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This article deals with the format of a save game file for GTA San Andreas. It is specifically geared towards the PC version(s) but much of it may be applicable to console versions too.

Location and Format Overview

By default, GTA SA places its saved game files into the folder "GTA San Andreas User Files" which is located in the current user's Documents folder. The location of this folder varies depending upon the version of Windows installed. Some typical locations for a user with an account named "Fred" would be:

  • C:\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User FilesWindows 98 Example
  • C:\Documents and Settings\Fred\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User FilesWindows XP Example
  • C:\Users\Fred\Documents\GTA San Andreas User FilesWindows Vista Example

Obviously those locations can vary based upon different Windows configurations or installation options. Note also that the executable can be modified to use a different file location through the use of a hex editor and special registry key in a process outlined at GTAForums or use Save Game Path Editor

The save files themselves are named in the format GTASAsfX.b where X represents the in-game slot number. So, the game saved in slot 1 will be stored in the save file GTASAsf1.b and the game saved in slot 5 will be stored in the save file GTASAsf5.b. There are 8 slots available in the game (1-8). GTASA save files are always 0x31800 bytes long (202,752 in decimal) and are not compressed or encoded in any way.

Format Details

A GTASA save file consists of 28 "blocks" of data followed by some duplicated data for padding and then ending with a checksum value. Each of these elements is described below.

Data Blocks

Each data block consists of the 5 characters BLOCK followed by a variable amount of data; in general, each block has its own unique internal format. The format descriptions in this article only deal with those internal block formats which follow the initial BLOCK identifier and all offsets start at the byte following the BLOCK identifier for the given block.

Note that many of the blocks contain data structures. These structures are aligned along 4-byte boundaries; thus if there's a field with size 1 or 2 bytes in the end of structure, there are also additional unused bytes present at the end of the structure which pad it to fill the remaining space. This type of gap can also occur in the middle of a structure. The convention used by this article is to mark such gaps as an array of bytes with the description (Align) .

Block 0: Simple Vars

Game "meta-information" giving the overall state of things. This block has a constant length of 0x138 bytes

0x0000 dword version ID (checksum of a string describing the time of compilation)[1]
0x0004 char[100] save name (long names are truncated on the save/load screen)[2]
0x0068 byte current mission pack
0x0069 byte[3] (Align)
0x006C dword current town (island) (used when a replay playback is started/finished)
0x0070 float[3] camera coordinates (x,y,z)
0x007C dword length (ms) of in-game minute
0x0080 dword weather timer
0x0084 byte current in-game month
0x0085 byte current in-game month day
0x0086 byte game hour
0x0087 byte game minute
0x0088 byte weekday
0x0089 byte current in-game month (copy)
0x008A byte current in-game month day (copy)
0x008B byte game hour (copy)
0x008C byte game minute (copy)
0x008D byte Boolean: time copy flag[3]
0x008E word pad mode
0x0090 byte Boolean: has ever cheated flag
0x0091 byte[3] (Align)
0x0094 dword global timer
0x0098 float game speed
0x009C float frame delta time
0x00A0 float tick time (time of an iteration of the major game loop)
0x00A4 dword number of the frames processed from the beginning of the game
0x00A8 word previous weather ID
0x00AA word current weather ID
0x00AC word forced weather ID
0x00B0 dword weather interpolation value
0x00B4 dword weather type in list
0x00B8 float amount of rain
0x00BC dword vehicle camera view (opcode 09AD)
0x00C0 dword onfoot camera view
0x00C4 dword current interior
0x00C8 byte Boolean: invert look (unused on PC)
0x00CC dword extra (interior) color ID
0x00D0 byte extra (interior) color toggle state
0x00D4 float extra (interior) color interpolation value
0x00D8 dword extra (interior) color weather ID
0x00DC dword current water configuration (always 0)
0x00E0 byte Boolean: riot mode flag (opcode 06C8)
0x00E1 byte Boolean: unknown, related to riots (always 0)
0x00E4 dword max wanted level (opcode 01F0)
0x00E8 dword max chaos[4]
0x00EC byte is french language set (does nothing)
0x00ED byte is german game (opcode 040C; not affected by the language)
0x00EE byte censore flag[5]
0x011C byte times left to display a cinematic camera help[6]
0x011E word SYSTEMTIME wYear
0x0120 word SYSTEMTIME wMonth
0x0122 word SYSTEMTIME wDayOfWeek
0x0124 word SYSTEMTIME wDay
0x0126 word SYSTEMTIME wHour
0x0128 word SYSTEMTIME wMinute
0x012A word SYSTEMTIME wSecond
0x012C word SYSTEMTIME wMilliseconds
0x0130 dword Player target marker handle (handle of the red target icon in the map menu)
0x0134 byte Boolean: the vehicle stealing help was shown[7]
0x0135 byte Boolean: All taxis have nitro (opcode 0572 flag)
0x0136 byte Boolean: Prostitutes pay you (opcode 0A3D flag)
0x0137 byte (Align)

^ Version 2.0 of GTASA will not load a save file if the Version ID String does not match its own Version ID String. Thus if a game was played on a version 1.x exe using the exact same set of mission scripts as a version 2.0 installation, the version 2.0 game will refuse to load the save unless this ID is changed. Version 1.x exes make no Version ID String check and will attempt to load any non-corrupted save. Some known Version ID String values (listed as consecutive bytes):

