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Current version:0.16
Developed by:User.pngjonc
Supported games:GTA 3, GTA VC, GTA SA
Type:script editor

Point is a scripting tool developed by Jon Caruana. This project was abandoned in 2006. It was the first user made high-level scripting tool (in fact, first high-level at all, even Rockstar's compiler is only an advanced parser) made for coding III Era GTAs. Originally developed for VC/III, this tool has been expanded to work for all three 3D games (III, VC, SA). One major disadvantage to this is that the file headers it writes, while readable by the game, are unrecognized by any line by line decompilers. So once a file has been compiled in Point, it cannot be decompiled again by another tool to see the exact generated code.


  • Full C operator evaluation
  • High-level control constructs like if, for, do, while, switch
  • Object-oriented syntax
  • Strongly typed and user named variables with automatic allocation of actual memory addresses
  • Generates human-readable assembly to allow for debugging if necessary
  • A machine description XML file replaces the opcode ini file used in older tools and includes parameter names and types, preventing accidental missing or wrong-type parameters

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