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The object.dat file is located in the .\data directory of GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas, or the .\common\data directory of GTA IV. It allows objects defined in an IDE file to be dynamic and able to interact with the environment.


Documentation of the format already exists within the file itself.

GTA III Vice City San Andreas Identifier Type Description
A Object name string
B Mass float
C TurnMass float
D Air Resistance float
E Elasticity float
F Percent Submerged float
G Uproot Limit float
H Collision Damage Multiplier float
I Collision Damage Effect integer
J Special Collision Response Cases integer
K Camera to avoid this object integer
L Causes Explosion integer
M FX_TYPE integer
N,O,P FX_OFFSET float[3]
Q FX_NAME string
R B-SM float
S B-VX float
T B-VY float
U B-VZ float
V B-VR float
W B-GUN integer
X B_SPK integer