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A script is a collection of instructions that performs a specific task when executed by a virtual machine.

Mission Script


  • 00D7 – Starts a script
  • 004F – Starts a script with additional parameters
  • 004E – Ends the current script
  • 03A4 – Gives a name to the script
  • 0459 – Ends a named script

CLEO Opcodes:

  • 0A92 – Starts a CLEO script
  • 0A93 – Ends a CLEO script
  • 0A95 – Enables saving for a CLEO script
  • 0A9F – Returns the pointer to the current script
  • 0AAA – Returns the pointer to a named CLEO script
  • 0ABA – Ends a named CLEO script

Native functions:

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