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Roadblox.dat file stores information about creation of police roadblocks on the map in GTA San Andreas.


The file begins with the parameter - count of used roadblocks. It is followed with information about these roadblocks. Details of one such roadblock includes path area id, and path id in this area.

typedef struct NodeInfo
	int16_t areaId;
	uint16_t nodeId;
} NodeInfo;
typedef struct RoadBloxFile
	int32_t count;
	NodeInfo places[325];
} RoadBloxFile;


The file can be edited, but its size should not be smaller than the original. Parameter "count" can be set to "-1" (in this case, information on the roadblocks will be ignored).

Example of file reading

int main()
	NodeInfo info;
	int32_t count;
	FILE * dat = fopen("data/paths/roadblox.dat", "rb");
	FILE * txt = fopen("data/paths/roadblox.txt", "wt");
	fread(&count, 4, 1, dat);
	fprintf(txt, "count: %d\n", count);
	for(int i = 0; i < count; i++)
		fread(&info, sizeof(info), 1, dat);
		fprintf(txt, "  %3d area: %2d node: %3u\n", i+1, info.areaId, info.nodeId);

	return 0;