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GTA III's tracks*.dat map. The white-bordered boxes are zones of entry in train*.dat.
GTA IV's tracks*.dat map

The tracks*.dat creates a pathway for indestructible vehicles, which includes trains and planes, to travel on in GTA III, San Andreas, and GTA IV. These files are located in the .\data\paths folder in the GTA III and San Andreas directories, and the ..\common\data\paths folder in the GTA IV directory.


GTA III San Andreas GTA IV Type Description
Section 1
A integer The number of lines that are to be read from the file.
Section 2
A,B,C float[3] X, Y, Z coordinates, each line linked to create a path
- D integer Station, 1 - left side exit, 2 - right side exit
- - E string Station name for use in trainhelper.sco