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RenderWare Stream Section
Vendor Criterion Games
Module Core
Module ID 0x000000
Identifier 0x10
Chunk ID 0x00000010
Versions All
Material List
Struct, Frame List, Geometry List, Atomic, Light, Camera
Collision Model
File Format

A Clump is a container for a Frame hierarchy to which Atomics, Lights and Cameras are attached.


In a binary stream a Clump's child chunks are a Struct (described below), a Frame List, a Geometry List, a number of Atomics, optionally a number of Structs and Lights and a number of Structs and Cameras (Cameras are unused in GTA). Actually a .dff file contains exactly one Clump by definition but R* stores more than one in some cases (III peds and SA player models).

Cameras and Lights as part of Clumps were first introduced after version 0x33000. Versions 0x33000 and below do not have them.

The Clump's Struct has the following format:

int32 - Number of Atomics
int32 - Number of Lights - only present after version 0x33000
int32 - Number of Cameras - only present after version 0x33000 but 0 in all GTA files

Following the struct are a Frame List and a Geometry List. After that a number of Atomics as given by the atomic count. If the Clump has lights or cameras, next come pairs of Structs and Lights and Structs and Cameras respectively. In both cases the Struct contains a 4 byte index into the Frame List for the Frame the Light or Camera should be attached to.

Before version 0x30400 (loplyguy.dff in GTA III, version 0x30200) the structure is a little different. The Clump has no Geometry List and the Geometries are children of their respective Atomic chunks (and consequently the Atomic Struct is 4 bytes shorter for having no geometry index).