  • 0x75 0x81 0xDA 0x35 -- Version 1.00 Unmodified EXE
  • 0x83 0xE5 0xF3 0x65 -- Version 1.00 Modified EXE
  • 0x58 0xBE 0x6E 0x9A -- Version 1.01 Unmodified EXE
  • 0x5E 0x76 0x45 0x93 -- Version 1.01 Modified EXE
  • 0xF6 0x8D 0x14 0xFD -- Version 2.00 Unmodified EXE
  • 0x22 0xCC 0x31 0x5D -- Version 2.00 (German)
  • 0xF6 0x8D 0x14 0xFD -- PS2 Version 2 (Greatest Hits)
  • 0x4C 0xDC 0x1D 0x64 -- PS2 Version 1 (Original Edition)

^ While the save name can be changed here to pretty much anything, that name will not persist the next time the game is saved, even if no missions were completed during the play session. This is because each time the game is saved this name string is reset based upon the GXT entry for the Last Mission Passed key stored in Block 16.
^ Time copy flag shows whether the time data was saved using opcode 0253.
^ Chaos is a value need to be gained to get one more star. MaxChaos is a limit for current wanted level.
^ When the censore flag is set to 0, some actions are disabled in the game, such as money drop from the killed people, no more headshots, etc. This flag is controlled by what language you are using. If it's English, this flag is set to 1.
^ This is a number of how much times the cinematic camera help (about switching display modes) will be shown. Initially this value equals to 2. When it reaches zero, the help does not appear on cinematic camera enabling.
^ This is a flag, which is set to 1 when player first time stealing a vehicle and get a help message about it, to prevent displaying this message again.

Block 1: Script

Information pertaining to the mission scripts in use when the game was saved. Includes all global variables and information about running threads including thread pointers and local variables. A minor size difference between the MAIN section of the version 1 and version 2 scripts is the primary cause of incompatibility between version 1 and version 2 saves because it forces the other threads to be at slightly different memory locations. One can adjust the thread pointers in this block and (if converting from 1 to 2) the Version ID String from block 0 to convert a save between the two versions; this applies to either completely unmodded or identically-modded installations of v1 and v2.

As the first section in this block can vary in size, offsets given are from the current section.

OFFSET  TYPE                      DESCRIPTION
0x0000  dword                     Size of Global Variable space
0x0004  dword[]                   Global Variable Space -- every var is 4 bytes; the types can vary
0x0000  ExternalScriptTrigger[70] each is 0x14 bytes in size; see details below
0x0578  dword                     OnMissionFlag offset  -- address of the global variable set by opcode 0180
0x057C  dword                     time when last mission was passed (when either opcode 0318 or 0595 is executed)
0x0580  StaticReplacement[25]     each is 0x10 bytes in size; see details below
0x0710  InvisibleObject[20]       each is 8 bytes in size; see details below
0x07B0  dword[20]                 keeps model identifiers which are excluded from
                                  the carparking generation (similar to opcode 03C5). Unused.
0x0800  LodAssignment[10]         each is 8 bytes in size; see details below
0x0850  ScriptAssignment[8]       each is 0x14 bytes in size; see details below
0x08F0  byte                      Boolean: unknown flag (UNUSED)
0x08F1  byte                      Boolean: unknown flag (UNUSED)
0x08F2  dword                     scm size
0x08F6  dword                     max mission size
0x08FA  dword                     missions number
0x08FE  dword                     highest local variable ever in a mission
0x0902  dword                     Number of Running Threads (nThreads)
0x0906  Thread[nThreads]          Thread structures -- each is 0x106 bytes in size; see details below
  0x00   word                     Index in the script.img
  0x02   byte                     Attach type (actor or object)
  0x03   byte                     Type? -- only for ObjectTrigger
  0x04   dword                    Status?
  0x08   float                    Radius -- vary only for ObjectTrigger (ActorTrigger uses a pre-defined radius of 5.0)
  0x0C   word                     modelID
  0x0E   word                     chance of initialization (in percents)
  0x10   dword                    (unknown)
  0x14                            end


  • These triggers are created with opcodes 0928, 0929
Thread Structure:
  0x00  word                      Index/Handle
  0x02  byte[224]                 Thread Memory Dump -- see details below
  0xE2  byte[36]                  Relative Addresses -- see details below
Thread Memory Dump:
  0x00  dword                     Next Pointer
  0x04  dword                     Previous Pointer
  0x08  char[8]                   Thread Name
  0x10  dword                     Absolute Base Address
  0x14  dword                     Absolute IP
  0x18  dword[8]                  Absolute Return Stack
  0x38  word                      Stack Pointer
  0x3A  byte[2]                   (Align)
  0x3C  dword[32]                 Local Variables
  0xBC  dword[2]                  Local Timers
  0xC4  byte                      Boolean: is active
  0xC5  byte                      Boolean: 'if' statement result
  0xC6  byte                      Boolean: uses mission cleanup
  0xC7  byte                      Boolean: is external
  0xC8  byte                      Boolean: overrides text box
  0xC9  byte                      External script attach type
  0xCA  byte[2]                   (Align)
  0xCC  dword                     Wakeup Time
  0xD0  word                      Boolean: 'if' check result
  0xD2  byte                      Boolean: 'not' flag
  0xD3  byte                      Boolean: is Wasted/Busted check active
  0xD4  byte                      Boolean: is Wasted/Busted
  0xD5  byte[3]                   (Align)
  0xD8  dword                     Skip Scene Pos (opcode 0707)
  0xDC  byte                      Boolean: is mission
  0xDD  byte[3]                   (Align)
  0xE0                            end
Relative Addresses     Necessary here because the absolute addresses used in-game depend on memory layout
  0x00  dword          Relative IP
  0x04  dword[8]       Relative Return Stack
  0x00  dword          type (always = 2)
  0x04  dword          handle of the static object (building)
  0x08  dword          new modelID
  0x0C  dword          old modelID

Note: this structure related to opcode 03B6.

