Camera (RW Section)

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RenderWare Stream Section
Vendor Criterion Games
Module Core
Module ID 0x000000
Identifier 0x05
Chunk ID 0x00000005
Versions All
File Format

Camera is a section used in DFF files as child of a Clump section. It is normally accompanied by a Struct section. Note that RenderWare cameras are not used in GTA.


The section itself typically does not contain any content. All information about the camera is stored within a Struct section, directly following the camera section header. This structure contains the following information:

 4b - FLOAT[2] - Viewport origin
 4b - FLOAT    - Viewport width
 4b - FLOAT    - Viewport height
 4b - FLOAT    - Near plane
 4b - FLOAT    - Far plane
 4b - FLOAT    - Fog distance
 4b - DWORD    - Projection mode

The projection mode can be one of the following values:

 0x01 - rwPERSPECTIVE - Perspective projection
 0x02 - rwPARALLEL    - Orthographic projection