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A stub is a short article which has not yet received special editing attention from the GTAModding community, and therefore contains very little information.

A stub generally contains 3-10 sentences - an explanatary paragraph on the article's subject. If it is shorter than this, then it is not seen as good enough quality for an article; if it is substantially more than this, then it is a fully-fledged article, and not a stub.

Stubs should be marked clearly as a stub, and there should ideally be an invitation for the community to edit it and turn it in to a better article.

To view all stubs, see Category:Stubs and its sub categories.


The following templates have been created to put on stub pages:


All stubs should look like this:

This X article is a stub. You can help by expanding it.

Where 'X' is the type of article, linking to its category;
Where 'stub' links to Help:Stub;
Where 'expanding it' links to the edit page of the stub.


To mark an article as stub, include the appropriate template. You do this by adding the name of the template, enclosed in double curly brackets, at the end of your article.