  0x00  dword          type
  0x04  dword          handle of the object

This structure contains handle and type of an object created as invisible one. There are 3 kinds of the types: 2 - static object; 3 - dynamic object; 4 - dummy. Via mission scripting it's only possible to create a first kind of such object (static) - using opcode 0363, so normally the 'type' parameter is equal to 2.

  0x00  dword          Handle of the object
  0x04  dword          Handle of the LOD object

This structure related to opcode 0827.

  0x00  dword          modelID of the actor we assing the external script to
  0x04  char[8]        external script handle as created with opcode 0884
  0x0C  dword          unknown
  0x10  dword          unknown

This structure related to opcode 08E8.

Block 2: Players & Objects

Information about players (commonly only one) and mission-script placed objects such as doors, etc.

0x00   dword        Number of Players
0x04   Player[]     Player structures -- each is 0x224 bytes in size; see details below
0x00   dword        Number of Objects
0x04   Object[]     Object structures -- each is 0x3C bytes in size; see details below
Player Structure:
  0x0000  dword      Handle of a player actor
  0x0004  dword      Model ID
  0x0008  dword      Ped type
  0x000C  dword      size of the following data (0x18C)
  0x0010  float[3]   X, Y, Z
  0x001C  float      Health
  0x0020  float      Armor
  0x0024  Weapon[13] Weapon Structure -- each is 0x1C in size; see details below
  0x0190  byte       Ped reference (normally 2)
  0x0191  byte       Current weapon slot
  0x0192  byte       unknown
  0x0193  byte       (Align)
  0x0194  dword      unknown (ENEX related)
  0x0198  byte       melee style 1?
  0x0199  byte       melee style 2?
  0x019A  byte[2]    (Align)
  0x019C  dword      size of the following data (0x84)
  0x01A0  dword      chaos
  0x01A4  byte       wanted level
  0x01A5  byte[3]    (Align)
  0x01A8  dword      CRC32 of filename for Torso model
  0x01AC  dword      CRC32 of filename for Head model
  0x01B0  dword      CRC32 of filename for Hands model
  0x01B4  dword      CRC32 of filename for Legs model
  0x01B8  dword      CRC32 of filename for Feet model
  0x01BC  dword      CRC32 of filename for Chain model
  0x01C0  dword      CRC32 of filename for Watch model
  0x01C4  dword      CRC32 of filename for Shades model
  0x01C8  dword      CRC32 of filename for Hat model
  0x01CC  dword      CRC32 of filename for Special model
  0x01D0  dword      CRC32 of filename for Torso texture
  0x01D4  dword      CRC32 of filename for Head texture
  0x01D8  dword      CRC32 of filename for Legs texture
  0x01DC  dword      CRC32 of filename for Feet texture
  0x01E0  dword      CRC32 of filename for Upper Left Arm Tattoo texture
  0x01E4  dword      CRC32 of filename for Lower Left Arm Tattoo texture
  0x01E8  dword      CRC32 of filename for Upper Right Arm Tattoo texture
  0x01EC  dword      CRC32 of filename for Lower Right Arm Tattoo texture
  0x01F0  dword      CRC32 of filename for Back Tattoo texture
  0x01F4  dword      CRC32 of filename for Left Chest Tattoo texture
  0x01F8  dword      CRC32 of filename for Right Chest Tattoo texture
  0x01FC  dword      CRC32 of filename for Stomach Tattoo texture
  0x0200  dword      CRC32 of filename for Lower Back Tattoo texture
  0x0204  dword      CRC32 of filename for Chain texture
  0x0208  dword      CRC32 of filename for Watch texture
  0x020C  dword      CRC32 of filename for Shades texture
  0x0210  dword      CRC32 of filename for Hat texture
  0x0214  dword      CRC32 of filename for Special texture
  0x0218  float      Body Fat (used for current body type)
  0x022C  float      Body Muscle (used for current body type)
  0x0230  dword      (Align)
  • The CRC32 is calculated of the uppercase filename without extension. After calculation the bits are inverted. The files/filenames can be found in data/shopping.dat and by extracting models/player.img. For example, for White Tank the value is 0xffffffff-crc32("VEST") = 0xbb1ca4cc for both model and texture.
Weapon Structure:
  0x00  dword        Weapon Type
  0x04  dword        (unknown) possibly Weapon state
  0x08  dword        (unknown) possibly Ammo in clip
  0x0C  dword        Weapon Ammo
  0x10  dword        (unknown) possibly Shots fired
  0x14  byte[8]      (unknown)
Object Structure:
  0x00  dword        Handle
  0x04  dword        Model ID
  0x08  dword        constant 48 (size of the following data)
  0x0C  float[3]     X, Y, Z
  0x18  byte[3]
  0x1B  byte[3]
  0x1E  byte[30]     (unknown)

Block 3: Garages

Information defining all garages (including bomb shops, pay & sprays, etc.) and also describing the cars stored in safehouse garages. This block can vary in size although in the unmodified game it will always be 0x23C7 bytes because there are 50 garages defined. The 80 saved vehicles (4 each in 20 garages) is a fixed number and probably cannot be exceeded. Also, the arrangement of the Garage Car structures in the save is non-intuitive: they follow the pattern Garage 1/Car 1, Garage 2/Car 1, ... Garage 20/Car 1, Garage 1/Car 2, Garage 2/Car 2 ...

