UV Animation Dictionary (RW Section)

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UV Animation Dictionary
RenderWare Stream Section
Vendor Criterion Games
Module Core
Module ID 0x000000
Identifier 0x2B
Chunk ID 0x0000002B
Versions All
Material (?)
Struct, Anim Animation
File Format

UV Animation Dictionary is a container for the definition of UV Animations in a model file. The animations defined in the block can be referenced to in the UV Animation PLG chunk in a material's extensions.


The UV Animation Dictionary has child chunks, one Struct (described below) and a list of Anim Animation sections. The struct contains the size of the list:

  4b - DWORD - Number of UV Animations (n)

The maximum number of UV Animations that can be defined in this block is hardcoded, and is 8.

The Struct is followed by n Anim Animation chunks, each defining an animation.

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