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The .fxt file extension used for files containing the game texts. These files have two different meanings explained below.


GTA 1 used FXT files to store all the game texts. The original installation contained five .FXT files with different translations:


Since GTA 2 this format was replaced with the more advanced GXT format.


GXTHook reintroduced FXT files to store text messages that are being displayed in game instead of the original ones. A new format was much simplier. A GXTHook's fxt file contains a list of plain text entries in the following format:


Since CLEO 4, GXTHook was built in the library, so now CLEO continues using FXT files in GTA 3, GTA VC, GTA SA.

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  • FXT Editor - a handy tool made by WordsBG to create and edit FXT files used by the GXTHook plugin