Specular Material (RW Section)

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RW Stream Section
Specular Material

A Specular Material is one of Rockstar's custom sections. In GTA San Andreas it is used to store material information for specular lighting. The typical location in a SA dff section hierarchy is Clump > Geometry List > Geometry > Material List > Material > Extension > Specular Material.

The Specular Material section is exclusive to San Andreas and Manhunt. To use a specular material, the rendering pipeline that is responsible for rendering the object must support specular materials. This is true by default for vehicles, but not for buildings. To hook specularity into the rendering pipeline, the pipeline extion for the geometries atomic needs to be changed.

Data Layout

 4b - FLOAT    - Specular Level (0.0-1.0)
24b - CHAR[24] - Specular Texture Name, see below

On the PC and Xbox versions of the game a specular texture is not used. On the PS2 however, it is used as a second reflection map. The string is null terminated, and aligned to 4 byte boundaries with extra zeros appended.

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