UV Animation PLG (RW Section)

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RW Stream Section
UV Animation PLG

UV Animation PLG is an extension to the Material section in the Renderware stream file format. It is part of the Renderware Toolkit and can be used animate a texture in UV-Space.

Binary structure

The existence of this section is typically determined by a effect within a Material Effects section, which is also an extension of the Material section. It contains the names of UV animations that are to be attached to this material. The maximum is 8 but most often only one animation is found here.

 uint32         mask
 char[n][32]    animation names

Where n is the number of animations. To each of the 8 animation slots corresponds a bit in the mask (slot n has bit 1<<n set, counting from 0). If bit n is set, a 32 byte string follows (with n counting up).

A UV animation can animate up to 8 nodes/UV sets.

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