Extra Vert Colour (RW Section)

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Extra Vertex Colors
RenderWare Stream Section
Vendor Rockstar Games
Module Plug-In
Module ID 0x0253F2
Identifier 0xF9
Chunk ID 0x0253F2F9
Versions (and higher)
Geometry (Extension)
File Format

Extra Vertex Colors, formerly Night Vertex Colors, is one of Rockstar's custom sections. In GTA San Andreas it is used to store alternative vertex colors displayed at night time.

Magic number

The initial 4 bytes sequence signals the usage of the extension:

UINT32  magicNumber

If zero, the section ends here. A non-zero value has no particular meaning and can be any (see Meaningless values).

Color data

This is an array of nighttime prelit colors blended according to a balancing parameter swinging throughout the game's virtual day:

BYTE[4] nightVertColours[geometry->numVertices]