Anim Animation (RW Section)

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Anim Animation
RenderWare Stream Section
Vendor Criterion Games
Module Core
Module ID 0x000000
Identifier 0x1B
Chunk ID 0x0000001B
Versions All
UV Animation Dictionary
File Format

Anim Animation is a container defining animation of a certain type defined in its structure.

Stream Format

An Anim Animation block contains no children; All the data is stored in the chunk itself.


4b  - DWORD    - Version: animation's version format (in all GTAs - 1.0 (0x100))
4b  - DWORD    - Type: defines the frame format
4b  - DWORD    - Frames: number of frames defined in the container
4b  - DWORD    - Flags
4b  - FLOAT    - Duration: complete duration of the animation


The header is followed by a frame block. The structure of them depends on the type id defined in the Header.

Known Type ID's

UV Animation - 0x1C1

This structure defines a frame for a UV animation.


4b  - INT32    - Unknown (index of first frame?)
32b - CHAR[32] - Name for the animation
32b - FLOAT[8] - Node to UV-channel


The header is followed by frame count defined in the Anim Animation header.

4b  - FLOAT    - Time: time stamp for this frame (for interpolation)
12b - FLOAT[3] - Scale
12b - FLOAT[3] - Position
4b  - INT32    - Previous frame index (negative if none)

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