0x0000  dword             Number of Garages
0x0004  byte              Free Bombs
0x0005  byte              Free Resprays (opcode 0335)
0x0006  byte              Boolean: Respray Garages disabled (opcode 0A14)
0x0007  dword             Cars collected (unused III/VC leftover)
0x000B  dword             Bank vans collected (unused III leftover)
0x000F  dword             Police cars collected (unused III leftover)
0x0013  dword[4]          Car types collected (unused VC leftover)
0x0023  dword             Last time garage help message was displayed
0x0027  StoredCar[20][4]  Garage Car structures -- each is 0x40 bytes in size; see details below
0x1427  SaveGarage[]      SaveGarage structures -- each is 0x50 bytes in size; see details below
Garage Car Structure (StoredCar):
  0x00  float[3]      Coordinates (x,y,z)
  0x0C  dword         Car Handling Flags
  0x10  byte          Car Flags
  0x11  byte          (Unknown)
  0x12  word          Vehicle Model ID
  0x14  word[15]      Installed Vehicle Mods (see veh_mods.ide)
  0x32  byte[4]       Primary Color, Secondary Color, Tertiary Color, (Unknown) Quaternary Color?
  0x36  byte          Radio Station [see below]
  0x37  byte[2]       Vehicle Variation
  0x39  byte          Bomb Type
  0x3A  byte          Paintjob
  0x3B  byte          Nitrous Count
  0x3C  byte[3]       Vector Rotation
  0x3F  byte          (unknown) Align
SaveGarage Structure:
  0x00  byte          Garage Type
  0x01  byte[2]       Door Flags
  0x03  byte          (Unknown) Align
  0x04  float         X Coordinate for Lower Left Front
  0x08  float         Y Coordinate for Lower Left Front
  0x0C  float         Z Coordinate for Floor
  0x10  float[4]      Rotation (Quaternion Rx, Ry, Rz, Rw)
  0x20  float         Z Coordinate for Ceiling
  0x24  float         Width (dimension parallel to door in xy plane)
  0x28  float         Depth (dimension perpendicular to door in xy plane)
  0x2C  float         Minimum X Coordinate
  0x30  float         Maximum X Coordinate
  0x34  float         Minimum Y Coordinate
  0x38  float         Maximum Y Coordinate
  0x3C  float         Door is Open = 1
  0x40  float         (Unknown)door timer/timestamp?
  0x44  char[8]       Garage Name -- can be used by mission script to access garage
  0x4C  word          (Unknown) Possibly Original Type
  0x4E  byte[2]       (Align?)
  0x50  end
Door Flags (hex value of bit)
  offset 0x01
    0x01      door is open flag (0x3c changes door)
  offset 0x02
    0x01      used mod shop (?)
    0x02      inactive door
    0x04      used Pay'n'Spray (?)
    0x08      small door (reflective?)
    0x10      up and in door
    0x20      camera follows player
    0x40      door is closed flag (0x3c changes door)
    0x80      girlfriend PnS
Car Flags (hex value of bit)
    0x01      bulletproof
    0x02      fireproof
    0x04      explosion proof
    0x08      collision proof
    0x10      melee proof
    0x20      bass boost
    0x40      hydraulics
    0x80      nitrous flag
Bomb Types
    1         5 sec detonator (garage type 2)
    2         ignition bomb unarmed (garage type 3)
    3         remote detonator (garage type 4)
    5         ignition bomb armed (garage type 3)
Radio Stations
    0x00      vehicle has no radio
    0x01      playback fm
    0x02      k rose
    0x03      k-dst
    0x04      bounce fm
    0x05      sf-ur
    0x06      radio los santos
    0x07      radio x
    0x08      csr 103.9
    0x09      k-jah west
    0x0a      master sounds 98.3
    0x0b      wctr
    0x0c      user track player
    0x0d      radio off

Block 4: Game Logic

Block can vary in size depending on number of entries; number of entries may be zero.

0x00    dword              Number of after death start points (unused by the game)
0x04    byte               Boolean: Lose stuff after wasted (opcode 08DD)
0x05    byte               Boolean: Lose stuff after busted (opcode 08DE)
0x06    byte               Game state (wasted/busted/on a rampage etc.)
0x07    dword              Time of last event
0x0B    AfterDeathStart[]  array of after death start points (unused) -- see details below
AfterDeathStart structure:
  0x00  float[3]           X, Y, Z
  0x0C  float              Angle

Block 5: Paths

 0x00    dword           count
 0x04    Entry[count]    entries  --0x1C size
Entry structure:
 0x00    float[6]        x1,x2,y1,y2,z1,z2
 0x18    byte[4]         bools that somehow indicate which pathtypes are enabled
  • Note: these structures somehow related to opcodes 0606, 0607

Block 6: Pickups

0x0000   Pickup[620]     Pickups  --Size 0x20
0x4D80   word            Number of pickups being picked up (up to 20)
0x4D82   byte            Weapon pickup message counter (see note 1 below)
0x4D83   dword[20]       Pickups being picked up (they don't exist, but could be checked by opcode 0214
0x4DD3                   end
Pickup structure:
  0x00    float          current asset value
  0x04    dword          pointer to CObject
  0x08    dword          ammo (or max asset value)
  0x0C    dword          timer
  0x10    word[3]        x,y,z, all multiplied by 8
  0x16    word           asset rate
  0x18    word           model
  0x1A    word           index
  0x1C    byte           type
  0x1D    byte           flags
  0x1E    byte[2]        (Align?)


