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The carmods.dat file is some kind of script and defines different rules for clothing ingame. There are different commands to generate special behaving rules for different clothes the player is able to buy ingame.


The car modification settings file is split up into three different sections. Each of it has different influence on the ability to modify cars inside tuning shops in San Andreas. Just like inside the item definition or item placement files those sections are identified by an unique string and terminated by the keyword end. All 'names' mentioned below are also the names of the representing DFF model files.


The link section virtually connects different car modification parts for the following mods section. Usually this is used to treat parts for the left and the right side of the car as one and save space inside the file. It does only define two values.

component name, linked component name
Identifier Description
component name The main component which should represent the second one. Both components are assumed to exist the same time as the other one.
linked component name The car component which get linked to the other one. It does not need to be defined somewhere else as long as the first one is defined.


The mods section defines possible car components for different cars. Each line represents a car's setting.

car name, component name, ...
Identifier Description
car name The car name defined inside the vehicles.ide file.
component One component which can be add to the car. There can be multiple components, of course. Additional components simply get appended to the line.


The wheels section determinates which wheels can be bought in the different tuning shops. Each line represents one shop's setting.

shop index, wheel name, ...
Identifier Description
shop index The index of the tuning shop in which the wheel should be available at. [1]
wheel name The name of the wheel to be available inside the shop. Additional wheels simply get appended to the line.

^ The game's internal shop indices (which are the same as the ones inside the vehicles.ide file) are simply incremented numbers starting at zero.

Index Ingame shop name
Wheels Arch Angels
Loco Low Co.

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