Texture Dictionary (RW Section)

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Texture Dictionary
RenderWare Stream Section
Vendor Criterion Games
Module Core
Module ID 0x000000
Identifier 0x16
Chunk ID 0x00000016
Versions All
Struct, Raster
File Format

Texture Dictionary is usually the root section of TXD files, thus it only contains child sections, no data. It is a container for Raster sections, that store the actual image data. It is accompanied by a Struct section that stores information about the dictionary contents.


The struct section that comes right after the dictionary section contains 4 bytes of data. This struct tells how many textures are presented in dictionary.

RenderWare 3.0 - 3.5

struct rwTexDictionary {
    unsigned int textureCount;    // determines count of Raster sections

RenderWare 3.6 and newer

struct rwTexDictionary {
    unsigned short textureCount;   // determines count of Rastersections
    unsigned short deviceId;       // 1 for D3D8, 2 for D3D9, 6 for PlayStation 2, 8 for XBOX

If deviceId is not zero, then the RenderWare engine can reject this texture dictionary if it is told to do so. In practice, all GTA games do not care.