  • 0x01 used pickups?
  • 0x02 dropped jetpack?
  • 0x04 switched weapon?
  • 0x08 collected pickup?
  • 0x10 can buy property
  • 0x20 can't buy property


  • When you walk across over a weapon pickup having a weapon of same type, the game will propose you to replace this slot with new weapon by pressing Action key. Initially number of this message showing times equals to 10. Each time you see the message, this counter is decreased. This field stores how much times left to display the message.

Block 7: Phone Info

 (Usually empty)

Block 8: Restart Locations

0x00    word          Wasted structures number
0x02    Restart[]     Wasted structures
0x00    word          Busted structures number
0x02    Restart[]     Busted structures
0x00    byte          Boolean: override restart
0x01    float[3]      Override next restart coordinates (opcode 016E)
0x0D    byte          Boolean: fade in after next death (always 1)
0x0E    byte          Boolean: fade in after next arrest (always 1)
0x0F    float[3]      Override next hospital restart coordinates (opcode 08DF)
0x1B    float         Override next hospital restart radius[8]
0x1F    float         Override next hospital restart heading
0x23    float[3]      Override next police restart coordinates (opcode 08E0)
0x2F    float         Override next police restart radius[8]
0x33    float         Override next police restart heading
Restart structure:
  0x00  float[3]      coords
  0x0C  float         heading
  0x10  dword         town (island)
  0x14  end

^ Player has to die/be arrested within this radius in order for an override to happen.

Block 9: Radar Blips

0x0000  Blip[175]      blip structures -- each is 0x28 bytes in size, see details below
0x1B58  end
Blip structure:
  0x00  dword         color
  0x04  dword         entity handle this blip attached to (opcodes 0186, 0187, etc)
  0x08  float[3]      position X,Y,Z
  0x14  word          index?
  0x16  byte[2]       (align)
  0x18  float         debug sphere cross offset, unused, always 1.0
  0x1C  word          icon size
  0x1E  byte[2]       (align)
  0x20  dword         (unknown) enex marker?
  0x24  byte          icon ID
  0x25  byte[2]       blip properties
  0x27  byte          (align)
  0x28  end

Block 10: Zones

This block contains information about map zones in three arrays. The first array is for size and location information for the zones as initially defined in the data file info.zon. The second array contains entries for each of the uniquely-named zones defined in the first array and stores information about things like gang densities and popcycle.dat group info for each zone. Much of this info is set by specific opcodes such as 076C, 076A, 0767, and 0874.) The ID number for a given entry in the first array refers to an entry in the second array. The third array is another size/location array similar to the first but based on the data file map.zon.

One interesting note about this block is that a small amount of corruption here causes the "Taxi Glitch" situation where the taxi mission always tells you there are no fares nearby no matter where you are. The problem is that the first entry of the first array (the SAN_AND zone describing the entire map) gets mangled and the taxi mission references that zone to pick a passenger. For more on this glitch and how to fix it, see the GTAForums thread on it.

0x0000  dword       current town (island)
0x0004  word        Number of entries for first ZoneInfo Array
0x0006  word        Number of entries for ZonePop Array
0x0008  word        Number of entries for second ZoneInfo Array
0x000A  ZoneInfo[]  Array populated from file data/info.zon
0x0000  ZonePop[]   Array of gang density and popcycle info
0x0000  ZoneInfo[]  Array populated from file data/map.zon
0x0000  byte[100]   map fog array; see details below
0x0064  dword       number of opened map sectors
ZoneInfo Structure:
  0x00  char[8]     zone name
  0x08  char[8]     zone gxt key (for name displayed on-screen)
  0x10  word[3]     x1,y1,z1 (rounded to ints)
  0x16  word[3]     x2,y2,z2 (rounded to ints)
  0x1C  word        id
  0x1E  byte        type
  0x1F  byte        island
  0x20  (end)
ZonePop Structure:
  0x00  byte        Gang 0 Density (set by opcode 076C)
  0x01  byte        Gang 1 Density (set by opcode 076C)
  0x02  byte        Gang 2 Density (set by opcode 076C)
  0x03  byte        Gang 3 Density (set by opcode 076C)
  0x04  byte        Gang 4 Density (set by opcode 076C)
  0x05  byte        Gang 5 Density (set by opcode 076C)
  0x06  byte        Gang 6 Density (set by opcode 076C)
  0x07  byte        Gang 7 Density (set by opcode 076C)
  0x08  byte        Gang 8 Density (set by opcode 076C)
  0x09  byte        Gang 9 Density (set by opcode 076C)
  0x0A  byte        Dealer Density (set by opcode 076A)
  0x0B  byte[4]     RBGA color of zone on map/radar
  0x0F  byte        Popcycle Group (set by opcode 0767)* see notes below
  0x10  byte        Ped-related (set by opcode 0874)
  0x11  (end)


  1. The ZonePop byte at offset 0x0F appears to use the upper 3 bits for flags. Bit 0x20 will be set if gangs are present in the zone and cleared if no gangs are present. Bit 0x40 is unobserved, and cleared if set manually. Bit 0x80 is set with opcode 09B7 and disables the footcops in that zone.
  2. Map Fog Array: Each byte denotes the state of the certain map sector (00 = not visited / 01 = visited); byte order = N to S (10 rows), then E to W (10 cols).

