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Sets the latest mission passed
0318: set_latest_mission_passed '[string]'
GXT key

This opcode influences the name associated with a game save as seen in the game save menu. If the opcode is called, the name of the game save is only updated after the player saves the game. The data is saved in blocks 0 and 17 of the save file in GTA III, blocks 0 and 19 in Vice City, and blocks 0 and 16 in San Andreas. If the opcode has never been called, saving the game defaults the text to the GXT key ITBEG (usually named "In the beginning..."). Any text formatting using tilde (~) will not appear in the name of the save file. Text that is too long (more than 22 characters including spaces, punctuations, etc.) will truncate at 18 characters and be ended with ellipses. Invalid GXT strings will remove the name of the save file and defaults to "Save File x Not Present" for the name. In GTA III, this opcode increments by 1 to the left value of the "Missions passed" stat (GXT key FEST_MP). The right value is affected by 042C. In Vice City, calling the opcode disables the taxi shortcut drop-off set by 058E.


register, set, latest, mission, passed, pass, complete