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This page describes the format of pre-instanced DFFs as used by the mobile GTA games.

Bin Mesh

The Bin Mesh's chunk format is almost the same as in non-instanced DFFs. The only difference is that the indices are uint16 (as used internally by RW) instead of uint32.

Native Data

The Native Data has no child Struct like on the other platforms and not platform information.

uint32       number of attributes (numAttribs)
#repeat for numAttribs (attribute description)
    uint32   attribute index
    int32    type (0 = GL_FLOAT, 1 = GL_BYTE, 2 = GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, 3 = GL_SHORT, 4 = GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT)
    bool32   isNormalized
    int32    size
    uint32   stride (same for all attributes)
    uint32   offset
uint8        data[stride*geometry->numVertices]

Apart from the type, attribute descriptions can be directly passed to glVertexAttribPointer.


Each vertex attribute in an OpenGL shader has an index. The indices used by the mobile GTAs are the following:

0 - vertex position
1 - tex coord 0
2 - normal
3 - color
4 - vertex weights (only used with skinned geometry)
5 - bone indices (only used with skinned geometry)
6 - extra color (only used with SA's extra color plugin)


The Skin chunk contains a Struct chunk with the following data:

uint32   platform ID (2 for OpenGL)
uint32   number of Bones (numBones)
float32  matrices[numBones][16]

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