Block 11: Gangs

0x0000  CGangInfo[10]   CGangInfo structures -- each is 0x10 bytes in size; see details below
0x00A0  (end)
  0x00  byte            gang ped model override (-1 to disable; unused)
  0x04  dword           weaponID A
  0x08  dword           weaponID B
  0x0C  dword           weaponID C
  0x10  (end)


  • Data can be changed by opcode 0237

Block 12: Car Generators

0x00    dword               count
0x04    byte                unknown counter (0..3)
0x05    byte                unknown counter (0..20); when it's non-zero, the game doesn't check the timer (0x16)
0x06    CarGen[count]       see details below
---- numberplates:
0x00    dword               num entries used
0x04    Numplate[15]        number plates
0xf4                        end
CarGen structure:
  0x00    word             index (0..499)
  0x02    word             model
  0x04    byte[2]          colors
  0x06    word[3]          x,y,z, all multiplied by 8
  0x0C    byte             heading/360*256
  0x0D    byte             alarm chance
  0x0E    byte             locked chance
  0x0F    byte             flags: bit 2=force spawn, bit 8=player owned
  0x10    word             unknown setting (IPL field 11, scm field 7)
  0x12    word             monetary value (unused?)
  0x14    bytes[2]         unknown (align?)
  0x16    dword            timer
  0x1A    word             unknown activity
  0x1C    word             number of cars to generate (101 or higher means unlimited generation)
  0x1E    byte             IPL stream of binary generators (non-zero records are not saved)
  0x1F    byte             allocation flag (when game adds a new parked car it searches for the allocation = 0;
                           then sets it to 1 and never set back to 0).
  0x20    byte[2]          unknown (align?)
  0x22                     end
Numplate structure:
  0x00    dword            car generator handle (index)
  0x04    char[8]          numberplate string
  0x0C    byte[4]          unknown (align?)
  0x10                     end

Block 13: Ped Generators

(Usually Empty)

Block 14: Audio Script Object

(Usually Empty)

Block 15: Player Info

0x00    dword           size of block (always 28h)
0x04    dword           money
0x08    word            (unknown)
0x0A    byte            is wasted_or_busted flag
0x0B    byte            (Align)
0x0C    float           (unknown)
0x10    dword           amount of money shown on screen
0x14    byte            (unknown)
0x15    byte[3]         (Align)
0x18    dword           (unused) hidden packages left
0x1C    dword           (unused) total hidden packages
0x20    byte            infinite run (opcode 0330)
0x21    byte            fast reload (opcode 0331)
0x22    byte            fireproof (055D)
0x23    byte            max health
0x24    byte            max armor (opcode 055F)
0x25    byte            free busted once
0x26    byte            free wasted once (opcode 0414)
0x27    byte            enable driveby (opcode 0501)
0x28    byte            (unknown)
0x29    byte            (Align)
0x2A    word            (unknown)
0x2C                    end

Block 16: Stats

0x0000   float[82]       float stats (numbered 0..81 in scm)
0x0148   dword[223]      int stats (numbered 120..342 in scm)
0x04C4   dword[32]       num peds killed of the type [id]
0x0544   char[8]         last mission passed (gxt key)
0x054C   dword[14]       num times played radio station [id]
0x0584   dword[100]      num mission attempts for mission [id]
0x0714   byte[128]       has displayed stat message [id] (id as in statdisp.dat line number)
0x0794                   end

Block 17: Set Pieces

OFFSET  TYPE                   DESCRIPTION
0x0000  dword                  Number of Police trigger zones
0x0004  PoliceTriggerZone[210] Trigger structures -- each is 0x20 bytes in size; see details below
0x1A44                         end
  0x00  dword                police trigger last activation time
  0x04  word[2]              police trigger zone point 1 (x,y) -- all multiplied by 8
  0x08  word[2]              police trigger zone point 2 (x,y) -- all multiplied by 8
  0x0C  word[2]              police vehicle A starting point (x,y) -- all multiplied by 8
  0x10  word[2]              police vehicle A initial direction (x,y) -- all multiplied by 8
  0x14  word[2]              police vehicle B starting point (x,y) -- all multiplied by 8
  0x18  word[2]              police vehicle B initial direction (x,y) -- all multiplied by 8
  0x1C  byte                 police trigger type; see details below
  0x1D  byte[3]              (Align)
  0x20                       end

Police Trigger Types

  • 1 - On Foot with 1 star spawns 2 cop cars moving slowly
  • 2 - In Vehicle with 2 stars spawns 1 cop car moving quickly
  • 3 - In Vehicle with 2 stars spawns 1 cop car at medium speed
  • 4 - On Foot with 1 star spawns 1 cop pedestrian
  • 5 - On Foot with 1 star spawns 2 cop pedestrians
  • 6 - In Vehicle with 2 stars spawns 2 cop cars moving quickly before hitting breaks
  • 7 - In Vehicle with 2 stars spawns 2 cop cars moving quickly
  • 8 - On Foot with 1 star spawns 2 cop cars at medium speed


  1. Police Triggers are a special zone consisting of a rectangle defined by 2 ends of the rectangle diagonal, and two rays defined by a starting point and point along the ray indicating the initial direction of travel.
  2. When the player is in the police trigger rectangle and meets the requirements of the police trigger type, then a cop will spawn at the endpoint of ray A headed in the direction of the 2nd defined point.
  3. If the police trigger type includes 2 police, then a cop will also spawn along ray B.
  4. The police are not bound to continue in the specified direction after their initial spawn.
  5. In order to trigger In Vehicle trigger types the vehicle must be moving.
  6. Police trigger zones are activated only once per 40 seconds (the first field is used to control this).
  7. Police trigger zones can be created using opcode 04F8

Block 18: Models

0x0000  byte[26316]   (unknown)
0x66CC                end

Block 19: Ped Relationships

OFFSET  TYPE                       DESCRIPTION
0x000   PedRelationship[32]        PedRelationship structures, each is 20 bytes in size -- see details below
0x280   end
PedRelationship -- See notes below
  0x00  dword    respect bitmask
  0x04  dword    like bitmask
  0x08  dword    (unused) (ignore?)
  0x0C  dword    dislike bitmask
  0x10  dword    hate bitmask
  • This structure stores information about how a ped of given pedtype (each entry in PedRelationship[32] is separate pedtype, starting from 0 (PLAYER1) to 31 (MISSION8)) behaves toward any ped of other type. Five dwords in this structure (only four of them are used) are the bitmasks, where a bit sets a flag of acquaintance type (respect, like, dislike, hate) to the pedtype of given index (=number of bit). Say, if the 4th bit (counting from zero) in PedRelationship[5].respect is set, it means that a ped of type CIVFEMALE (pedtype=5) respects a ped of type CIVMALE (pedtype=4).
  • These structures are filled with data from the file ped.dat. The relationship flags could be changed using opcode 0746 and similar.

