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Mod Installer
Current version:GTA III Vice City 5.0; San Andreas 1.1
Developed by:User.pngcpmusick
Supported games:GTA 3, GTA VC, GTA SA
Type:mod installation

Mod Installer is a program that helps you to place your mods in the game. It helps you to backup, put in some mods (cars mostly, but it has many other mod capabilities). The author is cpmusick.

Mod Installer for GTA SA

SAMI (San Andreas Mod Installer) is an easy to use program that allows you to easily install mods for the PC version of GTA San Andreas. It is very powerful, yet so easy to use.


  • Appealing and unique designs for each page
  • Automatically detects game directory
  • Install any custom vehicle automatically
  • Install any other mod type if a script is included
  • Use scripts as "instructions" for installing a non-vehicle mod
  • ZIP and RAR support. Automatically extracts ZIP\RAR files and installs the mod
  • Install mods from any folder on your computer
  • Right click on any mod that is a ZIP or RAR file and click "Install With SAMI" for easy mod installing
  • Automatic update. Very flexible update engine.
  • If update is found, it will be downloaded automatically
  • Automatically backs up all existing files before the mod is installed

Mod Installer for GTA 3 and VC

GTA Mod Installer allows you to easily install custom vehicles and mods. It has the ability to automatically search for the vehicle's DFF and TXD file and insert it into the correct IMG files. It can also automatically search readme or text files that come with the custom car and find the handling.cfg, default.ide, and carcols.dat info for that car and automatically insert it into the game. This program works with both GTA3 and Vice City. It also works with just about ANY custom vehicle downloaded from any website and you can even select the ZIP or RAR file you downloaded to install the car.

It can also convert GTA3 cars to Vice City, and Vice City cars to GTA3, and it can also automatically detect whether or not the DMagic1 Wheel Mod is installed. If it's not, then GMI can automatically install the mod; no download required. You also have the ability to choose which car to replace! You should definitely download this if you want to easily install custom vehicles and mods! It also includes script support and it works with mods. Similar to the Mod Installer Generator, people can make scripts for mods and then the people who download the mod can have it automatically be installed, according to the commands in the script file. It also sets the necessary files to NOT be read-only. Also, it has the ability to backup any modified files, whether it's a mod or a vehicle.

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