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"TXD" redirects here. For the folder, see txd (folder).

Texture archives in the GTA III game trilogy go by the extension .txd (Texture Dictionary). The files belong to RenderWare's binary stream files. Since GTA IV uses the new RAGE engine, it also uses different texture formats. Textures are still stored in dictionaries but they use the extension .#td, where the first character is specific for each platform:

  • .wtd - for PC Version (Windows x86)
  • .xtd - for Xbox 360 Version (Xenon)
  • .ctd - for PS3 Version (Cell)
  • .dtd - for Xbox One Version (Durango)
  • .otd - for PS4 Version (Orbis)
  • .ytd - for PC Version (Windows x64)

Texture formats in texture archives may vary depending on platform - on the PC version they are usually encoded as DXTn textures or raw bitmaps. The Android and iOS ports of GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas can load 8-bit BMPs, although they use texture compression formats specific to the video hardware present in the device (e.g. Mali for Samsung's Galaxy S2, S3 and various other devices, Adreno for Androids using Qualcomm Snapdragons and PowerVR for early Apple devices, respectively), as using uncompressed bitmaps may present a significant performance penalty on the device.

Tools and Scripts

Game Tool
GTA IV G-Texture – by REspawn
GTA III Vice City San Andreas Magic.TXD – by DK22Pac and The_GTA
GTA III Vice City San Andreas TXD Workshop – by JernejL
GTA III Vice City San Andreas TXD Builder – by steve-m
GTA III Vice City San Andreas TXD Viewer (PS2 only) – by steve-m
GTA III Vice City San Andreas G-TXD – by REspawn
GTA III Vice City San Andreas TxdGen – by The_GTA
Vice City ViceTXD – by Spooky
GTA III Vice City dffxbox2pc (Xbox only) – by AK-73

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