Block 20: Tags

0x00      dword           total number of the tags (count)
0x04      byte[count]     tags paint status (0-255)

Block 21: IPL

0x0000    dword           constant 256, value of ID IPL limit
0x0004    byte[255]       Flags to enable binary IPLs (see notes below)
0x0103    end

Notes: The order of the flags corresponds to the order the IPLs appear in gta3.img. These flags only affect non-stream IPLs; stream IPLs are always enabled regardless of flag value. (*plus something on the opcodes used to enable/disable the flags*)

IPL Version Map:

Hex Dec   PCv1                PCv2v3              PS2v1v2
05    5   barriers1           countryn_stream0    levelmap_stream1
06    6   barriers2           countryn_stream1    countryn_stream0
2D   45   countryw_stream5    crack               sfe_stream2
31   49   truthsfarm          sfse_stream3        sfs_stream0
3E   62   crack               truthsfarm          crack
3F   63   sfse_stream0        barriers1           sfse_stream0
40   64   sfse_stream1        barriers2           sfse_stream1
52   82   vegasn_stream2      carter              countryw_stream7
55   85   vegasn_stream5      lae2_stream2        truthsfarm
56   86   vegasn_stream6      lae2_stream3        barriers1
57   87   vegasn_stream7      lae2_stream4        barriers2
70  112   vegasw_stream6      lawn_stream3        carter
7F  127   carter              countrye_stream5    lae_stream5

Usage: PCv1 can control the PCv2 carter objects by calling vegasn_stream2

Block 22: Shopping

  0    dword           count
  4                    entries (8 bytes each)
  0    dword           size
  4                    bytes

Each byte represents the shopping items listed in the order of "section prices" at the beginning of shopping.dat. A short summary of the 544 flags is: CarMods, Clothes (torso, legs, shoes, necklace, watch, glasses, hats), Haircuts, Tattoos, Food, and Weapons.

Block 23: Gang Wars

0x00    dword           size of block (always 58h)
0x04    byte            enable gang wars (opcode 0879)
0x05    byte[3]         (Align)
0x08    dword           current gang war stage
                            0: no war
                            1: war provoked
                            2: first wave
                            3: first wave passed
                            4: second wave
                            5: second wave passed
                            6: third wave
0x0C    dword           time when last stage started
0x10    dword           index of warzone in ZonePop array
0x14    dword           index of warzone in ZoneInfo array
0x18    float[3]        XYZ: players location during a "3rd Kill" (gang war trigger)
0x24    dword           attack/war gang ID
0x28    dword           war gang 2 ID
0x2C    dword           gang strength (0 to 2, 3 is unused)
0x30    dword           unknown time
0x34    dword           hood under attack stage (?)
0x38    float           next attack timer (counts down)
0x3C    float[3]        XYZ: center of warzone
0x48    dword           hood attack timeout (counts down)
0x4C    dword           hood attack marker handle (?)
0x50    byte            (unknown)
0x51    byte[3]         (Align)
0x54    float           previous territories under control (08E2)
0x58    float           current territories under control (08E2)
0x5C                    end

Block 24: Unique Stunt Jumps

0x0000  dword       Number of Unique Stunt Jumps (USJ)
0x0004  StuntJump[] Jump structures -- each is 0x44 bytes in size; see details below
StuntJump -- See note below
  0x00  float[3]    Start zone point 1 (x,y,z)
  0x0C  float[3]    Start zone point 2 (x,y,z)
  0x18  float[3]    Land zone point 1 (x,y,z)
  0x24  float[3]    Land zone point 2 (x,y,z)
  0x30  float[3]    Camera coordinates (x,y,z)
  0x3C  dword       Reward amount (can be negative)
  0x40  byte        Boolean: is USJ done
  0x41  byte        Boolean: is USJ found
  0x42  byte[2]     (Align)

The starting and landing zones are cubes; each is defined by 2 points -- point 1 is the lower, left, front of the cube and point 2 is the upper, right, rear. These cubes are aligned with the coordinate axes and not rotated at all. If a vehicle enters the starting zone while airborne, the USJ triggers (and is marked as 'found'); if the vehicle then lands inside the landing zone, the USJ is successful (and is marked as 'done') and the reward is given.

Block 25: ENEX Connections

  0    dword           count
  4    word[count]     source index of enex path
  0    word            source index (break loop if value = -1)
  2    word            flags
  4    word            destination index

Enex Path: Normally 0 for outdoor saves, or 1 with the source index of the enex used to access the interior where the game was saved. The enex path may be longer on modified saves. Additional links are appended to the path. The enex path is used to display the zone name for the destination before CJ arrives in the zone.

