Pipeline Set (RW Section)

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Pipeline Set
RenderWare Stream Section
Vendor Rockstar Games
Module Plug-In
Module ID 0x0253F2
Identifier 0xF3
Chunk ID 0x0253F2F3
Versions All
Atomic (Extension)
File Format

A Pipeline Set is one of Rockstar's custom sections. It is used by the Renderware engine to select a rendering pipeline that takes responsibility for drawing a atomic.

Binary structure

The section only consists of an 4-byte integer which can have one of three different values. This value will determine which of the engine's rendering pipeline to use for an atomic.

For example if the data is 0x53F2009A a specular material can be added to a non-vehicle object. Primarily this is used for vehicle upgrade parts and some cutscene objects. Vehicles are using this rendering pipeline by default and do not need a pipeline set. It is not possible to add specular or reflective materials to a player, pedestrian or other 'skinned' models.

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