Vehicle Audio Loader

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Vehicle Audio Loader
Current version:1.2
Developed by:User.pngfastman92
Supported games:GTA SA
Type:ASI plugin

Vehicle Audio Loader is an ASI plugin for GTA San Andreas created by fastman92 to set hardcoded audio properties of vehicles.


- Make sure you are using one of the following gta_sa.exe versions:

  • GTA San Andreas v1.0 [US] HOODLUM No-CD Fixed EXE: 14 383 616 bytes
  • GTA: San Andreas v1.01 [EURO] No-CD/Fixed EXE: 15 806 464 bytes

Vehicle Audio Loader is fully compatible with both of them, 1.0 US and 1.01 Euro No-CD shortly.

- Extract all files from "copy to GTA San Andreas from inside" in an archive to root of GTA San Andreas directory.

- You need to have ASI Loader installed, it is already enabled if you installed CLEO library.


The VehicleAudioSettings.cfg file is a text data file format containing audio properties of vehicles. It can be opened and edited with any text editor. The plugin reads and processes this file in a line-by-line manner. Empty lines or lines commented by a ; sign at the beginning are ignored.


Column Letter Column Name Type Description
A modelName string A model name of vehicle which is defined in IDE file inside of CARS section. No matter if is standard or added vehicle.
B VehicleType __int16 Vehicle type, see table below.
C EngineOnSound __int16 Sound bank ID of accelerative, inhibitory engine.
D EngineOffSound __int16 Sound bank ID of stopped vehicle with enabled engine.
E field_4 __int16 Unknown __int16. Used values by R*: 0, 1, 2
G field_6 float Unknown float.
H HornTon signed char Not tested by the creator of plugin
I HornHigh float Not tested by the creator of plugin
J DoorSound signed char Not tested by the creator of plugin
K RadioNum[1] char ID of default radio being enabled when player enter a vehicle.

If RadioType != 0 (civilian radio), RadioNum should equal to 13 (radio off)

L RadioType signed char Type of radio (-1 = no radio, 0 = civilian, 1 = special, 2 = may not exist, 3 = emergency)
M field_14 signed char Unknown.
N field_16 float Unknown float

^ RadioNum determines a default radio automatically turned on when player enters a vehicle.

Radio ID Radio name
1 Playback FM
2 K Rose
4 Bounce FM
5 SF-UR, San Fierro Underground Radio
6 Radio Los Santos
7 Radio X
8 CSR 103.9, Contemporary Soul Radio
9 K-JAH West
10 Master Sounds 98.3
11 WCTR, West Coast Talk Radio
12 User tracks
13 Radio Off

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