ENEX Flags

00 0001     1 unknown interior      Only used for interior markers
01 0002     2 disable door task     Disable "walk through door" task
02 0004     4 create linked pair    Pair with unflagged mate during new game start
03 0008     8 reward interior       Sets flag 0010 on pair mate when used
04 0010    16 used reward entrance  Set by accessing reward interior
05 0020    32 cars and aircraft     Enable for cars and aircraft
06 0040    64 bikes and motorcycles Enable for bikes and motorcycles
07 0080   128 disable on foot       No foot traffic (use for cars and/or bikes only)
08 0100   256 accept NPC group      Group members accepted at destination of pair (strips passengers)
09 0200   512 no fadein             Don't fade in after teleport
10 0400  1024 unknown burglary      Set on Bayside and Temporary Burglary doors
11 0800  2048 disable exit          Player can enter but cannot exit a two-way pair
12 1000  4096 burglary access       Enabled and disabled during Burglary
13 2000  8192 entered without exit  Set by Entrance, Cleared by Exit; Applies to one side of a two-way pair
14 4000 16384 enable access         Enabled by default; often cleared by scripts
15 8000 32768 delete enex           Enex is deleted when used

New enex connections can be added to the save after the save is created if temporary (burglary) connections are not present (indoor or isolated saves). The flags and links for existing connections will not be updated by changes in the IPL file. If the enex structure is removed from the block (except for the -1 terminator) the game will remap all connections based on the current IPL configuration.

Block 26: Radio Data

This block contains data relating to various radio stations. The bulk of the block is an array of data structures for each station. Not much is known about these structures currently but part of the data seems to be a record of which tracks have played recently. Following this array of structures there is a collection of byte flags which are related to high-number player Stats. These Stats are used to trigger different episodes and radio clips throughout the game. Note that the "set by" comments refer to missions in the original, unmodified game and they can obviously be set at different times instead.

0x0000 StationInfo[14] State info for radio stations; each is 0x110 in size -- see details below
0x0EE0 byte            Cities Unlocked (stat 181)
0x0EE1 byte            (stat 327; set by "Learning to Fly")
0x0EE2 byte            (stat 328; set by "The Meat Business")
0x0EE3 byte            (stat 329; set by "St. Mark's Bistro")
0x0EE4 byte            I Say / You Say Ep#2 (stat 318; set by "Local Liquor Store")
0x0EE5 byte            (stat 320; set by "Monster")
0x0EE6 byte            (stat 330; set by "Interdiction")
0x0EE7 byte            (stat 331; set by "Learning to Fly")
0x0EE8 byte            (stat 332; set by "Black Project")
0x0EE9 byte            (stat 333; set by "Green Goo")
0x0EEA byte            (stat 311; set by "Mike Toreno")
0x0EEB byte            (stat 323; set by "Green Sabre")
0x0EEC byte            News Ep#9 (stat 308; set by "Vertical Bird")
0x0EED byte            (stat 310; set by "OG Loc")
0x0EEE byte            (stat 335; set by "Riot")
0x0EEF byte            (stat 336; set by "555 We Tip")
0x0EF0 byte            (stat 337; set by "House Party")
0x0EF1 byte            (stat 302; set by "Drive-Thru")
0x0EF2 byte            (stat 338; set by "Are you going to San Fierro?")
0x0EF3 byte            (stat 339; set by "High Noon")
0x0EF4 byte            (stat 340; set by "The Green Sabre")
0x0EF5 byte            (stat 341; set by "Small Town Bank")
0x0EF6 byte            (stat 342; set by "Farewell My Love")
0x0EF7 byte            month day when the stats above were updated
0x0EF8 byte            hour when the stats above were updated
0x0EF9 byte            hours to the next stats update (commonly 24 or 168)
0x0EFA byte            updating flag (1,2,3)
0x0EFB byte            last updated stat (in accordance with the given order)
0x0EFC (end)
StationInfo Structure:
  0x000   byte[20]        Possibly a stack of indices of recently-played tracks
  0x014   dword[8]        (Unknown)
  0x034   dword[40]       (Unknown)
  0x0D4   dword[15]       (Unknown)
  0x110   (end)
Order of Stations for the StationInfo Structure Array
 IDX Stream Description
   0   AA   Emergency Band
   1   CH   Playback FM
   2   CO   KROSE
   3   CR   K-DST
   4   DS   Bounce
   5   HC   SFUR
   6   MH   Radio Los Santos
   7   MR   Radio X
   8   NJ   CSR
   9   RE   K-JAH West
  10   RG   Master Sounds
  11   TK   WCTR
  12   --   User Track Player
  13   ??   (Unknown)

Block 27: 3D Markers

0x00 C3dMarker[5] entrance markers 0A40
0x8C end
C3dMarker struct
0x00 dword existance status
0x04 float[3] position
0x10 dword color R
0x14 dword color G
0x18 dword color B
0x1C end


Following the last data block is a variable amount of padding. Since every save file is exactly 0x31800 bytes in length this padding is necessary to fill the space between the data blocks which start the file and the checksum value which ends it. Because GTASA internally uses a buffer of 0xC800 bytes for writing a save, each byte of padding data is simply a repetition of the data located 0xC800 bytes before it. While it is not strictly necessary to follow this convention for the padding when writing a modified save file, it is consistent with the original game and makes modifications harder to detect.


The final four bytes of a save file are an unsigned integer checksum value. This checksum is simply the sum of all the preceding 0x317FC bytes. If the checksum value does not match the calculated sum of those bytes, the game will consider the save file to be "corrupted" and refuse to load it. Thus, any time you make any changes to a save file you must remember to update the checksum when you are finished.


Available tools for editing of the save file content:

Allows editing of any save data directly in the hex editor. Also contains the script to recalculate the checksum.

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