x00000003
Versions All
Texture, Camera, Material, Material List, Frame List, Geometry, Geometry List, Clump, Light, Atomic, Raster, Texture Dictionary, Anim Animation, Right to Render, UV Animation Dictionary, Coll Tree
Sky Mipmap Val, Anisotropy, Right To Render, User Data PLG, Material Effects PLG, UV Animation PLG, Reflection Material, Specular Material, Frame, HAnim PLG, Bin Mesh PLG, Native Data PLG, Skin PLG, Breakable, Extra Vert Colour, Morph PLG, 2d Effect, Collision Model, Right To Render, Particles PLG, Pipeline Set, User Data PLG, Material Effects PLG
File Format

Extension chunks are containers for plugin data. See this to find out which objects can have plugins attached and hence an extension chunk. The contents of this chunk are one (optional!) chunk per plugin where the chunk ID is the same as the plugin ID. Note that one section may contain multiple or no extension sections. An extension itself does not store any data, but rather acts as a container for additional sections.

Typically all sections from the core module can have an extension, except for the rudimentary types, such as Struct, String and Extension itself.