Frame List (RW Section)

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Frame List
RenderWare Stream Section
Vendor Criterion Games
Module Core
Module ID 0x000000
Identifier 0x0E
Chunk ID 0x0000000E
Versions All
Frame, HAnim PLG
File Format

Frame List is a container section used in DFF files as child of a clump section. Just like the clump section it does only store child sections and no data. All additional informations are hold by a struct section.


All required information stored inside a struct section which represents the first child section of the list.

4b  - DWORD    - Number of frames

The structure is followed up by an array of frame information data for each frame. It uses the following format:

36b - TMatrix  - Rotation matrix
12b - TVector  - Position
4b  - DWORD    - Current frame index (or previous sibling?)
4b  - DWORD    - Matrix creation flags (see discussion page)

TMatrix and TVector are abstract data types with the following format for TVector:

4b  - FLOAT    - Coordinate X
4b  - FLOAT    - Coordinate Y
4b  - FLOAT    - Coordinate Z

And TMatrix represents a collection of 3 TVector's:

12b - TVector   - Vector 1
12b - TVector   - Vector 2
12b - TVector   - Vector 3


A frame list can be extented by an extension section. For this section the extension can appear multiple times. The amount of extensions does not need to match the number of frames defined above, but it usually does since the extensions are holding the names of the single frames and their animations.