The Green Light District (Modification)

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The Green Light District
Developed by:SSX-Breaker, Nickonly, Revolution-Designer, TimB and Blaster_NL
Years Active:2004 - present
Supported games:GTA SA
Type:Total Conversion
Website:The Green Light District on

The Green Light District is an total conversion mod for GTA San Andreas, and maybe for GTA IV. The mod is developed by a Dutch modding team. The mod contains all new islands, a new storyline with a lot of missions, new main characters, new cars (sportscars, vans, sedans, jeeps etc.), new weapons including sledgehammers, crowbars and much more. The Zaibatzu will also return, and will be an important gang in the mod.

It is the biggest mod ever made on the Dutch GTAforum, The first version of the mod was released back in December 2010, the latest version (V1.7) was released in December 2011. The developer team released three versions of the mod. (V1.0, V1.3 and V1.7) The next version (V2.0) have no fixed deadline yet, but will probably get released around Christmas/new years eve 2012


Progress on this modification started in 2005 and the mod was initially made for GTA Vice City,although there were no plans to make it a total conversion mod. The mod is inspired by the Red Light District in GTA III, and GTA 2. It would add one island to Vice City, an island that would be very similar to Portland in GTA 3.

Things changed right before the release and the developers decided to stop working on the island. They started to focus on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Between 2005 and 2007, the plan changed a few times, and the mod was restarted. At first, the mod would replace the Las Venturas island in GTA: San Andreas, then the developers decided to make it into a total conversion mod so there would be more space for more models.


In september 2011, the mod has taken over another Total Conversion-project named: Grand Theft Auto: Mafia Stories. Most of the islands will be (untouched) present in The Green Light District. They will not be modified greatly, but will transformed to normal themed islands. Two of the five Mafia Stories-Islands where already released in GLD Version 1.7 The other three islands will be included in future updates.

The mod is nearly 8 years old in 2012 (with Mafia Stories included). This mod is one of a few Total Conversion-modefications that is still under development in 2012. Most Total Conversion-mods that were started back in 2004/2005 were unfinished.


The mod features five new islands, all with their own style and habits.

  • The Downtown District
  • Rockford Islands
  • Lynx District
  • Mafia District
  • Vestavia Hills

The Downtown District

This island is the smallest, but possibly the most crowed one. It is famous for its skyscrapers and business people. The island has an small, national airfield, a hospital, police station, fairground and much more!

Rockford Island

Rockford Island (former known as Alcatraz in GTA: Mafia Stories), is one of the Mafia Stories-islands that will get a slight make-over in the mod. There are a lot of tree's at this island, and it looks like a rally/race-island. Here you will find a (unused) dock, a prison, and much more. Though this island sounds very uniteresting for the civilians of The Green light District, there is much to discover for you at this island.

Lynx District

Former known as Lynx City, or Lynx District, is the only island that still holds it's name. This island looks a bit like The Downtown District, but it doesn't have the same style as The Downtown District. Here you will find a pizza stack, hospital, fair, small streats and much more!

Mafia District

"Mafia District" was known as "Cita di Curizione" in the GTA Mafia Stories-mod and was suppose to feature the "Big apple" of the mod. This island will be released in the fourth version of the GLD mod; V2.0

Vestavia Hills

Known as "Crowning Hills" in the GTA Mafia Stories-mod, is by far the biggest island in the GLD-mod. Vestavia Hills is a great landscape, full of nature environment, and stretched places. It is a "connection island" (with no civilians) that connect The Downtown District and Lynx District.


In V1.7, about 28 new cars were made public for the mod. These cars were:

  • Diablo
  • Rumbler R/T (based on: 1969 Dodge Charger R/T)
  • Blizzard (based on: Lamborghini Countach)
  • Stallion (pimped)
  • RC Monster Truck (based on: HPI Savage)
  • Chevette (based on: 1974 Dodge Monaco
  • Hot Tail (based on: 1932 Ford)
  • Bumper Car

And much more, not all cars are mentioned in this list


During the six years op development, several people have worked at the project.

  • SSX-Breaker (Apple-Mac, leader of the project)
  • Nickonly (Co-leader of the project)
  • Revolution-Designer (Scripter of the mod)
  • Matiscus (Path editor)
  • Mythbuster (vehicle developer)
  • Dutchy 3010 (Intro maker, cutscene)
  • Jghunters (Scripted the rotation of several attractions at the New Avalon Fair)
  • Monitor57 (Lynx District designer)
  • Black Force (initialy mission creator)
  • TimB (Designer of the Mafia District, Cita di curzione)
  • Wazuup (Rockford Island, Alcatraz-designer)
  • Dabeast
  • Blaster_nl (designer of Vestavia Hills, crowning hills)
  • White Gold (Have helped to build a few lots)
  • Stefaneke (Builded a few lots)
  • PatrickW (was asked to help Dutchy3010 with the SCM-part, which he accepted in the first way, but denied it later)
  • Fire1bull (Had asked The Green Light District to merge fhe project with his own mod; Las Colinas, but the idea was danied by the GLD-team)
  • SWUV (modeller, but left the GLD-team)
  • Joshk (modeller)
  • Rivel ( modeller and Artwork)
  • ArticLight (Artwork)