X Train Track Editor

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X Train Track Editor
X Train Track Editor
Current version:1.5
Developed by:User.pngxmen
Supported games:GTA SA, GTA 4

X Train Track Editor is yet another train track editor, in other words its an expansion version of Train Track Editor but this time it supports 3D, GTA IV as well as SA and many more features.

Major Features

Version 1.5

  • Add and Insert new points on mouse click
  • Move Points by mouse
  • Train/Plane path animation
  • WalkThrough
  • Multiple delete and move
  • More Flexible
  • Better Blue GUI
  • some bugs removed and many more

Version 1.0

  • Operations
    • Insert new points
    • Delete points
    • Move Points
  • 3D view
  • New 3D Modes
  • Flexible
  • Intellisence
  • Supports
    • GTA SA
    • GTA IV

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